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Portable Restroom Trailers offers a full line of Shower Trailer options that are ideal for both short-term and long-term shower facilities, as well as emergency response use. Our well-equipped line of mobile shower trailers offer all the amenities needed to provide individuals with clean, comfortable, and private showering facilities. Our shower trailer units come in a variety of configurations that maximize space and user privacy. Each shower stall is manufactured with seamless materials to ensure easy cleaning and sanitation. In addition to their easy-clean materials, our mobile restroom trailers are engineered to function both safely and efficiently. Many of our shower trailer models also include additional restroom suites, making for a well-equipped combination trailer that can be used as both a shower trailer and portable restroom facility.


Our full line of Shower Trailers vary in size and can accommodate any number of users. Each trailer provides users with maximum privacy and abundant space. Our innovative “cube” concept makes it easy to mix and match restroom and shower units in any combination, allowing you to custom design a mobile shower trailer perfect for your particular application. We also offer a great selection of shower and restroom combination trailers, giving you the best of both worlds in one unit!

In addition to their private interiors and standard features, each one of our “cube”-configurable mobile shower trailers are carefully designed with exterior footprints that will fit almost any location. Each shower trailer is engineered by a top manufacturer with durable materials to ensure ongoing functionality even during long periods of heavy use. Our shower trailer and restroom combination units include all the necessary showering features individuals require, while still providing all the comforts of a clean, functional, private-public restroom.

Our mobile shower trailers are ideal for both short-term and long-term use where adequate showering facilities are either impractical due to location, or unavailable for other reasons. Our wide range of mobile shower units easily connects to your nearest water line, making for both short-term and more permanent mobile shower solutions.

Some of the features you’ll find in our full line of Shower Trailer units include:

  • Interior Shower Cube Configurations
  • Smooth, Mar-Resistant Laminated Interior Walls
  • Privacy Shower Stalls with Shower Curtains
  • Aluminum Changing Benches
  • Non-Skid Rubber Flooring
  • Full Climate Controlled Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Fresh Water Hook-Up Connections
  • Arctic Package Options for Harsh Conditions
  • Optional Surround Sound Systems

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Featured Shower Trailer:

8 Station Portable Shower Trailer – Fully Self-contained with Winter Package

Fully Self-Contained 4 Men’s 4 Women’s


The Classic Series 8 Station Portable Shower Trailer is a leading choice for site and project managers with a compact yet comfortable environment, perfect for those who will be on location for an extended period of time. An attractive interior design complete with coordinating countertops is just the beginning; this trailer also includes an Arctic Package with Full/Added Heat. Learn more on this trailer here.

Our configurable line of Shower Trailer units are perfect for:

  • Long-Term Facility Solutions
  • Mining and Agriculture
  • Industrial Use
  • Emergency Response Facilities
  • Government & Military Use

Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC currently has a wide selection of shower trailer models in stock. Purchase a New Shower Trailer, or select from one of our many meticulously maintained and inspected Used Shower Trailers.

Each one of our new and used shower trailer units is carefully designed by top manufacturers and maintained by a select few used shower trailer re-sellers to provide you with the best in mobile shower facility solutions. We have multiple shower trailer units in stock and ready for immediate purchase!

You can also select from one of our available Shower Trailer Rentals that can provide remote showering solutions to individuals in need for any length of time. We offer full set-up and delivery of our units and work closely with local service providers to ensure clean, comfortable, and fully-stocked mobile shower facilities that are sure to suit your specific needs.

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