May 2021

Restroom Rentals for Seasonal Summer Staff

For many industries, the arrival of summer means business is about to pick up big time. Farms hire hands to help with summer maintenance and harvest, specialty stores will bring on temporary staff to aid with a higher volume of customers and sales, and home and garden stores tend to get busier as well. As each of these industries prepares...
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ADA Restrooms for High-End Events

All year long and in many different parts of the country, event producers and planners dream up high-end events. From the charity gala to the black tie soiree, movie premieres and award ceremonies, these events inspire us to dress to the nines and arrive looking our best. These special events have a way of leaving a lasting impression, bringing an...
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Portable Restrooms Qualify for the Section 179 Tax Break

Although we are only half way through the end of the year (wow time flies!), it is important for many businesses to continue looking for ways to save money and make smart investments. Many may procrastinate on their plans to sell their used portable restrooms or to buy a new one, but it’s better to get a plan in place...
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Shower Trailers for Luxury Venues

There is something about an upscale atmosphere that truly makes an experience feel great. From poolside cocktails under a cabana to black tie galas finely decorated from ceiling to floor, the art of creating ambiance has become a competitive industry, and we love building all types of luxury restroom and shower trailers that fit in with that high end feel. ...
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Support City Tourism with a Bathroom Trailer

When was the last time you actively thought about going to the restroom? The answer, probably not recently. This is because going to the restroom is a mundane everyday activity that we really only think about when there is no where to go. When we are at home, a restaurant, or at work there is always a restroom for us...
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Bathroom Trailer Rentals for Summer Markets

There is something truly unique about the ambiance of outdoor markets. No matter what season of the year it may be or how hot or cold temperatures may get, crowds flock toward these unique markets to find local produce, handmade goods, meats and fish, art, and so much more. Communities all over the nation will gather, share their goods, and...
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