Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in Kentucky

Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC has been serving customers in Kentucky since 2007. From the northern banks of the Ohio River to the Appalachian Mountains, we have Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in Kentucky for locations requiring temporary restroom facilities with a permanent feel and built-in luxuries. We are the only company that provides portable restrooms from more than 7 manufacturers

When many of us think of Kentucky, we can’t help but picture big hats and fast horses. The state is most widely known for the Kentucky Derby, and while this is most certainly a highlight event for many, those who live and work in the Bluegrass State know it has so much more to offer. We are excited to expand our business in the state of Kentucky, bringing restroom trailers to the meaningful businesses and venues that need it. 

What Are Your Portable Restroom Trailer Options in Kentucky?

With the importance of well-designed bathrooms now on your list, where do you start when it comes to portable restroom trailer options? 

For a long time, the most common solution for a temporary restroom solution was the port-a-potty. No matter where you went, from festivals to sporting events to construction sites, these little temporary restrooms would be found, much to the dismay of the users. While this is an affordable option and can be satisfactory if properly maintained, many would rather avoid using them if at all possible.

There is no longer a need to send your guests and staff running for the nearest restaurant with clean restrooms. With portable restroom trailers, we are proud to provide an upscale restroom experience for all. We start the creation of our portable restrooms with a clean, durable, and welcoming exterior. Upon first look, your guess would not be that a restroom lies within these trailers.

You’ll find that each trailer is built with insulation and air conditioning and heat strips, ensuring that a comfortable interior temperature is maintained no matter what outside weather may be like. As you enter our portable restroom trailers, you’ll use aluminum steps and railing for safety and notice abundant porch lighting for safe access no matter what time, day or night. We also offer ADA-compliant portable restrooms, ensuring that restrooms are accessible to all.

Once inside one of our portable restroom trailers, you’ll be impressed as you look around. You’ll find designer non-slip flooring and countertops ranging in a variety of materials. For those looking for luxury, granite can be found in the restroom suites. Each unit is a little different in design and character, some boasting private restrooms with closing doors, others with carved wood acting as stalls. From warm elegant colors to lighter, modern shades, our collection of portable restrooms for rent is meant to service every industry, so get ready to choose a design that speaks to you and your brand.

All of our portable restroom trailers are equipped with flushable toilets, hot running water, and paper towel dispensers. These are luxuries that are rare to find in the temporary restroom industry and we are happy to provide the best. 

Overall, we take the time to create our portable restroom trailers no matter where they’re going. From the hippies of Burning Man to the high-level executives at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, we have, quite intentionally, created a diverse fleet of restroom trailers that fit a variety of styles, levels, and needs. 

Our Inventory of Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in Kentucky 

Our huge in-stock inventory of Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in Kentucky and manufacturer relationships give you access to an unparalleled selection of portable restrooms, shower trailers, ADA-compliant restrooms, and more. Not only do we offer a wide variety of new restroom trailers for sale, but we also have tons of amazing used restroom trailers in stock and take trade-ins. We also offer portable restrooms for rent to accommodate your outdoor events. Shop our inventory now!

Our CEO founded this company with the intent of growing a production of portable restroom trailer units for every occasion. Before we existed, bathroom trailers were difficult to find, and when found, they were very basic. These trailers had the bare necessities and gave no thought to design. They were efficient, but did not capture the look and feel of the venues that housed them. 

As we got started, we began to include different amenities depending on different needs. Why not make a portable restroom trailer that could stand on its own at a black tie event? Could we impress connoisseurs at a wine venue with these bathroom rental options? Would employees be satisfied with a temporary restroom option?

These are the questions we asked as we began production. Years later, we now have a diverse collection of bathroom trailer rental units that fit every occasion. As you begin to browse our inventory, we encourage you to take the knowledge from the studies we found and use it as you look for the bathroom trailer rental you need. Find restroom trailers that represent your brand. Find one that maintains the level of ambiance at your event. From basic to high design, small to large, we know that our inventory has the portable restroom trailers that you need. 

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Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in Kentucky
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