Portable Restrooms for Holiday Warehouse Operations

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Portable Restrooms for Holiday Warehouse Operations

Portable restrooms are ideal in any warehouse location. These vast spaces often have several crew members working with few bathrooms in between. The demand for a restroom increases around the holiday season when seasonal workers are added. 

PRT has helped many warehouse spaces find portable restrooms to serve their holiday crews. Our wide selection ensures companies can find a unit that meets their needs. Discover how we can make your holiday brighter. 

Portable Restrooms in Warehouse Spaces

Portable restrooms are beneficial in warehouse workplaces. These spaces often employ hundreds of workers. Bathrooms are few and far between. 

Employees may have to go a distance to use a bathroom. It takes them away from their work and reduces productivity. 

Portable bathrooms increase worker comfort and boost productivity. They are especially useful during the holiday season when more workers and hired and more work needs to be done. They ensure the workers aren’t spending even more time on bathroom trips due to waits for the restroom.

A bathroom trailer can be rented or purchased. A rental will save you money if it’s required for the holiday season only. A purchase is a better option if you plan to use your restroom year-round. 

Best Warehouse Portable Restrooms

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A warehouse bathroom does not need to be luxurious. But it should be durable and easy to clean. It should be sized to accommodate the work crew. 

Here are some options that are suited to warehouse spaces:

3 Station Affordable Advantage: The 3 Station Affordable Advantage is an economic choice. Two unisex suites feature a toilet and sink. One suite features a toilet, sink, and urinal. The fresh, clean exterior makes it suitable for work environments. 

4 Station Quietude Series: The 4 Station Quietude Series is an environmental option. It is completely solar-powered. It features three private unisex suites with a toilet and sink. The fourth suite features a toilet, sink, and urinal. 

ADA 6 Station Tenacity Series: The 6 Station Tenacity Series is a versatile choice. It can accommodate differently abled guests.  Its women’s suite features three private stalls and two corner sinks. The men’s suite features a private stall, two urinals, and two corner sinks. The unisex ADA restroom features a compliant toilet and sink and a retractable ramp. 

ADA 8 Station Fearless Series: The 8 Station Fearless Series is perfect for getting you through the holiday season. Its women’s suite features four private stalls and two corner sinks. Its men’s suite features one private stall, three urinals, and one corner sink. The ADA suite is fully compliant for differently abled guests.  

ADA 10 Station Oahu Series: The 10 Station Oahu Series is perfect for larger crews. It can accommodate guests of all abilities. The women’s suite features five private stalls and a double-sink vanity. The men’s suite features two private stalls, three urinals, and a double-sink vanity.  The unisex ADA suite features grab rails and a wide turning radius. 

Portable Restroom Trailers will help your busy crew get through the holiday season. We offer a variety of durable, easy-to-clean products that are designed to withstand tough warehouse environments. We will help you improve employee satisfaction and boost productivity. 

Contact us for a free quote on our portable restroom product selection. 

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