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Decon Trailers for Disaster Relief & Industrial Applications


Portable Restroom Trailers has teamed up with the industry’s leading provider of decon trailers to design and manufacture high quality units for homeland security, military, abatement, and other uses. With more than 20 years of experience building decontamination trailers, this unique manufacturer/dealer partnership allows PRT to bring the best-in-class decon trailers direct to their customers in the US, and abroad. There are custom trailers and park models available for Mass Decontamination, Hazmat, Rehab, or Command Center needs. Whatever kind of transportable containment equipment you’re looking for, Portable Restroom Trailers has it! We offer rugged, dependable decon trailers to meet all of your mass casualty or industrial response needs.

Our custom built mass decon trailers come in a variety of sizes, layouts, and configurations. In addition, all units can be built as a trailer or park model (skid unit); a skid unit offers a more permanent solution for facilities. For more information, or to start building your decon trailer today, call us at 877-600-8645.

Here are our Decontamination Trailer solutions:

Mass Casualty Decon Trailer


  • Available in 20’, 24’, & 28’
  • Heavy-duty chassis and frame construction to withstand elements and reduce maintenance long-term
  • Exit doors on either side create 2 separate exit lines to move people through more quickly
  • 1 ½” water hookup, with option for hydrant hookup
  • 200 gallon waste tank; no filtration plant on waste water tank

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Technical Response Team Decon Trailer


  • Available in 20’, 24’, & 28’
  • 2 stages of showers for a thorough decontamination process
  • Best used for a team of people on location
  • Shoot for contaminated clothes, bench seat for workers to get dressed, and platform on front for workers to walk out on and exit through are thoughtful additions to make the trailer easier to work in
  • Single restroom for convenience
  • 1 ½” water hookup, with option for hydrant hookup

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Environmental Decon Shower Trailer – Most Popular Decon Trailer Option!


  • Available in 2 shower and 4 shower configurations (16′ & 24′)
  • Water heaters
  • Lead and asbestos filtration equipment
  • Negative air filtration to address airborne contaminants coming off clothing
  • Garden hose hookup; option to customize if needed
  • 80 gallon waste tank with filtration system to strain out certain contaminants
  • Mostly used for industrial applications, such as job sites for lead abatement, chemical companies, or safety companies.

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Every decontamination unit we sell is thoughtfully configured to tie into your organization’s established emergency response plan. This allows you to build a custom decon trailer specific to your needs and budget, with ambulatory and non-ambulatory configurations available. Step-by-step training will ensure your emergency response team is properly trained on using the unit, and our rapidly deployable units will have you up and running within minutes of when disaster strikes. With hundreds of custom mass decontamination units built for the U.S. Military, purchasing a unit from Portable Restrooms Trailer will give you access to the expertise you’re looking for.

Additional Decon Products Available From PRT:

vPOD-Decon-Product-thumbvPOD: Interchangeable POD System for Decon, Hazmat, Rescue & More

The vPOD is a unique, interchangeable storage system for your Decontamination, Comment Center, and Rehab needs. These self-contained storage units are fabricated from the ground up, on-site at our manufacturer’s location. The 8’ x 20’ space is configured to meet your exact specifications, so whatever your needs are – the POD system can address them. vPODs can be swapped out in minutes, helping to minimize vehicle costs while maximizing the versatility and efficiency of your disaster response efforts.

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For more information, or to start building your decon trailer or vPOD system today, call us at 877-600-8645.