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Portable Restrooms Rental for Humankind Wichita

A portable restrooms rental is essential for many nonprofit organizations and are especially useful to organizations that help the homeless. They provide comfort to displaced individuals.  Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to have partnered with several nonprofit organizations. We have helped them find units that bring comfort to the needy. Humankind Wichita is one of our preferred clients.  About HumanKind Wichita HumanKind Wichita’s efforts can be traced back to 1885 when local church leaders banded together to form the Wichita Ministerial Alliance, an organization committed to helping the needy in their community. They continued growing throughout the years and were renamed as Inter-Faith Ministries of Wichita before becoming HumanKind Ministries. They focus on assisting the homeless and people living in poverty in their community. The organization offers several programs and services as follows: Street Outreach: Their volunteers drive through local streets delivering necessities to people in need.  Winter Shelter: This program ensures people have food, clothes, and a place to stay during the winter months.  Extended Shelter: Extended shelter offers longer-term shelter for the homeless. Individuals typically stay 45 days. They receive counseling to get them back on their feet during their stay.  Intermediary Housing: This program bridges the gap between homelessness and independent living to ensure individuals are ready to live on their own. Long-Term Stay: Humankind offers long-term housing to those in need. They provide counseling so they maintain stability in the residence.  Supportive Services: Supportive services include counseling, warm blankets, clothing, and other necessities.  Humankind’s Portable Restrooms Rental Humankind needed a portable restrooms rental that provided comfort for people staying in their shelters. They required units that were appropriately sized, durable, and easy to clean. They chose the 8 Station Classic Series.  The 8 Station Classic Series is a durable choice thanks to its solid aluminum exterior. Its sturdy aluminum steps and handrails provide safe access.  Ample outdoor lighting illuminates the walkway to prevent tripping.  Once you enter the unit, you will be greeted by an attractive interior. Both suites offer soft lighting and an elegant black-and-white interior design. Wood-like flooring and color-coordinated surfaces add to the ambiance.  Each suite is equipped with basic restroom necessities. The men’s suite features two private stalls, two urinals, and a double-sink vanity. The women’s suite features four private stalls and a double-sink vanity. Amenities include paper towel holders, hand dryers, and shatterproof mirrors.  Comfort is guaranteed thanks to the unit’s climate control features. Heat strips keep the unit warm in chilly winter weather. The AC keeps it cool when temperatures rise.  The unit is also equipped with a 150-gallon freshwater tank and an 865-gallon waste tank. At 24 feet, it is optimally sized for outdoor spaces. It can accommodate 550 guests before requiring maintenance.  We are so pleased to learn our portable restrooms rental has helped a community in need. We hope we can continue helping communities with our affordable prices, wide selection, and commitment to great service. Count on us to provide products that help you reach your professional and personal goals.  Contact us for a quote on a portable restrooms rental today. 
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Bathroom Trailer for St. Andrews Country Club

Private clubs are known to host indoor and outdoor events. The indoor events will take place in their venues. Outdoor events will occur on their lush grounds. A bathroom trailer provides convenient outdoor accommodations and helps handle overflow.  Portable Restroom Trailers has helped many clients find a bathroom trailer that is ideal for their events. St. Andrew’s Country Club is one of our preferred clients. Read on to learn about their purchasing experience.  About St. Andrew’s Country Club St. Andrew’s is an upscale country club in Boca Raton, FL. It is known for its attractive grounds and flawless service. It has been recognized as an Elite Distinguished Club of the World, a Platinum Club of America, one of the Top Ten Healthiest Clubs in America, and the 2019 North American Best Day Spa.  The club offers various services. They provide a low-density luxury housing community with courtyards, pools, and lush landscaping. Their 36-hole golf course is a championship golfer’s dream. They also have courts for racquetball, pickleball, and tennis.  Their wellness suite includes a fitness center, an aquatic center, and a spa and salon. They offer three luxury dining options. They also provide men’s and ladies’ card rooms for speaking events, social dinners and luncheons, and card tournaments. The club also provides various venue options. Guests host events in their 350-capacity ballroom, in their other venues, or on their lush outdoor grounds. They provide delectable menus and event staff. They require an upscale bathroom trailer to make these events comfortable and convenient.  St. Andrew’s Bathroom Trailer Purchase St. Andrew’s needed a bathroom trailer that would suit their upscale events. It had to be durable and easy to clean. It had to be sized to accommodate their guests.  They chose the 5 Station Luxury Series. The 5 Station Luxury Series is ideal for high-end events. It features wood-like flooring, color-coordinated surfaces, and soft lighting. Its modern basin sinks add to its aesthetic.  Our Luxury Series bathroom trailer is completely self-contained. It features a 150-gallon onboard freshwater tank and a 560-gallon waste tank. It offers direct-to-sewer convenience.  In the women’s suite, you'll find three private stalls and a sink vanity. The men’s suite features one private stall, a urinal, and a sink vanity with shatterproof mirrors. The suites include metered faucets, hot water handwashes, and ceramic China toilets.  The exterior features a sturdy aluminum handrail and stairs and ample LED lighting for safe entry. Its motion sensor step lights and keypad entry enhance event security. It also has WIFI for guest’s convenience.  This bathroom trailer is fully climate-controlled. It features air conditioning and heat strips. Owners can also opt for a 3-season package that keeps it comfortable in all but the coldest temperatures.  The unit can be controlled with the Smarter Restrooms App. The app allows owners to monitor the unit from any device and location. Users can remotely control heat, and lighting and keep tabs on waste and freshwater tank levels.  Owners may choose from various add-on features including a baby changing station, a fireplace heater, a stereo with speakers, and more.  Portable Restroom Trailers has helped several country clubs find units that are perfect for their events. And we can help you too. Contact us to learn more about our exceptional bathroom trailer products and services. 
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Portable Bathroom Rental for Rainwater Conference Center

A portable bathroom rental is useful at various event venues. It can especially come in handy at a business conference, servicing events that may need more accommodations for larger crowds. Portable Restroom Trailers has worked with several venues to help them find accommodations for extra guests. Rainwater Conference Center is one of our preferred customers. Read on to learn more about their purchasing experience.  About Rainwater Conference Center Rainwater Conference Center is in Valdosta, GA. It overlooks the peaceful Cypress Pond. It offers over 47,000 square feet of meeting space including a pre-function area and Exhibit Hall that can provide an additional 11,000 square feet of space. It also offers a 4,000-square-foot conference hall, seven break-out rooms, and two board rooms.  The facility offers ample parking and various convenient off-site facilities. The meeting areas feature a convenient design. They have individual controls for temperate and sound and private entrances. State-of-the-art audio/visual and wireless internet connections are available. The center is conveniently located off the 1-75 at exit 18.  The center has accommodated many local and community events. With the ability to host a variety of local events like holiday lunches, awards dinners, and photography sessions, it has established itself as a thriving community business. Rainwater’s Conference Center’s Portable Bathroom Rental  Rainwater Conference Center needed a portable bathroom that was durable and easy to clean. They needed a unit that was attractive enough to impress guests. It had to be sized to accommodate extra crowds.  They chose the ADA +2 Station Maritime Series. This ADA-compliant portable bathroom rental elegantly accommodates differently abled guests. A men’s suite, women’s suite, and unisex ADA suite are available to service guests, each with interior design touches that add to the ambiance. The women’s suite features a privacy stall and a single-sink vanity. The men’s suite features a privacy stall, a urinal with privacy dividers, and a single sink vanity. The ADA suite features a compliant toilet and sink, a wide turning radius, and grab rails.  The private hydraulic ramp is ideal for walker and wheelchair access.  It can be operated with the push of a button.  Each suite includes shatterproof vanity mirrors, metered, water-saving faucets, and paper towel dispensers.  Prioritize guest comfort with this fully climate-controlled portable bathroom rental! Insulated walls, heat strips, and an AC unit keep the interior temperature comfortable despite weather influences. The trailer is a durable option. Its aluminum and fiberglass exterior make it dent-proof and scratch-proof. It has ample lighting and sturdy aluminum steps and rails to ensure safe entry. It can support up to 125 guests before it requires maintenance.  It also features two 100-gallon freshwater tanks.  PRT Offers Premium Portable Bathroom Rental Service PRT has your back when it comes to portable bathroom rentals. We will help you find a unit that is best suited to your corporate event. Our expert salespeople will match you with a trailer that’s suited to your needs.  Contact us for a quote on a portable bathroom rental today.
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Restroom Trailer for Rent For Lazy Days RV Knoxville

Several industries can benefit from a restroom trailer for rent. A restroom trailer can serve work crews and offer comfort to guests at a company event.  PRT has helped several companies find the perfect restroom trailer for rent. Lazydays RV Knoxville is a preferred customer. Read on to learn more about their company and rental experience.  About Lazydays RV Knoxville Lazydays is one of the top brands in the RV industry. They provide sales, repair services, and trade-ins. They have been building a reputation for providing excellent service since 1976.  The company is known for its exceptional products and services. They sell the top RV brands in the nation. Their state-of-the-art service facilities will get your RV up and running. They provide an unparalleled customer experience.  Lazydays also gives back to its community through its Employee Foundation. The charitable organization is supported by voluntary payroll contributions by almost 50% of the company’s 850 employees. The funding helps at-risk children in the community.  The company has various locations throughout the country including one in Knoxville, TN. The location offers a diverse range of RVs from leading brands. They also provide service and parts.  When Lazydays needed a portable bathroom, they chose the restroom trailer for rent option. It’s an economical choice for companies that require a bathroom for temporary needs only. They can pay for the trailer when needed and return it, so they don’t have to continue paying for it.  Lazydays’ Restroom Trailer for Rent Lazydays needed a trailer that was durable and easy to clean. It had to be sized to accommodate their guests or work crew. It had to be attractive enough to impress guests.  They chose the 3 Station Calypso Series. The 3-Station Calypso Series is a durable choice. It can serve 125 visitors before it requires maintenance. At 16 feet in length, it is a small but mighty choice.   The exterior is made of sturdy aluminum. It also features aluminum stairs and railings. The ample outdoor lighting ensures safe entry.  The interior features three private unisex suites.  Two are equipped with a toilet and sink vanity. The third features a toilet, urinal, and sink vanity. The modern flooring and color-coordinated surfaces make it an attractive option.  The unit is also fully climate-controlled. Its AC unit and heat strips ensure it maintains a comfortable temperature regardless of the outdoor weather. The insulated walls and ceiling help keep cool or warm air inside.  The trailer also features a 100-gallon freshwater tank and a 400-gallon waste tank. It is a versatile choice for work crews, events, festivals, conventions, and more.  Here are some other restrooms that may suit an RV company’s needs: 2 Station Quietude Series: The 2 Station Quietude Series is completely solar-powered. It features a women’s suite with a toilet and sink vanity. Its men’s suite features a toilet, urinal, and sink vanity.  4 Station Oahu Series: The 4 Station Oahu Series is a versatile choice. Its women’s suite features two private stalls and a sink vanity. Its men’s suite features a private stall, a urinal, and a sink vanity.   Portable Restroom Trailers offers various restroom trailer for rent options. Our trailers come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Our knowledgeable customer service reps will help you find one that’s perfect for your personal and professional needs.  Contact us to learn more about our selection. 
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Portable Bathroom Trailer for Hayward Unified School District

The holiday season is upon us and many schools are planning holiday events. A portable bathroom trailer ensures guests are comfortable during events throughout the school year.  PRT has helped many schools find a bathroom trailer that is suited to their needs. Hayward Unified School District is a preferred customer. Read on to learn about the trailer they purchased to serve their schools.  About Hayward Unified School District The Hayward Unified School District serves over 18,000 students in Hayward, CA. The schools run from preschool to high school. They include 19 elementary schools, five middle schools, three high schools, an adult education center, an alternative high school, and a childcare center.  The district has won awards for its visual and performing arts program. They offer career preparation, state-of-the-art facilities, and bilingual programs in Spanish and Mandarin. They help students attain the skills they need to be successful after they graduate.  Hayward prepares students for college and ‘real life’ by offering resources like Career Pathways, college readiness programs, and the STEAM curriculum. They work with families to build a sense of community. They provide children with opportunities through their arts and science programs. They promote diversity by opening children’s minds to different perspectives.  The district’s vision is to help students realize their potential, enjoy learning, and provide a positive impact on the community. Its mission is to draw from the community’s diversity to support a safe, equitable, and supportive educational experience.  Hayward’s Portable Bathroom Trailer Purchase Hayward required a portable bathroom trailer that would provide a pleasant atmosphere during their events. They needed a unit that was durable and easy to clean. They required something that would accommodate their guests.  They chose the ADA +6 Station Oahu Series. The ADA 6 Statin Oahu Series is perfect for high-traffic events. It offers several stalls and a spacious environment. It can accommodate up to 550 guests before it requires service.  The floor plan of this portable bathroom trailer includes a women’s suite with three private stalls and a sink vanity. Its men’s stall features a private stall, three urinals, and a sink vanity. Each stall is equipped with a ¾ heigh privacy door and water-saving pedal flush toilets. The sinks feature a metered faucet, floating countertop, and shatterproof mirror.  The ADA suite is held to the highest compliance standards. It features a compliant sink and toilet, a wide turning radius, and grab rails. The private ramp offers easy access. The exterior of the unit features ample LED lighting. The sturdy aluminum steps and railing ensure safe access. The vinyl flooring provides a slip-free entry.  The unit is fully climate-controlled. Its heat strips and air conditioning offer a comfortable environment regardless of the weather. It also features a 4-season add-on that prevents freezing, even the coldest temperatures.  Portable Restroom Trailers has been serving schools for years. We understand the needs of educational organizations and can help them find the perfect unit. Our wide selection and excellent service ensure an exceptional purchasing experience.  Contact us for a free quote on a portable bathroom trailer today. 
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Luxury Restroom Trailer for Eventlink

Off-site events require restroom trailers. Trailers improve guests’ comfort levels and will show your business in the best light. If you are planning an upscale event, a luxury restroom trailer is the best option.  EventLink hosts unique events. They create experiential and digital marketing campaigns. Many of their live events require a portable bathroom.  PRT is proud to call EventLink a client. Read on to find out more about their luxury restroom trailer purchasing experience.  About EventLink EventLink provides comprehensive services for companies ready to launch marketing campaigns. They take care of everything from the design to the build to the execution. They also provide analytics, so you know how well your event performed.  Over the years, the company has created several programs that help companies increase their marketing efforts. They offer RSVP events & portals, CRM management, web development, and text and email campaigns. Their ODC platform is a comprehensive lead management tool.  Consumers can also take advantage of their warehouse locations. Their 50,000-foot warehouse spaces are located in multiple locations.  They house tents and accessories, furniture, display properties, safety equipment, and more. Their trailers help companies transport the assets to their events.  Their training services provide brand education to your crew. They will help you match the best talent for your events. They will convert your field staff into brand advocates.  The company’s hospitality and PR ensure every event is a success. They provide an expert staff, food and beverage coordination, and ideal venues. They will find the perfect entertainment and audio/visual services will take your affair to the next level.  EventLink’s Luxury Restroom Trailer EventLink needed a trailer that would make a good impression on guests who attended their events. It had to be durable and easy to clean. It had to be large enough to accommodate their guests.  They chose the 11-Station Coastal Series. The 11 Station Coastal Series is a luxury restroom trailer that will give your guests a taste of the sea. It features a two-tone gray and white nautical interior. Its soft ambient lighting produces a serene atmosphere. Its Starlight Wave mosaic backsplash carries the beachy theme.  The many restroom suites ensure it can handle larger events leaving no one to wait in line. Its women’s suite features five private stalls and a double-sink vanity. The men’s suite features two private stalls, four urinals, and a double-sink vanity.  The unit is climate-controlled for optimal comfort. It features air conditioning and heat strips. The 4-season add-on ensures it will be protected in the coldest temperatures. Its water heater guarantees a warm hand wash regardless of the weather outside.  The exterior features sturdy aluminum steps and rails and ample lighting to ensure safe entry. Other features include a 930-gallon waste tank and a 200-gallon onboard freshwater tank. The fresh, clean interior and durable exterior make it a preferred option.  We offer a wide selection of trailers that are ideal for events. Our products range from affordable to luxury restroom trailer options. Choose from smaller and larger sizes to find the right trailer for your professional needs.  Contact us to learn more about our wide range of products. 
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