ADA Restroom Trailer for Rent + 2 Station | Marina Series
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ADA Restroom Trailer for Rent + 2 Station | Marina Series

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3 Toilets
Up to 350 Guests
ADA Compliant
3 Sinks

This ADA Restroom Trailer for Rent + 2 Station | Marina -  4 Season Package - Smarter Restroom App - Hot Water Hand Wash - Stereo is a durable trailer with seamless surfaces and waterproof materials.  This trailer comes with an air suspension system making towing and leveling easy.  The ADA Restroom has a platform that lowers, a six foot ramp that snaps into place, and handrails that slide into place.

The waste is removed by a highly efficient vacuum system that can can remove was quickly up to 300 feet away.  This system also evacuates foreign objects by grinding the waste or objects without clogging the system.  Even diapers can be disposed of through this vacuum system.

Provide your guests with year round comfort with air conditioning and a 4 season heat package (rated to -20°F). This ADA Portable Restroom Trailer +2 Station is also upgraded to include a water heater so your guests can enjoy a hot water hand wash.

*Photos are used to show examples of interior and are not actual representation of layout.

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