November 2022

ADA Restrooms Make Your Brand More Inclusive

Today, accessibility is more important than ever. With more and more cities and states making it law to have ADA access throughout major events, buildings, and public spaces, savvy businesses are getting on board and ensuring that they provide a space that is accessible to all. When our CEO founded the company, she made it a priority to not only provide an upscale portable alternative to the porta-potty, but to ensure that we have ADA restrooms that were compliant in all 50 states. She has taught our team to preach the many values of providing an ADA option, because prioritizing every individual customer’s experience, no matter where the venture to in your business, is the mark of a good company. Below, we outline a few ways that upgrading something as simple as the restroom with an ADA-compliant option proves you're a company that cares. Inclusiveness The most important thing you can do as a company, brand, or organization is to ensure that anyone who might be a customer feels welcome at your establishment. While the restroom seems like a minor place to show it, this is the place where it can matter most. Our ADA restrooms ensure that you are providing a bathroom option that is not only accessible to all, but showcases your inclusiveness no matter what differences your customers may have.  Space When it comes to the standard stall or restroom size, space is not a priority. Many bathrooms aim to cram as many stalls in as possible, leaving all who use them in occasionally awkward positions when trying to take care of their business. We’ve all done some shopping and had to juggle bags while using a limited restroom space, needed to change for an evening outing or the gym in the small stall after work, and many other scenarios that made us realize, “I simply don’t have enough space!” ADA restrooms ensure that when added space is simply necessary, it is an option.  Customer Care For many, customer care is the primary focus of their business’ purpose. We have learned that making sure that each customer is well taken care of, from arrival to departure, is crucial for monetary success, loyalty, and reputation. There are so many little ways that you can show your customers you care. It’s in the greeting as they enter, the amenities provided during their stay, the organization of your business, and so much more. This does not stop at the restroom. You must ensure that every customer feels cared for, even those who may need added amenities. Guarantee that all individuals who visit your business have the restroom access they need, and it turn, the care, with ADA restrooms. They’re a quick, easy, and affordable solution that showcases how much you think about every individual experience.  Guest Experience An optimal customer care plan leads those customers to view you as a company that cares. This improves their experience and raises your overall rating and impression. Make sure no guest is left behind when it comes to a positive experience. From guests with families to those with disabilities, those just needing extra space to some who temporarily need the assistance of a wheelchair, every guest experience matters. Give them that added touch that says “5 star business” with an ADA restroom trailer that offers the positive bathroom experience they need. If you are interested in exploring the ADA restrooms we have to offer for your business, browse the collection! When you’re ready to book, feel free to request a quote or contact us to ask questions. 
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Luxury Restroom Trailer Options for Holiday Mixers

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! People are excited to gather and celebrate the season after the ups and downs of pandemic times past. Cocktail attire is being dusted off and prepared for those luxury, high-end events. These events are special and exciting, and the atmosphere must be seamless in order to truly impress every guest. This is where luxury portable restrooms come in. Our luxury restroom trailer options offer private bathrooms and suites that boast the finest high-end finishes guaranteed to impress your guests. We work with top-of-the-line manufacturers who specialize in immaculate craftsmanship and superior interior quality design. Your guests will enjoy all the comforts of home with many added features that will surprise even the most selective crowds. No matter what event you have coming up next, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing atmosphere and experience any longer. No need to find a venue with an upscale restroom provided, or sacrifice elegance by ordering porta potties. The Luxury line of portable restrooms was designed for this reason: a temporary to long-term option that is efficient yet fitting for a VIP. Below, we have hand-picked a few of our luxury restroom trailer options that are currently available for purchase. Browse and consider purchasing today! 3 Station Luxury Winery Series Simple yet sophisticated, the 3 Station Luxury Winery Series is a great choice for small events and venues. With designer countertops, non-slip tile flooring, and a spacious interior, it is a perfect solution for holiday weddings, corporate parties, fine dining experiences, and more. Handling up to 250 guests with ease, it is one of our most popular luxury restroom trailer options. 5 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series True to its name, the 5 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series is built for a larger crowd. With dark wooden accents, granite countertops, and a fireplace in the vanity to add to the ambiance, this luxury portable restroom is guaranteed to impress VIPs and celebrity guests at parties, movie screenings and openings,  12 Station Maritime Pro Series Designed by the Satellite Brand Manufacturers, the Maritime Pro Series is one of the most elite luxury restroom trailer options in the industry. With high-end flooring, countertops, sinks, and more, this portable restroom is as outfitted as your guests. This is a perfect choice for those hosting black tie events, galas, and other high-class soirees this holiday season. 10 Station Calypso Plus Series For venues that host more mid-luxury events and experiences, the 10 Station Calypso Plus is a perfect choice. Built with elegant wood-look vinyl flooring, porcelain sinks, and a climate-controlled interior, it is a luxury portable restroom that has a warm ambiance to it. Equipped to handle crowds of up to 750 guests, this option is great for large, upscale holiday events that need a restroom option that will complement the atmosphere. Ready to purchase your luxury restroom trailer? Request a quote today and get the process started! For those of you who want to browse a few more options, see what other portable restrooms we have currently in stock here.  Have a few more questions? Feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff is here waiting to assist you as needed. Find your luxury restroom trailer today! 
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Trailer Shower For Salvation Army

Some organizations across the globe prioritize providing a wide variety of services that meet the needs of others without discrimination. From curing hunger to overcoming poverty, providing shelter to helping disaster survivors, we have witnessed many associations go all out to positively impact the lives they come across. Without a doubt, our world without them would have made life unbearable for many individuals. Thankfully, we have been privileged to play a significant role in helping these organizations touch lives by providing them with a trailer shower when the need for it arises. In recent times, we have partnered with Salvation Army, an international movement that has spread across over 132 countries. "This journey began over 150 years ago with William Booth, a Methodist Reform Church minister in the East End of London, and his wife, Catherine Booth. They called it The East London Christian Mission and focused on feeding and housing the poor. It wasn't until 1878 that the organization changed its name to what it is presently known as, The Salvation Army." "Salvation Army is dedicated to doing the most good and believes they can change the world one person at a time. Every program the organization offers is rooted in their passion to serve God by serving the helpless, the hurting, the hopeless, the lost, the needy, the poor, and the vulnerable". The organization takes pride in welcoming individuals with different needs with open arms, irrespective of their race, age, color, citizenship, sex, religion, national origin, disability, marital status,  sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, and the like. Hence, we were delighted when the organization approached us to provide a trailer shower that could create a comfortable sanitation experience. Supporting Good Deeds With A Trailer Shower Salvation Army required full-service restroom options well-suited to their staff, volunteers, and the community they serve. After guiding them through our inventory of trailer showers, we unanimously agreed that the 2 Station Mobile Shower Trailer Affordable Advantage Series fit the bill. This compact unit measures 12 feet and has a 350-gallon waste tank and 150-gallon freshwater tank, making it suitable for moderate all-day-long use. The exterior is clean and fitted with dent-proof layers to ensure that this stands the test of time. It also comes with designer non-slip flooring to provide additional security for guests, making this unit a perfect mix of durability and high quality. The ceiling and walls in this trailer shower are insulated to keep the temperature comfortable for every user regardless of the external weather conditions. Also, the 13.5K air conditioner plays a significant role in regulating the internal temperature, as they allow restroom managers to alter the temperature levels based on different needs. This trailer shower has three unisex suites with different entrances equipped with aluminum rails and steps for easy and safe access. Furthermore, these suites feature all the amenities in a home bathroom, such as a flushable China toilet, sink, shower, and shatterproof mirror. The toilets are built with ceramic China, and the showers can be adjusted for the user's comfort. The abundant porch lighting ensures that users can easily access this unit during the day or at night. To further improve the user's experience, we ensure that this trailer shower is equipped with a water heater to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Therefore, guests won't have to complain or feel any discomfort. Overall, this unit is perfect for any organization looking to provide a special experience for its community members. Little wonder this was the pick of the bunch for Salvation Army. Get Your Trailer Shower Today We look forward to servicing a wide variety of businesses and organizations. We have witnessed trailers provide a full-service restroom option at different sporting events, on campsites, and on college campuses, ensuring that all users have the opportunity to "go" or shower when the need arises. We have witnessed these compact units provide a little relief for those displaced by the many natural disasters in previous years. Over time, they have also provided a restroom option for small businesses with hardworking laborers on fields and construction sites. We are proud to be one of the go-to providers in the trailer shower business, and we are always ready to meet human needs. What are your restroom needs? Do you have temporary staff in your facilities that your brick-and-mortar bathroom can't quite service effectively? Run a campsite that needs a portable restroom option? Is there an upcoming outdoor event that could use a luxury restroom option? Reach out to us and let our team of experts find the perfect trailer shower for you!
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ADA Restrooms Make Your Business Accessible

Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, we are proud of our distinct collection of ADA restrooms. We devote ourselves to ensuring there is a restroom trailer for every client or occasion. Our impressive collection is proof that we are taking the right steps and moving in the most inclusive direction. Hence, there are high chances that you will find a restroom trailer that suits your needs to a tee. However, navigating the numerous units on our site before finding the perfect fit for you can be somewhat overwhelming. But you can save yourself the trouble and enjoy a smoother user experience with the aid of the information in this post. Whether you own a business or organization, handle a project, or plan events, you are simply a few scrolls away from making the right buying decision to redefine the restroom experience of your customers, employees, or guests. Read on to discover five unique ADA restrooms that ooze excellence and suit different needs. For Basic Needs If you desire a dependable and pleasant restroom experience, a unit like our ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro Series should be your go-to option. These ADA restroom trailers are simple, elegant, and functional. Featuring an ADA-compliant suite, a men's suite, and a women's suite, these restroom trailers are ideal for everyone. Furthermore, they are fitted with all the basic amenities you can think of to ensure that you and other users have a comfortable experience. You can use these ADA restrooms for event venues, executives, hospitality, tourism, and the like. So, if you have got a semi-formal occasion or corporate picnic, you can bank on these restroom trailers to support your venue. For a Formal Experience If you are looking to upgrade your employee and customer's restroom experience, we have a few ADA restrooms in our Mariner Series that can help you achieve your goal. These restrooms have elegance written all over them. Nonetheless, we ensure that accessibility and safety remain a top priority. An ideal representation is our ADA +2 Mariner Series. The ADA suite also has sufficient space to double as a family restroom suite. Therefore, it is easily accessible to individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, this unit is equipped with grab rails for further assistance. Hence, these ADA restrooms cater to the needs of everyone. For Full-Service Restroom Needs Are you in need of ADA restroom trailers that tick all the right boxes when it comes to your restroom needs? Look no further than our full-service restrooms, as they contain everything you need for an ultimate restroom experience, including a cabinet sink, shatterproof mirror, grab rails, and a unisex ADA suite with an ADA toilet and shower. Units like the ADA +2 Station Combo Perseverance Series fit the bill and are perfect for schools, hospitals, parks, municipalities, and other venues. These trailers are easy to set up and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making the restroom experience comfortable for users. For Large Crowds Our large trailers solve the problem of providing large crowds with a comfortable restroom experience. Hence, they are the perfect fit for companies with hundreds of employees, event planners anticipating many guests, and tourist centers that attract thousands of visitors. With ADA restrooms like the ADA +6 Station Oahu Series, you can effectively service hundreds of clients, employees, and visitors, ensuring no one is left out. For Customizing One of our most cherished moments here at Portable Restroom Trailers is customizing a restroom trailer to suit the exact requirements of our customers. Here, you call the shots, as you get to choose your preferred layout, the size of the ADA restroom trailers, and usability. The 2 Station ADA Locker Room Combo is a perfect example of one of our fully customized ADA restrooms. In previous years, we have designed a locker/restroom combo, a break room/restroom combo, and many others. We enjoy the challenge of exceeding your expectations with our creativity as we work hand-in-hand with you to bring your imagination to life. So, if you are looking to think outside of the box or create something new and befitting for your company, we have got you covered. Want to discover other alternatives available to you? Check out our impressive collection of ADA restrooms and get in touch with us for well-suited rental and purchase options!
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Seasonal Packages Prepare Restroom Rental Fleets for Winter

The coldest season of the year is almost here! How prepared are you for the chilly weather and freezing temperatures? Can your restroom rental business weather the storm that is coming? As one of the leading providers of restroom rental solutions, we recognize that climate control plays a significant role in creating the ultimate restroom experience. Hence, we factor in seasonal changes when creating our wide range of add-ons and unique upgrade packages that are well-suited to different trailers. Over the years, we have worked with businesses interested in upgrading their restrooms during the cold seasons by providing them with befitting restroom solutions. Nonetheless, we look beyond the present, as we believe in building long-term partnerships with every company we service. As a fleet owner looking to run your restroom rentals business during the colder seasons, you need all the help you can get to handle what is coming. Below are some of our heating packages and upgrades that will guarantee the comfort of your restroom users during winter. THREE-SEASON HEAT PACKAGE The Three Season Heat Package is a perfect fit for businesses that plan to use their units during mild winters. This package is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees. Therefore, it can handle little frost. It equips restroom rental fleet owners with a waste tank de-icing system that ensures contents do not freeze up even when there is potential exposure to temperatures below the freezing point. This assures you that your critical tank will remain in tip-top condition and continue to run without being affected by extreme temperatures. Additionally, restroom rental operators can be sure of their unit’s ability to provide a warm atmosphere for guests visiting the restroom, thanks to the presence of the 750-watt heater. This powerful heater is included in each suite to maintain a comfortable temperature for restroom users. The Three Season Heat Package also includes an upgrade to your entire unit. Upgrades like installing insulated walls and ceilings will help keep the cold air out while trapping the warm air. These changes will increase the heater's efficiency in keeping the climate favorable. Finally, the 2 - 30 amp marine-style power cord upgrade in this package works together with other add-ons and upgrades to ensure that your restroom rental works perfectly even at temperatures as low as - 30 degrees. With this upgrade, you can get your unit ready for winter in no time! FOUR-SEASON HEAT PACKAGE During extreme climates, more upgrades are needed to withstand harsh weather conditions. In this case, upgrades that are effective at a -30 degree minimum limit might be of little help, as it is beyond their capacity. Hence, the need for an ideal solution. This is why we have put together a package built to withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees. Introducing the Four Season Heat Package for restroom rental fleet owners. This package includes most features in the Three Season Heat Package, such as the de-icing system, insulated walls, ceilings, and 2 - 30 amp marine-style power chord. However, it comes with a few game-changing features designed to handle the extreme cold season. Four Season Heat Package offers an improvement on the 750-watt heater, thanks to the installation of the 40k BTU ducted furnace. The furnace provides much-needed heat to the restrooms, making the internal temperature more comfortable for users. Furthermore, this package has two 30 lb LP tanks mounted at the front, secured by an insulated LP cover. In order to increase the efficiency of this system,  your restroom will be protected from the outside cold by creating a foil-wrapped exterior before adding the metal finish. We also included underfloor spray insulation. This addition working in tandem with the other features ensures that your unit is completely insulated from top to bottom, locking in the heat and kicking out the cold. WINTER-READY RESTROOM RENTAL OPTIONS These packages are customized to ensure that your restroom rental business remains in operation regardless of the extreme winter weather conditions. Therefore, you won’t have to lose sleep over how to make your customers comfortable when winter arrives. With these winter upgrades, you can effectively keep the heat in and the cold out in your restrooms and stay in business. Now, you can guarantee user comfort and satisfaction whenever you get restroom rental orders from construction companies, event planners, employers, or others during the cold season.
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Portable Restroom Trailer Operations with the Smarter Restrooms App

As the world continues to advance in technological developments, our company is proud to say that we’re advancing the portable restroom trailer industry right alongside others. In 2017, we launched the Smarter Restrooms App, and this tool has helped our many partners to more effectively run their restroom rentals business. The app, which can be downloaded and used on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, makes the overall management of restroom fleets convenient and more time effective. As we continue to partner with new businesses, we want to highlight the value of purchasing a portable restroom trailer with the Smarter Restrooms App feature. Read ahead to discover three key upgrades that the app provides. Receive Timely Notifications Each portable restroom trailer comes with water-saving flushable toilets, running water from sinks, and sometimes, showers and other amenities. This means that freshwater tank and waste tank levels require careful monitoring. No need to do this math on your own any longer! The Smarter Restroom App sends the fleet managers alert notifications when waste and freshwater tank levels are 2⁄3 full or empty, causing the unit to be out of service shortly. This is sure to boost productivity, allowing your team to have easy access to the information they need to keep restroom rentals operating smoothly. All-In-One Control System Nothing is more important than the experience of your guests. We want to ensure that every user has a comfortable experience in a climate-controlled portable restroom trailer with all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar restroom. This is an easy achievement with the app’s system operations control feature. The app detects and controls shore power, interior climate temperatures, and up-to-date weather conditions, giving units winter protection from freezing temperatures and keeping things cool when hot. This ensures that portable restroom trailers fleet managers stay updated from a remote location - they’ll know what changes are needed to the unit and when, which allows for a consistently pleasant restroom experience for guests. The app also allows for geometric locating, allowing managers to see the exact locations of all portable restroom trailers at all times. Offsite Unit Management The most tasking part of operating a portable restroom trailer is basic management. Making the trip back and forth to one or many units takes up valuable time, which can lower efficient customer service. The app addresses this issue as well. Managers have the ability to remotely control lights, air conditioning, heating, water heaters, and trailer power. This means managers can operate more restroom trailers off-site, expand their operations, and provide superior service. Overall, the Smarter Restrooms App was developed to allow businesses that use or own a portable restroom trailer to manage them more effectively. The app allows the management team to get more done in less time, makes fleet operations easier in general, and saves valuable employee time. Now, with the app, you can ensure that restroom visitors have a top-notch experience with less manual labor. We’ve made it easy so that your business can provide the best service possible easily, allowing you to grow and prosper. Browse and find a portable restroom trailer that has the Smarter Restroom App here. Ready to purchase? Contact us to begin your process.
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