March 2023

Shower Rentals for Girl Scouts in Virginia

Being a Virginia girl scout is so exciting.  You get to partake in fun events and embark on camping trips. And when you’re on these camping trips,  you won’t want to be without shower rentals.   There are shower facilities on some campgrounds, but one-third of them don’t have them. So if you want to make sure your Girl Scouts are clean and comfortable, you will need shower rentals. Portable Restroom Trailers has had the pleasure of working with the Girl Scouts and other great community groups. Read on to find out how our shower rentals have helped make their camping trips a success.  What Do the Girl Scouts Do? Girl Scouts participate in a variety of activities. They give back to their community by restocking food pantries and helping out in soup kitchens. Volunteering gives them an opportunity to earn awards. The highest awards help them earn scholarships and qualify for internships and exciting careers.  The girls run their own cookie businesses which gives them valuable business experience at a young age. They work together meeting people and forging friendships that last a lifetime. They embark on exciting adventures including fun overnight camping events.  The camping trips Girl Scouts attend in Virginia offer various activities like hiking and swimming in lakes. The girls will need to wash up after a day on the trails. Portable Restrooms Trailers are a necessity at a Girl Scouts camping trip adventure.  What to Look for in Shower Rentals Here are some key features to look for in your Girl Scouts shower rentals trailer: Multiple Shower Stalls: With lots of Girl Scouts wanting to take showers at once, it’s best to have multiple stalls available.  Privacy: Girl Scouts can be kindergarten-age, or they can be seniors in high school. With so much disparity, it’s best to get shower rentals that offer some privacy.  Easy to Clean: Your trailer can get dirty after an intense day of camping. It’s important to find a trailer that’s easy to clean.  Capacity: There may be girls who want to wash their hands or check the mirror while other girls are showering. It’s advisable to rent a trailer that has plenty of room outside of the shower space.  Extras: The trailer may have extras such as sinks, mirrors, climate control, and more.  Why Choose the Oahu Series Shower Trailer The 3 Station Oahu Series Shower Trailer is the perfect choice for a Girl Scouts trip or any camping outing. It has three private shower stalls and three sinks to accommodate multiple girls at a time. It also has a changing area.  The interior features easy-to-clean vinyl flooring and FRP walls. The trailer is well-lit, so it is safe and suitable for showering needs. It is fully climate-controlled offering the ultimate in comfort.  What’s more, you’ll get the backing that comes with all Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC rentals. We offer topline quality ensuring our rentals meet the highest standards. We believe in sincerity, courtesy, respect, and gratitude. Camping trips bring special memories. Make yours as pleasant as possible with Portable Restroom Trailers shower rentals. Contact us to find the rental best suited to your needs. 
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Purchase a Portable Bathroom Trailer with tthe Lease-to-Own Program

One of the most important components of owning or operating a business is managing finances. From finding ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality to maintaining a steady cash flow and everything in between, finances determine the success or failure of a business. With inflation, supply chain shortages, and saturated markets to fight against this year, now is the time to optimize your financial plan while maintaining the quality of your brand. Our new lease-to-own program is designed to help businesses just like yours gain access to the portable bathroom trailers you need more efficiently. Big-item purchases like restroom trailers can often be unreachable for some small businesses, nonprofits, or newly launched companies. We remember being that new business, struggling to stretch a small budget and making every dollar count. Some necessities were simply out of reach for us, but with programs like lease-to-own, our business skyrocketed. We think that every business deserves the opportunity to win. The lease-to-own program was designed with small businesses in mind and is a money-saving strategy that we want to offer our clients. Learn five things about the lease-to-own program and consider it as a purchasing option for your restroom trailers. Get the tools you need to operate your business as successful as possible with this inclusive program.  1. No Deposit  We prioritize being an inclusive company, and this means changing how we make our products accessible. Some businesses simply don’t have the cash flow for a large lump sum deposit. The lease-to-own program makes portable bathroom trailers available without putting that large sum of money down. You can now access the business tools you need without draining funds. 2. Fully Customizable Terms Every business is different, and to us, that meant ensuring that every lease-to-own agreement is a perfect fit for that unique business. From early payoff to longer terms with small payments, we are able to create a plan that is a fit for your needs after your first 12 monthly payments. 3. Maintain Steady Cash Flow With no deposit required and the ability to work with us and customize what your term looks like after the first year, the lease-to-own program helps you to maintain the cash flow you need for operations. Your restroom trailers don’t have to be a big-ticket purchase that drains your account all at once. Our program is specifically designed to ensure you keep access to the money you need to succeed. 4. Portable Bathroom Trailers Buyback Policy Purchasing your portable bathroom trailers with the lease-to-own program will be treated equally to any other purchasing option. That means you get to maintain your access to the Buyback Policy. This policy allows you to sell us your unit when you no longer need it or are ready for an upgrade. It’s a business tool that many of our clients use on a regular basis! 5. Learn About Section 179 Tax Advantage Just like with the buyback policy, you will maintain your access to other business perks like the Section 179 tax advantage. This write-off allows you to qualify for tax refunds on big-ticket purchases for your company. Learn more about it here.  Access Portable Bathroom Trailers with Lease-to-Own Overall, the lease-to-own program is an equitable partnership that can get you the portable bathroom trailers you need more efficiently and without emptying your business accounts. It’s designed to allow for small, monthly payments that will help you work toward equipment ownership while maintaining your operations. Speak with a specialist about purchasing your portable bathroom trailers with the lease-to-own program. We are here to support you every step of the way!
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Shop Used Portable Bathrooms for Great Deals

For those who are looking to purchase portable bathrooms, making a smart decision for your budget is typically priority number 1. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice quality, and when shopping the bargains you’ll occasionally run into something that makes you think the new shiny options that aren’t on sale may be best. This article is here to not only prove that shopping bargains can get you a great product for a fraction of the price but to also showcase how truly great those bargain items can be. We have collected five of our pre-owned portable bathrooms that are now available for purchase. Each trailer is unique and varies in size and design. If you weren’t a bargain believer before this, you most certainly will be after browsing our pre-owned options. Get ready to snag some serious bang for your buck! Compact For companies looking for a restroom option that takes up a smaller footprint or that will require less use, a compact unit like the 2 Station Malibu Series is ideal. With both a flushable toilet and shower in each suite, this is one of our portable bathroom trailers perfect for small offices, gyms, or campsites.  Mid-sized If you’re looking for portable bathrooms that can handle moderate use throughout the day, the 5 Station Calypso Series is a perfect fit. Designed to appeal to office executives and outdoor eventgoers, this trailer provides an upscale restroom experience that won’t leave them missing a brick-and-mortar bathroom.  Large For those with a large crowd to service, you need a restroom option that can handle the volume of users with ease and comfort. This pre-owned 9 Station Titanium Series Trailer is perfect for large event venues, parties with hundreds of attendees, or offices with many employees.  Designer Some of our portable bathroom trailers are designed for high-end and upscale use. The 10 Station Calypso Series is one of those trailers. Ideal for important, high-level meetings, weddings, and black-tie affairs, this trailer was built to WOW. This is a great option for those hoping to impress guests with a fully upscale experience from entrance to exit and everywhere in between.  One major perk when buying pre-owned portable bathroom trailers is that some of these units are no longer being manufactured. Your purchase could be one-of-a-kind! Guests are sure to be impressed when they visit your bathroom trailer which offers an experience they won’t find anywhere else.  These portable bathrooms all offer a high-level product for a great price. Now that we’ve got you warmed up and ready to purchase your pre-owned trailer, browse our full collection. We always vet all pre-owned portable bathroom trailers to ensure that the new buyer gets a quality product no matter what. 
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Portable Restroom Rentals for Spring Markets

There is something truly unique about the ambiance of outdoor markets. As spring approaches, no matter how hot or cold temperatures may be, crowds will flock toward these unique markets to find local produce, handmade goods, meats and fish, art, and so much more. Communities all over the nation will gather, share their goods, and discover what others are offering on a weekly basis in many cases, and our goal is to ensure that planners and managers are equipped with portable restroom rentals that can handle a recurring crowd. When an outdoor market is set up, it is often hosted in a park, on a street block, in parking lots, and other large outdoor locations that aren’t necessarily built for event hosting. This means that the venue of choice is lacking and unable to support anticipated guests comfortably. This is where rental equipment like portable restroom rentals can help. Our collection of rentals is designed to provide event hosts with an easy, temporary restroom solution that does not sacrifice experience due to portability. We have proven that porta potties are not the only temporary restroom solution, and guests everywhere are enjoying the upgrade in portable restroom experience. Ensure that your outdoor market during the upcoming spring season is elevated with portable restroom rentals. Here are our top recommendations for unique events like these. Spring Market Recommendations Farmer’s Market Farmer’s Markets tend to run from spring to fall, and neighborhoods love visiting them no matter what weather they may face. For this, we knew larger portable restroom rentals would be necessary to ensure managers would not have to service the unit too often. Due to the nature of farmer’s markets, managers will see a smaller but steady flow of visitors throughout the day. A medium-sized unit like the 8 Station Classic Series can handle the crowd while providing an elegant, casual restroom experience.  Art, Antique, and Collector’s Shows For art and antique dealers and collectors, we want to provide a VIP experience. Many of these shows bring passionate connoisseurs that are eager to sell a priceless piece or purchase their next big collection item, and that means big money. These attendees are more high-end and expect an elegant experience, so units like the 7 Station Royal Series are a great temporary yet elegant solution.  Maker’s Markets These unique gatherings may happen less throughout the year, but that doesn’t make them any less important to the community! Markets that are specifically designed to showcase local artisans are always a huge draw, so managers tend to anticipate an even larger crowd than expected at the weekly farmers market. For that XL crowd, we recommend the 13 Station Key West Series portable restroom rental.  Special Events Markets have become quite the trendy alternative to your standard block party. From Night Markets to food markets, those that celebrate culture or showcase community projects, we love seeing event planners getting creative with a wide variety of markets. For special events, you need portable restroom rentals that can handle a large crowd while maintaining a casual, slightly upscale environment. The 10 Station Coastal Series is a perfect fit.  Order Portable Restroom Rentals Does one of these portable restroom rentals look like a good fit for your upcoming outdoor market? If so, request a quote and begin your rental process. Our sales team is on standby and ready to help you get your trailer rental as quickly and efficiently as possible. Need a few more options? Continue to browse our rentals here, or contact us to get more information about our products.  
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Savings on Portable Restrooms with Section 179 Tax Advantage

As we head into the month of March, most finance departments are busy at work with the 2022 tax year. For them, it's hard to start thinking about the 2023 fiscal year. We encourage all leaders to pause and think about your budget strategies now. Where can you cut costs, and how do you make the smartest investments for your future? Let's talk about the Section 179 deduction and how to take advantage of this tax break when purchasing portable restrooms. Under the Section 179 Deduction, you can earn a tax break by selling and buying NOW through the end of the year! This is a capital-saving opportunity for all business owners that not many are aware of; there is no advantage in waiting to sell or buy new portable restrooms. If you wait until the beginning of a new year, you may actually lose money! Capitalize on great deals with our in-stock and available-to-order units to save on the total cost, and ensure delivery by December 31, 2023 to qualify for the section 179 deduction. As stated on the IRS website: You can elect to recover all or part of the cost of certain qualifying property, up to a limit, by deducting it in the year you place the property in service. This is the section 179 deduction. You can elect the section 179 deduction instead of recovering the cost by taking depreciation deductions. To learn more on the IRS website, click here. Learn About Section 179 Using the Section 179 tax code, you can deduct the full purchase price of any equipment which qualifies and is purchased or financed during the tax year in question. What this means is if you buy or lease equipment (like portable restroom trailers), it is possible to deduct the full purchase price from your gross income. By adding up your total equipment, software, and vehicles purchased for your business in 2023, you can write off or expense up to 100% of the cost of portable restrooms for purchase for up to $500,000, and then 50% of the remaining balance up to $2,000,000. Leveraging this deduction allows businesses to jump on what they need now instead of waiting over the next few years by only writing off the depreciation values. With industry price increases on the horizon reaching 6-10%, this is just another reason to purchase now instead of waiting. Assets eligible for the deduction don’t need to be brand new, just new to you. This means that new and used portable restrooms are applicable. If you purchase a new portable restroom or shower trailer, we also offer a great one-year buyback program of up to 80% of the original purchase price based on unit condition. To make this process easier for our customers, we have secured extremely attractive financing through our bank. We are offering 90 days same as cash with some of the best rates ever on portable restroom trailer equipment. Contact us at 1-877-600-8645 to learn more about our financing offers.  For more information, visit this site devoted to this tax deduction. Please make certain you also have an educated conversation with your tax preparer; you will need to fill out part one of IRS form 4562 for this deduction. Get Informed About Portable Restrooms Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-866-807-9043 to find our about taking advantage of the section 179 Deduction on your portable restrooms lease, purchase, or sale! In order to qualify, equipment must be purchased and out for delivery to use by December 31st, 2023. There is still plenty of time, but the year is flying by! Get your portable restroom trailers now and be ahead of schedule, ready to take on your taxes at the end of the year organized and with extra money in the bank!  
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How Can Portable Bathroom Rentals Support Business Next Quarter?

As you prepare for Q2 of 2023, we want you to consider how we can partner. Our portable bathroom rentals are versatile, fitting the need of businesses in a variety of industries. Whether you’re hosting a big event, an important meeting, setting up an offsite workplace, or many needs in between, we have a portable restroom rental that will fit your needs. We are experts in our field, ready to hear your needs for accessible, portable, and upscale restrooms. While not at the top of your everyday to-do list, bathrooms are a part of everyday life. A number of needs for portable bathroom rentals could arise, from brick-and-mortar remodeling to hosting that perfect outdoor event, disaster relief aid to construction site management. No matter what may come, here’s how we are able to help your business in the year to come. An Affordable Bathroom Solution There are so many reasons why a temporary restroom solution may be needed throughout the business year. This mostly depends on your industry. For event planners, restrooms are needed for those outdoor events and venues, or when the venue doesn’t provide a brick-and-mortar option. For project managers and construction sites, onsite restrooms are needed when working away from the office. Eventually, all buildings need a little TLC, which can put the regular restroom out of order temporarily. No matter what that need may be, we are able to provide an affordable solution with portable restroom rentals. We have trailers that fit every budget and payment plans that are flexible. When you need a restroom solution, count on us to provide the best quality for the best price.  An Option For Every Occasion As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of needs that could arise when it comes to portable restroom rentals. Our specialty is customizing our trailers so that they are suited to fit these many different needs. Depending on what our partners need, we deliver a trailer that is a perfect fit. For black tie events, executive meetings, and other more high-end needs, we recommend portable bathroom rentals like the 12 Station Tradewinds. For more casual needs, like construction sites and at the office, units like the 6 Station Classic Series are a perfect fit - clean and comfortable with simple interior design touches. No matter which of our portable bathroom rentals you need, we can guarantee that you’ll have a temporary bathroom option with all of the amenities of a brick-and-mortar restroom. Portable Bathroom Rentals on Your Schedule We know that every rental situation is different. From short-term to long-term, small to large fleets, our rental opportunities are flexible.  We also pride ourselves on fast delivery. We have delivered some of our portable bathroom rentals in 4 hours, so if you have an urgent, unexpected need, we are ready to provide in record time, anywhere in the country. We realize that schedules change, so if you need to extend your order, no problem! Our sales reps are always here to help you. We encourage you to browse our inventory and see what type of portable bathroom rentals could be the right fit for your business needs. Let us take care of your restroom needs so you can get back to working on those goals! 
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