October 2021

ADA Restrooms for Barefoot Bay Recreation District

Accessibility remains more important than ever. As a business, it is crucial to think about the needs of every individual client since their overall experience will impact their opinion of your brand. This includes thinking about those with disabilities. Making sure that those with wheelchairs, crutches, or other aids feel welcome and provided for is the mark of a good...
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Bathroom Rentals Support Shipping During Holiday Season

Holiday season is officially around the corner! Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, our bathroom rentals are flying out of the warehouse at an alarming speed! They’re in high demand, helping businesses and organizations provide a much-needed amenity in a variety of ways. One industry of companies we seem to be serving the most are those in Logistics. This includes companies in...
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Laundry Trailers Available Now

One of the greatest challenges that we have overcome as a business is finding the perfect restroom or shower trailers for every business need. When we first got started in the business, our goal was simply to elevate the portable restroom experience like never before. We changed our industry with the debut of our luxury line, which offered upscale portable...
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Bathroom Trailer Rentals for Samaritan's Purse

As a leading provider of bathroom trailer rentals, we have come across a large number of unique businesses and organizations. No matter where the job leads us, we are always eager to discover what other industries are doing. It’s always a learning experience that allows us to get to know a one-of-a-kind business in an industry we may not know...
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Shower Trailer Rentals Support Disaster Relief

When our founder first started Portable Restroom Trailers, one major goal was to ensure we could provide restroom and shower trailer rentals for those who need disaster relief. There isn’t much that we experience in life that is quite as devastating as natural disasters. Many of them are unpredictable and sporadic, leaving communities unsure about their safety. Some seem like...
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Portable Trailers for Sale with 3 Season Packages

As we continue growing our inventory of portable trailers for sale, we have the privilege of working with businesses located all around the country. As we have heard the many different needs of each company, we have learned that many factors come into play when it comes to customizing a trailer for each individual need. This includes climate. Our portable...
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