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Bathroom Trailers for Kentucky Rolex

Kentucky Horse Park is a premier equestrian event venue. It hosts the Horses of the World Show twice daily. It also has an outdoor venue called Rolex Stadium with events so well-attended they often require bathroom trailers.  Portable Restroom Trailers has provided facilities for several Rolex Stadium events. Read on to find out more about Kentucky Horse Park, Rolex Stadium, and the bathroom trailers that help make the events a success.  About Kentucky Horse Park and Rolex Stadium Kentucky Horse Park is a working horse farm, equestrian competition venue, and educational theme park in Lexington, KY. It hosts a Horses of the World Show twice daily which showcases various types of horses from around the world. Riders ride horses dressed in cultural costumes.  It also contains the International Museum of the Horse which displays horse-related artifacts and memorabilia. It is home to some of the greatest competition horses. It also features lovely horse sculptures.  Rolex Stadium is Kentucky Horse Park’s outdoor venue. It hosts a variety of events including concerts, horse shows, football, and soccer games. It is the largest outdoor concert venue in Central Kentucky.  The venue is a terrific place to enjoy events. But it has only six restroom facilities meaning that facilities are limited at larger events. While bathrooms may be added, that would mean the park taking on an expensive remodel.  Bathroom trailers help the Stadium accommodate additional guests without the need for a huge renovation. They can rent the trailers on an as-needed basis so they can allocate funds to events that are well attended.  Best Bathroom Trailers for Rolex Stadium Rolex Stadium requires bathrooms that are large enough to handle their overflow. The bathrooms should be attractive and durable. Luxury bathrooms may even be suitable for some events.  The one that Rolex Stadium ended up choosing was the 9 Station Seabreeze Series. The bathroom trailer is durable and offers an upscale environment that’s ideal for any event. It features a fiberglass exterior and foldup aluminum steps leading up to each suite for easy access. The women’s suite features 5 private stalls with toilets, a double sink vanity with an elegant marble surface, and a large vanity mirror. The men’s suite features 2 private stalls, 2 vanities, and the same lovely marble double sinks featured in the women’s suite.  The trailer is equipped with air conditioning and heat strips that keep it climate controlled regardless of what the weather outside may be like.  We Back Our Trailers with Excellent Service At Portable Bathroom Trailers, we realize excellent service is a must for prestigious companies like Kentucky Horse Park and Rolex Stadium. We provide them with the excellent service we offer every customer. We believe in treating the people we serve with a high level of care and respect.  Our products are affordable, safe, and sanitary. We offer a wide selection including luxury and ADA options. We promise to offer an outstanding experience.  Contact us for a free quote to find out how we can make your next event a success. 
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Portable Restroom for Churchill Downs in Kentucky

Churchill Downs is a horseracing complex in Louisville, KY. It is known for hosting the Kentucky Derby. During busy seasons, a portable restroom service helps them handle the overflow.  The facility hosts events year-round. But some events get more packed than others.  Portable restrooms allow them to provide convenient services to their patrons without the need to remodel.  Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to say we have provided Churchill Downs with a portable restroom service to get them through their busy season. Read on to find out more about the facility and the restrooms best suited to their needs.  About Churchill Downs Churchill Downs officially opened in 1875. It was named for prominent Kentucky figurehead Samuel Churchill.  The facility is home to many famous events. It hosts the Kentucky Derby every year. It has also hosted the Breeders Cup and Kentucky Oaks. It has been used as a venue for the state fair and other concerts and events.  In addition to coming to see races, many people visit to take in Churchill Downs's culture. Fans can swing by the gift shop or check out the Kentucky Museum. They can enjoy participating in the dress code which pays homage to the racing days of old.  The facility does not get consistent crowds year-round. Some weeks, it may be packed, while other events may attract more moderate crowds. Bigger crowds require additional restrooms. Portable restrooms help them accommodate larger crowds without the need to spend a lot of money on a remodel.   Portable Restroom Solutions for Churchill Downs Churchill Downs is frequented by an upscale crowd that appreciates luxury. Here are some restrooms that are ideal for their larger events.  5 Station Luxury Series: This elegantly designed portable restroom is sure to impress. Its minimalist interior features color-coordinated surfaces and modern flooring. Its women’s suite is equipped with three private stalls. The men’s suite offers a private stall and a urinal.  ADA 8 Station Fearless Series: This unit offers ADA-compliant features and is ideal for larger crowds. The women’s suite features 4 private restrooms with toilets and corner sinks. The men’s suite features 1 toilet, 3 urinals, and a corner sink. The luxury vinyl flooring gives the trailer a stylish appeal.   9 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series: This trailer features an elegant design that includes a modern interior and soothing colors. The women’s suite is equipped with five private stalls. The men’s suite offers two private stalls and urinals. The unit is climate controlled to provide a comfortable atmosphere.  3 Station Luxury Winery Model: The 3 Station Luxury Winery Model is attractively designed with laminated solid surface countertops and vinyl flooring. It features 3 unisex suites, each with a private entrance. The suites are equipped with a wall-to-wall vanity, wastebasket, paper towel dispenser, and toilet paper holder. One suite features a waterless urinal.  11 Station Coastal Series: The 11 Station Coastal Series is attractively designed with a gray and white nautical-themed interior and ambient lighting. Its climate-controlled environment ensures a comfortable atmosphere. It features 7 toilets and 4 urinals.  Portable Restroom Trailers Provide Great Service At Portable Restroom Trailers, we realize customers like Churchill Downs are used to a high level of service. We treat all our clients with the utmost care and respect. Our products are safe, sanitary, and high-quality. Contact us for the ultimate in customer service when you are planning your next event.   
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Portable Bathroom Rentals for Russell Stover

Russell Stover is known for its terrific chocolates. The company recently celebrated its 100th anniversary in a big way. They released a box of chocolates weighing over 500 pounds. But it wouldn’t have been possible without our portable bathroom rentals.  When you host a celebration of this proportion, everything’s got to be perfect. Bathroom accommodations may not be the first thing on everyone’s mind. But they are necessary for making an event successful.  This article will tell you more about Russell Stover’s event and the portable bathroom rentals that made it possible.  The Russell Stover’s Event The Russell Stover’s event was full of fun, but the main attraction was the 5000-pound-plus box of chocolates which broke the Guinness Book of World Records. Resembling the typical RS assorted chocolate box, it measured 30 feet and 4.5 inches wide by 15 feet and 5 inches tall. It was created by the Kansas City-based design team Dimensional Innovations.  The box itself weighed around 2300 pounds but it was the weight of the chocolate, not the box, that would be counted in the World Record. So, the box was filled with a variety of chocolates weighing between 11 and 36 pounds each.  Russell Stover’s design broke the old record which was held by the U.K. chocolate manufacturer Thornton’s since 2008. The Thorntons box was 16 feet by 6 inches long and 11 feet by 2 inches wide. It was filled with 3725 pounds of chocolate.  The company beat the old record with a box that was almost twice as large and filled with 5616 pounds of chocolate outdoing Thorntons by 1891 pounds.  The box was unveiled at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City to 300 guests on April 17. Russell Stover plans to permanently display it at one of their retail locations. The enormous chocolates will be gifted, donated, or raffled off this fall with proceeds benefiting the Feed the Children nonprofit.  Portable Bathroom Rentals Fit for the Russell Stover Event The Russell Stover event required portable bathroom rentals that were comfortable, attractive, and luxurious. Here are a few that fit the bill.  5 Station Maritime Pro Series: The Maritime Pro Series features a women’s suite with three private stalls and a sink vanity, and a men’s suite with one private stall, one urinal, and a sink vanity. Its attractive minimalist design, modern flooring, and color-coordinated surfaces contribute to its upscale appearance. Its adjustable heat strips ensure a comfortable climate.  3 Station Designer Series: This high-end portable bathroom trailer features an elegant design. It holds 2 private women’s suites and 1 private men’s suite. Each suite is equipped with an undermount sink, a mirror, a wastebasket, soap, and a paper towel dispenser. The men’s suite also has a urinal. The beautiful earth tones and hard surface vanities make it an attractive option.   8 Station Coastal Series: The Coastal Series offers a nautical-inspired design scheme with a gray and white interior and ambient lighting. The women’s suite is equipped with three toilet stalls and a double sink. The men’s suite features two toilet stalls, 2 urinals, and a double sink. The climate-controlled environment offers exceptional comfort.  ADA 4 Station Oahu Series: The ADA 4 Station Oahu Series offers all the comforts of home. The men’s suite has one toilet, one urinal, and a sink. The women’s suite is equipped with two private toilets and a sink. The ADA suite features a ramp for easy wheelchair access, an accessible toilet, a mirror and grab rails.  4 Station. Quietude Series: The 4-Station Quietude Series will wow your guests thanks to its energy-efficient features. It is Certified Green with a solar package featuring a 190-watt panel. It showcases 4 private suites with a toilet and a private men’s suite with a urinal and toilet. Stylish features include modern flooring and color-coordinated services.  Portable Restroom Trailers understands that you don’t need any more stress when you’re hosting a big event. That’s why we offer our customers terrific service.  We believe in treating our clients with the utmost care and respect. Our portable bathroom rentals are high-quality, safe, and sanitary.  Contact us the next time you’re planning something major. 
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Bathroom Trailers for Knott's Berry Farm

The weather is heating up. Many people are heading to local amusement parks to enjoy the fun and sun. Establishments like Knott’s Berry Farm must get ready for the extra crowds by adding bathroom trailers to their grounds.  Bathroom trailers are an ideal way to enhance the guest experience without accruing excessive remodeling costs. They can be rented for busy seasons, so the company is not paying extra money when additional facilities are not needed. Read on to find out more about Knott’s Berry Farm and the trailers they invested in. About Knott’s Berry Farm Knott’s Berry Farm is a 57-acre amusement park located in Buena Park, CA. It originally opened in 1923 as a roadside berry stand run by Walter Knott. Eventually, other businesses opened nearby including restaurants, shops, and attractions like a replica ghost town. The transformation continued, and by the 1960s, the area was morphing into a theme park.  In 2015, Knott’s Berry Farm ranked as the twelfth most visited theme park in North America. It attracts approximately 4 million visitors a year. It offers 40 rides including family rides, water rides, and roller coasters.  Why Bathroom Trailers are an Economical Option Knott’s Berry Farm is open throughout the year. However, its busiest season runs from April to August. After that, crowds start to die out, especially during the weekdays.  It doesn’t make sense for the park to undertake a huge remodeling job and build new bathrooms for the busy spring and summer seasons only. It’s more cost-effective for the company to rent bathroom trailers to accommodate guests as needed.  The extra cash flow helps them accommodate expenses during the busy season. When it's slower, they can eliminate the rental costs. Bathroom Trailers Perfect for Knott’s Berry Farm When Knott’s Berry Farm needed bathroom trailers to take them through their busy spring and summer seasons, they turned to Portable Restroom Trailers. They knew they could count on us for our excellent selection and high level of customer service.  The product they ended up going with was the 9-Station Titanium Series. This classy-looking trailer features five private stalls in the women’s suite and two private stalls and standard urinals in the men’s suite. The water-saving toilets, sink vanities, paper towel dispensers, and temperature control are sure to impress guests.  While the 9-Station Titanium Series was an excellent choice, here are some other options that would have been suitable.  ADA +6 Station Oahu Series: Ideal for high traffic, this trailer features three separate suites. The women’s suite contains three toilets, a privacy door, a sink, and a mirror. The men’s suite features one toilet, 2 urinals, a privacy door, a sink, and a mirror. The ADA unisex suite includes a wheelchair-accessible sink, faucet, door handle, and toilet.   4 Station Coastal Series: The 4 Station Coastal Series offers an attractive nautical-themed interior with ambient lighting. The climate-controlled environment provides exceptional comfort. An interactive tool allows for the monitoring of operational systems via smartphone, tablet, or computer.  5 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series: The 5 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series features an attractive and spacious floor plan. The women’s suite features three private stalls. The man suite features one private stall and a standard urinal. The stylish minimalist interior offers modern flooring and color-coordinated surfaces.  What Makes Portable Restroom Trailers Stand Out In addition to a wide selection, Portable Restroom Trailers also offers a high level of customer service. We believe in treating our clients with sincerity, courtesy, and respect. We guarantee to provide you with the utmost satisfaction.  Our bathroom trailers will get you through your busy summer season. We will save you money on remodeling expenses. Contact us to request a free quote today.  
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Portable Shower Rental for Heart of America Council

Over the years, we have had the honor of working with a variety of nonprofit and community organizations. From supporting and uplifting the homeless to providing positive programming for youth, it is truly amazing what these groups do for our nation. We recently partnered with the Heart of America Council, a Boy Scouts of America group, and provided a portable shower rental for their facilities. Learn a little bit about them: "It is the mission of the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America, to prepare the young people of eastern Kansas and western Missouri to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The National Council, BSA, charters the Heart of America Council to serve local chartered organizations and potential chartered organizations. The Council serves institutions through a large number of volunteers and a professional staff that supports the volunteer leadership by providing day-to-day administration. Community groups are supported by registration of members and leaders, advancement programs, communications, commissioner service, training of unit leadership, program enrichment activities, camping facilities, as well as volunteer recognition items, program supplies, planning materials, insurance, and monthly roundtables." When this impactful organization needed a portable shower rental, we were excited to provide them with a temporary solution. Supporting Good with a Portable Shower Rental   As we browsed our shower trailer options with the managers at Heart of America Council, they highlighted that they were in need of a medium-to-large portable shower rental that could handle a relatively high volume of daily use. This narrowed down our search and we were able to suggest the 8 Station Grand Mariner Series.  This compact restroom environment measures 28 feet and has an 1150-gallon waste tank and adaptable freshwater tank, ideal for a high amount of daily use. The exterior shows off a clean design and guests are welcomed into the trailer on sturdy, aluminum steps with rails for safety. The walls and ceiling are insulated to ensure that the interior temperature stays comfortable despite outside weather. Additionally, this shower trailer comes with air conditioning and heat strips to further influence the inner temperature, allowing for restroom managers to alter the temp levels depending on needs.  Eight private shower stalls await each visitor with showers that offer hot water. The nonslip floor ensures that all can use the shower safely, making this restroom and portable shower rental a perfect combination of elegant and durable.  Abundant porch lighting ensures that access is easy no matter what time of day or night. To further add to the comfortable experience, we ensure that this portable shower rental is equipped with a tankless on-demand water heater. No need to worry about guests having no hot water: this unit ensures that a comfortable water temp is always available. Overall, this is a portable shower rental that is perfect for an organization that needs a full-service shower unit that is durable, easy to clean, and well-designed.  Contact Us for Your Portable Shower Rentals With our continued success partnering with such a diverse range of companies, we are confident in our ability to help those who may have a restroom or shower need in the future. Tell us about your business. Do you hire temporary or seasonal staff? Have a venue or facility that needs more restroom access? How about a nonprofit organization that services those in need? If so, we are here to help you solve all of your restroom problems with a wide range of shower trailer and restroom options. With basic to luxury designs, small to large in size, we have the restroom trailer that is perfectly equipped for your exact needs!  We encourage you to take time to browse our large inventory of portable shower trailers. Ready to book your rental or purchase? Send us a message or get a quote on the perfect trailers for your needs. Our team is here to help you and is prepared to get you the tools you need for your business to succeed!   
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Mobile Shower Trailers for Salvation Army

In our experience providing mobile shower trailers, we have had the pleasure of coming across a wide variety of organizations that are passionate about helping their communities. From providing restrooms and showers for the homeless to aiding families during disaster relief efforts, we are always proud to service these passionate groups who exist to make our world better. Over the years, we have been privileged to provide a wide range of trailer shower and restroom options across the country for a variety of nonprofits. One of those organizations is Salvation Army. They work tirelessly to provide a variety of communities across the globe with the support and resources they need. We were excited to get this organization’s call and eager to help them with a reasonably priced restroom solution. Read about them below: “The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Our message is based on the Bible, our ministry is motivated by the love of God, and our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as we meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Every program we offer is rooted in our passion to serve God by serving the lost, the vulnerable, the needy, the poor, the hurting, the helpless, and the hopeless.” In order to properly service their local community in Hobbs NM, the organization needed to expand its shower options. They came to us to review mobile shower trailers that might provide a long-term, affordable solution. Supporting Community with Mobile Shower Trailers For many nonprofit organizations, a brick-and-mortar restroom upgrade is simply not affordable. Plus, it can hinder the organization’s progress and operations. Salvation Army realized that some of their community was in need of shower access. They knew that mobile shower trailers could provide them with an answer and we were happy to assist. Given their need for a solution that can handle a small yet steady amount of usage without sacrificing design, we were able to suggest the 3 Station Affordable Advantage Series with Sinks. This trailer shower is purposefully designed for a small volume of use and was a great solution to send to their community. The Affordable Advantage Series is a compact yet comfortable environment measuring 12 feet. The clean, fresh exterior and aluminum steps and rails greet guests and ensure that they have safe and easy access. The interior is fitted with non-skid rubber flooring to ensure that guests can shower safely without worrying about slipping. Three private suites with one shower and sink each await visitors, and curtains ensure plenty of privacy during use. The entire unit is insulated to ensure that the interior temperature stays comfortable despite outside weather conditions. It also comes with air conditioning and heat strips, which help keep the temperature that much more comfortable. With a tankless hot water system and showers that are user-friendly, the Affordable Advantage Series trailer shower is equipped to support up to 250 guests while easily providing a positive shower experience. Get Your Mobile Trailer Shower We encourage you to take the time to browse our large inventory - we have a variety of portable bathroom rental units that are unique to every need. In addition to this unit used by Salvation Army, our collection of trailer shower, locker, ADA, and many other rental and purchase options is vast and full of a variety of great options.  Ready to book your rental or purchase? Send us a message or get a quote on the perfect trailers for your needs. Our team is here to help you and equipped to get you the tools you need for your business to succeed!   
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