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Your Portable Bathroom Trailer Qualifies for the Section 179 Tax Break

As a nation founded on principles of individual success and making something great out of nothing, the government supplies a number of tools to help small businesses find their ground and grow. One of these tools is the Section 179 Deduction, a tax break that can be used to save money on your portable bathroom trailer. Under the Section 179 Deduction, you can earn a tax break by selling and buying now! This is a saving for all business owners that not many are aware of; there is no advantage in waiting to sell or buy new restroom trailers. If you wait until January 1, 2023, you may actually lose money!  Capitalize on great deals with our in-stock units to save on the total cost, and ensure delivery by December 31, 2022 to qualify for the section 179 deduction. What is the Section 179 Deduction? As stated on the IRS website: “You can elect to recover all or part of the cost of certain qualifying property, up to a limit, by deducting it in the year you place the property in service. This is the section 179 deduction. You can elect the section 179 deduction instead of recovering the cost by taking depreciation deductions.” Using the Section 179 tax code, you can deduct the full purchase price of any equipment which qualifies and is purchased or financed during the tax year in question. What this means is if you buy or lease equipment (like portable restroom trailers), it is possible to deduct the full purchase price from your gross income. By adding up your total equipment, software, and vehicles purchased for your business in 2022, you can write off or expense up to 100% of the cost of a portable restroom for purchase for up to $500,000, and then 50% of the remaining balance up to $2,000,000! Leveraging this deduction allows businesses to jump on what they need now instead of waiting over the next few years by only writing off the depreciation values. With industry price increases on the horizon reaching 6-10%, this is just another reason to purchase now instead of waiting. To learn more on the IRS website,click here. Use the Section 179 Deduction on a Portable Bathroom Trailer Assets eligible for the deduction don’t need to be brand new, just new to you. This means that new and used restroom trailers are applicable. If you purchase a new portable bathroom trailer, we also offer a great one-year buyback program of up to 80% of the original purchase price based on unit condition. To make this process easier for our customers, we have secured extremely attractive financing through our bank. We are offering 90 days same as cash with some of the best rates ever on portable restroom trailers and equipment. Contact us at 1-866-275-7092 to learn more about our financing offers.  For more information, visit this site devoted to this tax deduction. Please make certain you also have an educated conversation with your tax preparer; you will need to fill out part one of IRS form 4562 for this deduction. Want a little more information? Request a quote, contact us, or give us a call at 1-866-275-7092 to find out about taking advantage of the Section 179 Deduction on your portable restroom trailers lease, purchase, or sale! In order to qualify, equipment must be purchased and shipped by December 31st, 2022, so act soon! To see what portable bathroom trailer options are available for this deduction, check out the Available Now section on our website.  
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Portable Restrooms for Fall Venues and Destinations

Visit your community pools, favorite water parks, lakes, and other tops summer spots soon - fall is right around the corner! While many communities around the nation are still experiencing the summer burn, the changing season approaches faster than we may think. Now is the time for fall venues and destinations to prepare for the bustling season to come, and portable restrooms can help.For anyone who owns or manages a fall destination like wineries, orchards, pumpkin patches, and more, finding a convenient restroom option for guests can be difficult. This is where our portable restrooms can assist. Many of these fall destinations are large with acres of land, and having one brick-and-mortar restroom is simply not enough. Sometimes a restroom emergency arises, and having to hike back to the entrance or front of the property can be an inconvenience.With portable restrooms, you can provide an elegant restroom option in an accessible location on your property in addition to that restroom at the front. No need to close up shop for restroom construction, and no need to break the bank in the process. Below, we have handpicked five great portable restrooms for four of our favorite destinations. Take a look and see which choice might be an ideal fit for you.  OrchardOrchards are bustling this time of year, and we can understand why. These gorgeous venues are filled with nature’s beauty, and getting to go out, explore, and pick your favorite apples are always fun fall activities. Given the range in crowd that an orchard owner will see throughout the day, a restroom option that can keep up is necessary. Since this big increase in visitors is only seasonal, upgrading the brick-and-mortar restroom is an unnecessary cost.Portable restrooms are the perfect solution. For an orchard, we recommend the 6 Station Oahu Series, a unit capable of handling any crowd with ease and with simple, elegant interior design that compliments the natural ambiance of the outdoors.  VineyardThis crowd is usually a bit more upscale despite the outdoorsy vibe. Vineyards always have beautiful locations, from mountains to seaside, and it’s a perfect stay-cation during autumn weekends. There are a wide variety of reasons that a vineyard might need a bathroom trailer. Vineyard tours take visitors far away from the brick-and-mortar restroom, a large group may need restroom service more than your bathroom can provide, and more.That’s why renting or purchasing portable restrooms is an easy, affordable solution that does not compromise the ambiance of your winery. Units like the 4 Station Mariner Series are a perfect fit for your elegant crowd. We take time to ensure that every detail of its interior design says VIP. Pumpkin PatchA fun little weekend getaway for friends and families of all ages, pumpkin patches are a top destination during the fall season. Ranging in size and with a wide variety of activities, this is easily a location where you can spend the day basking in the cool breeze, finding the perfect pumpkin, and enjoying fun treats like caramel apples and blueberry donuts.For the diverse crowd that a pumpkin patch manager will inevitably see, we recommend the ADA +6 Station Oahu Series. ADA-compliant portable restrooms ensure that everyone who needs access to the restroom has it, and the large suite also doubles great as a family restroom.  Harvest Festivals, Haunted Houses, and other Fall EventsThe number one priority of event venues like these is the ability to service a large volume of users. Depending on location, there may not be a restroom option provided at all, and porta potties can negatively affect visitor experience.This is why we design portable restrooms that are large, portable, and upscale. You can transport them to any location, like abandoned warehouses used for haunted houses or fields decorated for harvest festivals. For these events, we recommend the 12 Station Maritime Pro Series, a portable unit that handles those big crowds with ease. 
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Luxury Restroom Trailers Impress Every Guest

When planning an event, hosting an important meeting, or inviting important guests to your venue, dealing with those numerous little details gets stressful. From the food menu to the decorations, you are hoping to WOW your visitors no matter what the occasion may be. Just like you, we keep these thoughts in mind when designing luxury restroom trailers. What makes our restroom experience stand out among the rest?We know that in the whirlwind of all those details, you may not give much thought to your restroom option. It’s an everyday part of life that many may think needs very little glamour. From our work in the events and party planning industry, we know that, surprisingly, the restroom experience does leave a lasting impression. Whatever you may be hosting, you can elevate the experience that much more by paying a little attention to the bathroom experience. That’s where we come in. Our luxury restroom trailers are truly unique - we took the time to develop a high-class portable restroom experience. Say goodbye to port-a-potties and save money by not investing in a brick-and-mortar option. Here’s why our luxury restroom trailers stand out among all others. Taking Time with Interior DesignFor our luxury restroom trailers, we took time to invest in the best interior design options that are offered today. We have taken the time to create a variety of trailers, each with a unique touch, a special color scheme, or a unique design theme.Within all of our luxury restroom trailers, you’ll find clean and stylish suites with custom countertops, ceramic sinks, and paper towel hand dryer options. You’ll also find rentals with a special touch, like the digital fireplace in the 5 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series. Each trailer is created to provide an upscale experience for all who visit, and we have so much fun getting to design the interiors of each one.Luxury Restroom Trailers with AmenitiesWhen our founder first broke into the sanitation business, she was surprised to find that all available options on the market were very basic. They had the required necessities needed in a bathroom, but none of those additional amenities that can make a restroom experience better.Unlike most standard portable restroom options, we have taken the time to create luxury restroom trailers that are equipped with all of the amenities of a home restroom. You’ll find that our units are climate controlled with insulation, air conditioning, and heat strips. This ensures that the temperature remains comfortable in all climates. Units also have hot running water, flushable toilets, and paper towel and hand dryer options. Guests can ensure they’re looking party ready with large shatterproof mirrors. Overall, our luxury restroom rentals are fully equipped to provide any visitors with a comfortable bathroom experience. Flexibility with Luxury Restroom TrailersThe best part of our luxury restroom trailers for planners and hosts is their flexible nature. These trailers can be used for literally any occasion. From a casual work meeting to a black tie wedding, these restroom rentals have the elegance to appeal to any crowd you have to work with.With the interior design and quality product we use in each trailer, luxury restroom rentals are ready to adapt to any environment. Tell us about your upcoming project. We’d love to provide you with a restroom option that will leave your guests pleasantly surprised! Browse available luxury restroom trailers here.Shop our closeout sale today!Use the comments below to describe when you could use luxury restroom rentals or send us a note.  
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Bathroom Trailers Available Now with 3 Season Packages

As we continue growing in the bathroom trailers industry, we have the privilege of working with businesses located all around the country. As we have heard the many different needs of each company, we have learned that many factors come into play when it comes to customizing a trailer for each individual need. This includes climate.Our bathroom trailers, in most cases, are used outdoors during all seasons of the year. When upgrading to a portable restroom, clients expect comfort for their guests at all times, and this includes temperature control. Over the years, we have taken into account more and more extreme weather conditions, building trailer restrooms that can now withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees F. We have had to upgrade our manufacturing abilities to ensure that the interior climate is not altered based on the climate outdoors.We now offer two packages that can handle different climates depending on your needs. The 4 Season Package is for more extreme weather conditions, like snow storms and extreme heat. Today, we’re featuring available bathroom trailers that come equipped with the 3 Season Package. This climate controlling upgrade is ideal for businesses located in milder climates with little to no snow. If this climate sounds like your business’ hometown, take a look at some great options below.Once you take some time to browse these featured trailer restrooms, head over to our Available Now section for more inventory. Have a few more questions? Contact us to get all the answers.  ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro SeriesFor those who aim to prioritize accessibility, this ADA Single Station Elite Series is a great pick. Perfect for medium-sized crowds, it’s an easy upgrade from traditional porta potties and will save you money that would be spent on upgrading your brick-and-mortar restroom option. 2 Station Napa SeriesA simple yet elegant bathroom trailer, this 2 Station features two private suites equipped with all the amenities of a home bathroom. Compact yet mighty, this efficient option is ideal for a wide variety of businesses with a casual to upscale environment.2 Station Combo Designer Series If you are in the market for bathroom trailers with shower options included, the 2 Station Designer is a perfect choice. This is when a climate controlled environment comes in handy. Leaving the shower when it’s cold is no fun! Ensure that guests using these fully equipped suites have a comfortable experience with the 3 season package add-on. 4 Station Attainable Tropic SeriesFor larger crowds, the 4 Station Tropic Series is equipped with a higher capacity without sacrificing high design and elegance. Perfect for venues with a higher level of class and elegance, this is a bathroom trailer that will compliment any atmosphere. 6 Station Oahu SeriesThis 6 station is equipped to handle large crowds. If your business sees a high volume of visitors, has hundreds of employees, or operates a large venue, the Oahu Series comes highly recommended. With clean and modern design touches, it’s one of our trailer restrooms that is intended to impress casual guests. 
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Preowned Portable Trailer Restrooms Available Now

For many Americans, there is satisfaction in discovering a great product at a great price. Every year, consumers rush to their favorite stores or websites when companies boast about unbelievable prices. Finding that high quality item and saving money while you do it is what the savvy shopper lives for, and we noticed that this is a trend throughout all industries. This is why preowned portable trailer restrooms may be the best option for your business.You may expect to find great deals on Amazon, at Target, and even when shopping for office supplies or investing in new software. With pre-owned portable trailer restrooms, you can score big in the portable bathrooms industry as well.We work with many portable restroom rental companies and past clients to find the best preowned portable trailer restrooms on the market. We take time to update, refurbish, and refresh these trailers to ensure that they look as good as new. While they may look like new, they are still used, and therefore pricing is marked down significantly. For the savvy shopper who takes that deal-hunting know-how and applies it in business purchases and investments, this is the list for you.Below, you’ll find a list of some of our best pre-owned portable trailer restrooms that are now available for purchase. Take a look and find the trailer that fits your needs, then contact us to begin your purchasing process before these great deals sell out! ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro Series Perfect for offsite workstations, construction sites, schools, and more, this is one of our most durable portable trailer restrooms that is built for every job. Vinyl flooring allows for easy cleaning, and casual design makes the atmosphere comfortable, but not over the top. This compact trailer can handle a small crowd throughout the day without much maintenance.3 Station Attainable Tropic SeriesFor more upscale restroom trailers, the Attainable Tropic Series does not disappoint. Ideal for small to medium sized crowds, this unit is perfect at outdoor venues with a casual to cocktail atmosphere, restaurants and bars, meetings and conferences, and more. Design touches like granite countertops and ambient lighting make this an elegant pre-owned restroom option. 6 Station Oahu SeriesAnother durable portable trailer restroom built to get the job done, no muss no fuss, this option is a great fit for industrial or agricultural sites. With a standard design and all the basic amenities of a home restroom, this series of portable trailer restrooms is as rugged as the companies and employees it serves. This mid-sized trailer can handle a crowd of up to 750 guests with ease.10 Station Coastal SeriesFor those needing large restroom trailers that can handle hundreds of visitors stress-free, the 10 Station Calypso Plus Series is some serious bang for your buck. Units of this size can easily range from $90-100K or more, and this unit sells for just under $80K. That’s some great savings! Additionally, we’ve taken the time to ensure this restroom trailer is updated and cleaned up.See more pre-owned restroom trailers on our website and find the perfect match for your needs! Need a little guidance? Our sales team is here to help. Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions or to discuss some pre-owned purchasing options.Think you’re ready to order? Request a quote and get your purchasing process started today! 
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Portable Restrooms for Back to School

Is it already that time of year again? Stores are filling up with backpacks, notebooks, and more as the country gears up for back to school! To all of our families, we hope that this summer was filled with wonderful hot weather memories as we transition into a new season. Don’t get us wrong, there is still plenty of summer heat out there to squeeze out a few more fun moments in the sun, but it’s time to start thinking about the school year to come, and portable restrooms can help.For many school teachers, groundskeepers, sanitation staff, and more, this means preparing the school campus for the arrival of hundreds, even thousands, of students per day. As campuses begin to prepare, we’ve gotten a high number of requests for portable bathroom trailers. For most, our trailers are an easy and affordable way to upgrade restroom options. For others, renovations will still be underway as the school year begins, and an alternate restroom option is necessary.No matter what the need may be, we are equipped to supply your campus with the portable restroom trailers you need to kick off a successful year. We have worked with every school level and heard the needs that each campus has, from elementary to college. Below, based on our experience working with a wide variety of schools, we recommend four portable restrooms for the school year to come. Browse these options, then contact us when you’re ready to rent or purchase yours! Elementary SchoolThe most important thing for an elementary school restroom is accessibility. As we have all experienced, when kids have to “go,” it’s typically pretty urgent. Ensuring that there are enough restrooms for all to use without a long wait time is crucial to ensure there aren’t any accidents. We also want to make sure that every child, no matter what physical disabilities or struggles they have, can use the restroom as well. The ADA +6 Station Oahu Series is a perfect option that satisfies these needs. Middle SchoolFor those of us who remember middle school, this is one of those stages in life that is no muss no fuss and frills not needed. Kids are beginning to discover who they are, and they are going to make a mess along the way! For this age group, we recommend something that can handle the urgent high capacity of elementary school and adds in the durability that these bigger personalities need. The 10 Station Calypso Plus Series is one of our highly recommended portable restrooms that is efficient, easy to clean and maintain, and stands the test of time. High SchoolHigh school students have a little more maturity and can therefore handle a little more elegance. The 8 Station Platinum Series is a great fit because it gives these students a feeling of higher responsibility, importance, and even a little ambiance. Environment can have a huge impact on personality and behavior, and we’ve seen the messiest of high school students treat this trailer with respect. It’s even elegant enough for your teachers and staff!CollegeWelcome to adulthood! Due to the variety of campus needs when it comes to college, one of our more versatile portable restrooms is recommended for this group. The 8 Station Locker/ Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo is a fully equipped locker room on wheels, perfect for the sports department or for dorm room renovations. With lockers to store items safely, showers for after long hours of practice, and a restroom for relief on your way from one end of campus to another, this trailer is a hit on college campuses due to its ability to solve a multitude of problems.  
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