March 2023

Bathroom Trailers for Knott's Berry Farm

The weather is heating up. Many people are heading to local amusement parks to enjoy the fun and sun. Establishments like Knott’s Berry Farm must get ready for the extra crowds by adding bathroom trailers to their grounds.  Bathroom trailers are an ideal way to enhance the guest experience without accruing excessive remodeling costs. They can be rented for busy seasons, so the company is not paying extra money when additional facilities are not needed. Read on to find out more about Knott’s Berry Farm and the trailers they invested in. About Knott’s Berry Farm Knott’s Berry Farm is a 57-acre amusement park located in Buena Park, CA. It originally opened in 1923 as a roadside berry stand run by Walter Knott. Eventually, other businesses opened nearby including restaurants, shops, and attractions like a replica ghost town. The transformation continued, and by the 1960s, the area was morphing into a theme park.  In 2015, Knott’s Berry Farm ranked as the twelfth most visited theme park in North America. It attracts approximately 4 million visitors a year. It offers 40 rides including family rides, water rides, and roller coasters.  Why Bathroom Trailers are an Economical Option Knott’s Berry Farm is open throughout the year. However, its busiest season runs from April to August. After that, crowds start to die out, especially during the weekdays.  It doesn’t make sense for the park to undertake a huge remodeling job and build new bathrooms for the busy spring and summer seasons only. It’s more cost-effective for the company to rent bathroom trailers to accommodate guests as needed.  The extra cash flow helps them accommodate expenses during the busy season. When it's slower, they can eliminate the rental costs. Bathroom Trailers Perfect for Knott’s Berry Farm When Knott’s Berry Farm needed bathroom trailers to take them through their busy spring and summer seasons, they turned to Portable Restroom Trailers. They knew they could count on us for our excellent selection and high level of customer service.  The product they ended up going with was the 9-Station Titanium Series. This classy-looking trailer features five private stalls in the women’s suite and two private stalls and standard urinals in the men’s suite. The water-saving toilets, sink vanities, paper towel dispensers, and temperature control are sure to impress guests.  While the 9-Station Titanium Series was an excellent choice, here are some other options that would have been suitable.  ADA +6 Station Oahu Series: Ideal for high traffic, this trailer features three separate suites. The women’s suite contains three toilets, a privacy door, a sink, and a mirror. The men’s suite features one toilet, 2 urinals, a privacy door, a sink, and a mirror. The ADA unisex suite includes a wheelchair-accessible sink, faucet, door handle, and toilet.   4 Station Coastal Series: The 4 Station Coastal Series offers an attractive nautical-themed interior with ambient lighting. The climate-controlled environment provides exceptional comfort. An interactive tool allows for the monitoring of operational systems via smartphone, tablet, or computer.  5 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series: The 5 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series features an attractive and spacious floor plan. The women’s suite features three private stalls. The man suite features one private stall and a standard urinal. The stylish minimalist interior offers modern flooring and color-coordinated surfaces.  What Makes Portable Restroom Trailers Stand Out In addition to a wide selection, Portable Restroom Trailers also offers a high level of customer service. We believe in treating our clients with sincerity, courtesy, and respect. We guarantee to provide you with the utmost satisfaction.  Our bathroom trailers will get you through your busy summer season. We will save you money on remodeling expenses. Contact us to request a free quote today.  
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Support Factories with a Portable Bathroom to Rent

A portable bathroom to rent is often needed at facilities such as support factories. A support factory may need extra bathrooms to accommodate workers during the busy season. Or the company may consider renting a bathroom if the staff works in a large space with limited bathrooms.  Portable Restroom Trailers has rented countless bathrooms to support factories and other warehouse-based businesses. We have a wide variety in stock that are perfect for larger facilities. Read on to find out about our options.  What is a Support Factory? A support factory provides support services to companies with specialized manufacturing needs. It may provide:  Stock Replenishment: A support factory may deliver specific parts and materials to a company location to reduce the cost of storing the product.  Sub-Assembly: The factory may assemble parts in-house saving the company space and labor.  Kitting and packing: These processes involve adding extra accessories and parts to product packages and preparing them for the market. They reduce the need for the manufacturer to take care of tasks that are not a part of their employee’s core responsibilities.  Sourcing and Purchase Order Management: A support factory may find specialized materials needed for manufacturing. They will have technology that minimizes costs and lead times making the process more convenient for their partner companies.  Why Support Factories Need a Portable Bathroom to Rent Most support factories have busy seasons that require hiring extra workers. For example, they may need more employees during Christmas when manufacturers are busiest.  Extra workers need extra bathrooms. A traffic jam in the bathroom is not only unpleasant, but it also takes workers off the floor, so they are less productive.  Companies may consider a remodel to add bathrooms, but this is an expensive undertaking considering the bathrooms will only be used for a small portion of the year. A portable bathroom to rent allows them to pay for their bathrooms only when they need it. They can use the extra money they are making during the holiday season to pay for it and eliminate that expense when work slows down.  What Types of Portable Bathrooms to Rent are Best? Portable Restroom Trailers has a long history of providing portable bathrooms to rent to support factories and other large facilities. Here are some options that work well in those capacities.  ADA 4 Station Fortitude Series: An ADA portable bathroom to rent is an ideal choice as it accommodates disabled workers. This unit features a women’s suite with two toilets and a sink vanity, and a men’s suite with a urinal, toilet, and sink vanity. Each suite offers ample lighting and handrails for safety.  3 Station Advantage Series: This 12.5-foot unit is self-contained with fold-up aluminum steps for easy access. The women’s suite includes two stalls and a vanity sink. The men’s suite has the same amenities, a single stall, and a urinal.  2 Station Calypso Series: This unit is ideal for smaller staff additions. It is equipped with two unisex suites that each have a toilet and sink vanity. One suite has a urinal. The tough aluminum exterior ensures it will hold up well in a factory environment.  ADA 6 Station Oahu Series: The 6 Station Oahu series is perfect for companies taking on bigger crews.  It offers a women’s suite with 3 toilets, a privacy door, a sink, and a mirror. The men’s suite features one toilet, two urinals, a privacy door, a sink, and a mirror.  Your Best Choice for a Portable Bathroom to Rent If you need a portable bathroom to rent, Portable Restroom Trailers is your best option. In addition to our wide selection, we also offer great service. We believe in treating our customers with a high level of honesty and respect.  We will find your company the perfect unit to take on your busy season. Contact us to receive a free quote today.  
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The Smarter Restrooms App for Portable Restroom Operations

In February 2017, we launched the Smarter Restrooms App, a tool that has helped our many partners to effectively run their portable restroom businesses. The app, which can be downloaded and used on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, makes the overall management of restroom fleets convenient and more time effective. As we continue to partner with new businesses, we want to highlight the value of purchasing a portable restroom with the Smarter Restrooms App feature. Read ahead to discover three key upgrades that the app provides. Receive Timely Notifications Each portable restroom unit comes with water-saving flushable toilets, running water from sinks, and sometimes, showers and other amenities. This means that freshwater tank and waste tank levels require careful monitoring. No need to do this math on your own any longer! The Smarter Restroom App sends fleet managers alert notifications when waste and freshwater tank levels are 2⁄3 full or empty, which means the unit will be out of service shortly. This is sure to boost productivity, allowing your team to have easy access to the information they need to keep portable restrooms operating smoothly. All-In-One Control System Nothing is more important than the experience of your guests. We want to ensure that every user has a comfortable experience in a climate-controlled unit with all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar restroom. This is an easy achievement with the app’s system operations control feature. The app detects and controls shore power, interior climate temperatures, and up-to-date weather conditions, giving units winter protection from freezing temperatures and keeping things cool when hot. This ensures that portable restroom fleet managers stay updated from a remote location - they’ll know what changes are needed to the unit and when which allows for a consistently pleasant restroom experience for guests. The app also allows for geometric locating, allowing managers to see the exact locations of all portable restroom trailers at all times. Offsite Unit Management The most tasking part of operating a restroom rental fleet is basic management. Making the trip back and forth to one or many units takes up valuable time, which can lower efficient customer service. The app addresses this issue as well. Managers have the capability to remotely control lights, air conditioning, heating, water heaters, and trailer power. This means managers can operate more restroom trailers off-site, expand their operations, and provide superior service. Overall, the Smarter Restrooms App was developed to allow businesses that use or own portable restroom trailers to manage them more effectively. The app allows the management team to get more done in less time, makes fleet operations easier in general, and saves valuable employee time. Now, with the app, you can ensure that restroom visitors have a top-notch experience with less manual labor. We’ve made it easy so that your business can provide the best service possible easily, allowing you to grow and prosper. Contact us today to discover which portable restroom options are currently available with the Smarter Restrooms App included. Take time to browse our in-stock units here for additional info.
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Support Luxury Venues and Destinations with a Shower Trailer Rental

Every once in a while, we all love to splurge. There is something about an upscale atmosphere that truly makes an experience feel great. From poolside cocktails under a cabana to black tie galas finely decorated from ceiling to floor, the art of creating ambiance has become a competitive industry, and we love building all types of luxury restroom and shower trailers that fit in with that high-end feel.  As we continue to partner with these luxury clients, we want to highlight our shower trailer rental collection boasting units that will always fit the bill for an elegant experience. Whether you own or manage a high-end resort, hotel, destination, or venue, we can supply trailers that make your guests feel like every part of their visit is undeniably VIP. We have seen a shower trailer rental provide a restroom option for country club visitors, swimmers, and outdoor explorers at resorts, spas, and so much more. See how these shower trailer rental units could be a fit at your luxury venue depending on your needs! Luxury Shower Trailer Rental Options 4 Station Classic A compact yet well-designed unit, the 4 Station Classic Series is a trailer that rings true to its name. This minimalist modern shower trailer rental is ideal for small to medium-sized crowds and guarantees a classy experience for any luxury destination or spa. 6 Station Restroom Combo For those expecting a higher volume of visitors, the 6 Station Combo is a great option. Suitable for upscale poolsides, country clubs with active golfers and tennis players, and weekend getaways, this is a medium-sized trailer that is  6 Station Locker Room Combo Don’t forget to take care of your employees! The 6 Station Locker Room Combo is one of our shower trailer rentals that truly does it all. This unit contains lockers for safe storage, showers for hard-working staff that need a moment to clean up, and restrooms for any time they may need it. This all-in-one solution gives your team a little slice of their own private luxury. 8 Station Shower Trailer The 8 Station Shower trailer is an option that is great for outdoor destinations. Fitting for VIP campsites at festivals, luxury adventures like safari trips, and so much more, it is a large shower trailer rental option that is equipped to handle any crowd, big or small. Find the Shower Trailer for Your Business Creating an elegant atmosphere is a key component of the luxury experience, and this atmosphere shouldn't end at the bathroom door. Our shower trailer rental unitss ensure that no matter where your guests visit, they will only see the very best of your brand. If you are ready to get your shower rental, request a quote today! Have a few questions? Feel free to contact us to chat about your options.
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Rent a Restroom Trailer to Support Visiting Tourists

As signs of spring start to subtly bloom, many of us are getting ready to travel! Tourism fuels such major pieces of our economy, and we are so excited to use our inventory to support cities as they welcome visitors. You can rent a restroom trailer to support local parks, museums, public spaces, and more. One of the most important parts of your venue is the restroom - it’s a necessary part of every person’s day. As a business owner, it makes sense to prioritize making the bathroom a pleasant and accessible experience for visitors. Below, we outline our currently available restroom trailer rentals that are great fits for businesses in the tourism industry. Take a look and prepare to rent a restroom trailer to support the upcoming season of travel in 2023.  Public Spaces Does your city have those great spaces where people love to gather and hang out? Maybe a waterfront or wharf with great views, a giant chess board that brings tourists and locals together, or a weekly farmers market filled with farm-to-fork foods? People love public spaces like these, and it’s important to provide a restroom option for those who visit. We recommend you rent a restroom trailer like the well-designed yet durable 10 Station Classic Series, a unit that can handle high volumes of visitation with ease. Events Everyone loves events, and we are so glad they are back and better than ever! For your city’s upcoming concerts, pop-up shops, markets, and more, we recommend the larger 12 Station Tradewinds Series. Its ability to handle those extra large crowds will ensure your event operations run smoothly. Hotels Hotels offer visitors a place to call home while on the go. The hospitality industry does a great job of creating spaces that excite travelers while also making them feel comfortable. When recommending restroom trailers to hotels, we know we need to prioritize interior design and ambiance. A great match for an upscale environment is the ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro Series. Parks Every destination has that centrally located park that locals and tourists alike love to visit. They are usually well kept, have fun secret things to discover throughout, and offer a location for people to relax, gather, eat, and enjoy a little nature. It is crucial that parks have accessible restrooms, but sometimes the cost of a brick-and-mortar option is too high. ADA restroom trailers offer a solution, and for parks, we recommend the 10 Station Calypso Plus Series, a restroom durable to handle park visitors of all ages. Browse our full collection of restroom trailers and contact us to rent a restroom trailer for your tourist destination!  
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Portable Restroom Trailers for Spring Sports

Spring is here. Many of us are shedding our winter wear and heading outside to make the most of the lovely weather. We are partaking in spring sports that require the use of portable restroom trailers.  There are many sports that you can play outside. While most take place in parks that have restrooms, the facilities may be clear on the other side of the block. Running out to one could mean missing an important play.  Having portable restroom trailers nearby means you never get left out of the team activities. And the crowd can quickly run in to use the bathroom without missing the action.  Portable Restroom Trailers have several options available that will make your spring sports more enjoyable. Read on to find out what we have to offer.  What are Popular Spring Sports? Spring is a good time to play just about any sport. But here are a few that are especially popular when the weather starts warming up.  Soccer: Soccer is a worldwide sport that has been gaining popularity in the United States. Although soccer season typically runs from the fall to the spring, Americans love to play when the weather gets warm. It’s a great team experience for kids that are new to sports.  Baseball/Softball: When the boys of summer start playing, so do their fans. Kids and adults alike head out to the field for some friendly competition. Run the bases and head for home before you get tagged out.  Track and Field: Track and field is not just about running. It involves sprints, distance, jumping ability, throwing, hurdles, vaults, and relays.  There’s something for everyone.  Lacrosse: Lacrosse is another sport that’s gaining momentum in the U.S. It involves using a long stick with a net on one end to carry, catch and pass the ball to your teammates. Try it to find out why it’s called “the fastest game on two feet”. Portable Restroom Trailers Will Save the Game As an athlete, you never want to be far from the game. You never know when the coach will call you in. Restroom trailers ensure you will be there to heed the call.  Portable Restroom Trailers has several options available that are ideal for team sports. These include:  6 Station Coastal Series This mid-sized 6-station trailer is great for high-traffic events. It offers 3 separate stalls in both the men’s suite and woman’s suite. The women’s suite contains three toilets and a sink. The men’s suite has one toilet, two urinals, and a sink.  ADA +8 Station Fearless Series This restroom trailer is perfect for large crowds. It contains a women’s suite with 4 toilets and 2 corner sinks and a men’s suite with 1 toilet, 3 urinals, and 1 corner sink. It offers insulated walls, luxury vinyl flooring, and steel partition doors.  12 Station Maritime Pro Series Need a bigger boat? Our 12-station portable restroom trailers are ideal solutions. The women’s suite has 6 stalls with toilets, a double vanity, and 2 sinks. The men’s suite has 3 stalls, 3 urinals, a double vanity, and 2 sinks.  All portable restroom trailers are backed by our high level of service. Our woman-owned business is dedicated to offering the utmost courtesy, honesty, and respect. We provide a wide range of products ensuring you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.  Let our company be your first choice for your spring sports activities. Contact us to find the trailers that are best suited to your needs.   
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