May 2022

Upgrade Portable Restroom Trailers with the Smarter Restrooms App

Technological advancements continue to improve the way companies do business. We have seen so many new and innovative creations in the past five years alone, and Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to say that we’re advancing the bathroom trailers industry right alongside others. In February of 2017, we launched the Smarter Restrooms App, and this tool has helped our many...
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Bathroom Trailers for Prime Summer Venues

As the weather *finally* begins to heat up, our thoughts are beginning to drift to those prime summer locations. No matter where you live in the country, there are those special place where so many memories take place. The majority of summer fun happens outside, and when spending hours out in the sun and water, an accessible restroom option is...
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Portable Restroom for Luxury Loo

There is something truly inspiring about business in America. Staying true to the American dream, we have seen hundreds of companies start as small, family-owned businesses, only to grow into a company that leads their industry. We have personally had our taste of the American Dream at Portable Restroom Trailers.  With a wide variety of portable restrooms for rent and...
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Portable Bathroom Rentals for Short-Term Business Needs

As the summer months approach, many industries are beginning to think about their outdoor business plans. Campsites will soon begin to reopen and welcome guests, outdoor event venues clean up and prepare for the busy season, and temporary work sites like construction and agriculture are ready to bring out more staff to get the job done. No matter what your...
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Mobile Shower Trailers for Merrimack Valley Dream Center

While we are always happy to partner with each and every business we meet, a special part of our passion for providing the best in the sanitation business is helping nonprofits. Over the years, we’ve seen a number of organizations come our way in order to help those in need. From natural disaster relief to homeless care, each of these...
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Rent a Portable Restroom for Seasonal Summer Staff

For many industries, the arrival of summer means business is about to pick up big time. Farms hire hands to help with summer maintenance and harvest, specialty stores will bring on temporary staff to aid with a higher volume of customers and sales, and home and garden stores tend to get busier as well. You can rent a portable restroom...
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