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At Portable Restroom Trailers, we have made it a priority to discover the bathroom needs of many industries and create ideal solutions. From small to large crowds, basic to executive level design, our restroom rentals are guaranteed to provide you with a short- or long-term answer to your restroom questions.

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When it comes to business, the last thing on most managers’ minds is the restroom or the experience that a bathroom can provide. From the workplace to outdoor venues, this experience is actually more important than many realize. Every experience that your guests, staff, or audience comes across while in your venue is going to leave a lasting impression, both on a conscious and subconscious level.

The restroom plays a huge part in that. Are the bathrooms clean and accessible? Do they clearly look like time was spent on elegance and design? Don’t compromise how your brand is represented - impress your guests with the restroom rentals.

An Elegant Restroom Solution with Restroom Rentals There is many reasons that a temporary restroom solution may be needed in your environment. We’ve seen businesses use them as an upgrade from porta-potties at events, on work-sites, and at outdoor venues like boating docks and campsites.

We’ve seen cities use restroom rentals to improve tourism, using them as public restroom options that are available for visitors and locals alike. They’ve provided a little relief during disasters, supporting first responders and giving those who have been displaced a restroom option with the amenities of home.

Overall, there is no argument: when it comes to temporary restroom options, you can’t go wrong with a restroom rental. Completely self-contained, easy to operate, and thoughtfully designed, we are here to provide you with the perfect solution to your restroom problems.

Options with Restroom Rentals

Whether you’re remodeling your business, own an outdoor venue, need a restroom solution at your offsite workstations, or any other temporary need, we have a specific solution for you with restroom rentals. So many industries have chosen to upgrade the portable restroom experience from porta-potties to our portable bathrooms, each with all the amenities of a home restroom.

Each of our portable restroom rentals has flushable toilets, private stalls, sink vanities, and mirrors. Many are designed with wooden accents, and some units boast granite countertops. Restroom size can range from a single stall up to 13, ensuring that all crowd sizes can be accommodated depending on the need.

For more upscale restroom needs, like corporate events, executive meetings, or VIP experiences, explore the Luxury line. Equipped with those extra touches like mosaic tiles, fireplaces, elegant sink options, and more, luxury restroom rentals are the perfect fit for your first-class clientele.

If you are looking for an accessible option, we offer ADA-compliant restroom rentals. These spacious stalls are compliant in all 50 states and ensure that all have a positive restroom experience, no matter what their needs are.

Take time to browse our collection of restroom rentals and see which option is a fit for your needs.

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