Shower Trailers and Other Specialties

Get a Shower Trailer Rental for Hardworking Staff

Your staff works hard. A shower trailer rental will make them feel clean and refreshed after, or during, a hard day in the field.  Workers in industries like farming, construction, transportation, logistics, and municipalities can certainly work up a sweat. They may also encounter materials that make them dirty and grimy and may even interfere with their ability to work. A shower will make them feel better. It will make them more productive throughout the day.  Portable Restroom Trailers offers a shower trailer rental selection that’s suited to a variety of industries. Read on to find out what we have in stock.  Farming Farmers spend long days in the field. They plant and fertilize crops, tend to livestock, maintain and operate farming equipment, and more. They tend to get dirty, sweaty, and smelly.   A product like the 2 Station Cabo Series is ideal. This shower-bathroom combo features 2 unisex suites. Each is equipped with a toilet, corner sink, and private shower stall. It offers adequate lighting and a climate-controlled environment for optimal comfort.  Construction  Construction workers can spend up to twelve hours outdoors lifting and moving large items. They operate heavy machinery. At the end of the day, they are ready for a nice shower.  The ADA 4 Station Oahu Series is perfect for larger crews. It features 4 standard restroom/shower suites and one ADA unit. Each room has a private entrance, a shower stall, a toilet, a corner sink, and vanity mirrors. The ADA suite is equipped with grab rails and ADA-compliant appliances.  Transportation There are several types of transportation jobs to choose from. You may work in public transportation as a subway operator or bus driver. You may work in air transportation as a pilot or air traffic controller. You may work as a truck driver running deliveries across the neighborhood or the country.  Transportation jobs vary, but they all have one thing in common. Their workers get hot and sweaty by the end of the day.  The 2 Stall Comfort Series is a terrific option for transportation workers. It features 2 unisex shower suites each with a private entry and a sink. The skid-proof flooring ensures your employees can enter and exit safely.  Logistics Logistic workers are involved in activities related to transportation, warehousing, inventory, and purchasing. They direct the movement of various goods, people, or supplies across a variety of industries. They use software systems to plan and track product movement.  Portable Restroom Trailers offers a variety of shower trailer rental solutions, but our ADA 3 Station Oahu Series may be the best option for logistic workers. It features 3 standard suites and an ADA suite. The unisex suites feature a toilet, shower, stall, and sink. The ADA suite features a wheelchair-accessible sink, toilet and grab rails.  Municipalities Municipalities employees work for the government or government-related services. They may be responsible for trash collection, parks and rec, and parking enforcement. These workers will be getting their hands dirty during the day.  Employers may consider ordering an ADA 1 Station Oahu Series to keep their workers comfortable. It features one unisex suite and one ADA suite. The standard suite features a toilet, shower stall, sink, and mirror. The ADA suite comes with a wheelchair-accessible shower, sink, and toilet as well as guard rails.  Shower Trailer Rentals Keep Your Workers Happy Portable Restroom Trailers offer an extensive shower trailer rental collection backed by a dedication to high-quality customer service. We treat our clients with respect and dignity. Our products are affordable, safe, and sanitary.  Contact us online to discover what we have to offer. 
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Support Luxury Venues and Destinations with a Shower Trailer Rental

Every once in a while, we all love to splurge. There is something about an upscale atmosphere that truly makes an experience feel great. From poolside cocktails under a cabana to black tie galas finely decorated from ceiling to floor, the art of creating ambiance has become a competitive industry, and we love building all types of luxury restroom and shower trailers that fit in with that high-end feel.  As we continue to partner with these luxury clients, we want to highlight our shower trailer rental collection boasting units that will always fit the bill for an elegant experience. Whether you own or manage a high-end resort, hotel, destination, or venue, we can supply trailers that make your guests feel like every part of their visit is undeniably VIP. We have seen a shower trailer rental provide a restroom option for country club visitors, swimmers, and outdoor explorers at resorts, spas, and so much more. See how these shower trailer rental units could be a fit at your luxury venue depending on your needs! Luxury Shower Trailer Rental Options 4 Station Classic A compact yet well-designed unit, the 4 Station Classic Series is a trailer that rings true to its name. This minimalist modern shower trailer rental is ideal for small to medium-sized crowds and guarantees a classy experience for any luxury destination or spa. 6 Station Restroom Combo For those expecting a higher volume of visitors, the 6 Station Combo is a great option. Suitable for upscale poolsides, country clubs with active golfers and tennis players, and weekend getaways, this is a medium-sized trailer that is  6 Station Locker Room Combo Don’t forget to take care of your employees! The 6 Station Locker Room Combo is one of our shower trailer rentals that truly does it all. This unit contains lockers for safe storage, showers for hard-working staff that need a moment to clean up, and restrooms for any time they may need it. This all-in-one solution gives your team a little slice of their own private luxury. 8 Station Shower Trailer The 8 Station Shower trailer is an option that is great for outdoor destinations. Fitting for VIP campsites at festivals, luxury adventures like safari trips, and so much more, it is a large shower trailer rental option that is equipped to handle any crowd, big or small. Find the Shower Trailer for Your Business Creating an elegant atmosphere is a key component of the luxury experience, and this atmosphere shouldn't end at the bathroom door. Our shower trailer rental unitss ensure that no matter where your guests visit, they will only see the very best of your brand. If you are ready to get your shower rental, request a quote today! Have a few questions? Feel free to contact us to chat about your options.
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Shower Trailer Rentals Support a Variety of Venues

As the spring season approaches, many of us are doing our best to find any reason to be outside. From kayaking on the lake to football scrimmages, enjoying a breezy day on the golf course to camping at your favorite spot, the number of reasons to get outside and have fun is very high during this time of year. As these venues prepare to host all of the fun-seekers, shower trailer rentals may provide their guests with a surprising amenity. No matter what visitors may get into, from sports to boating to pool lounging, they’ll eventually crave the clean feeling that only a shower can provide. Instead of making the trip home still dirty from their day of fun, imagine if they got to get nice and clean before leaving your venue. What types of venues could benefit from shower trailer rentals, you ask? The list gets surprisingly long, but we’ll just keep it to the highlights. As your business prepares for the busy season to come, consider renting one of our shower trailers for your guests. Providing you visitors with this added amenity leaves a positive lasting impression that they are sure to never forget. See what types of venues can upgrade their client experience with shower trailer rentals. Country Club The country club is a place where you can easily spend an entire day - even an entire weekend - socializing, moving, and relaxing. With the various activities that come with the country club, from morning tennis to afternoon tanning to evening dinner, having access to elegant showers is basically a must. With shower trailer rentals, you can ensure that all guests at the country club have access to the showers they need when they need it.  Units like the 4 Station Classic Series are a perfect fit for our country club clients due to its elegant design. Summer Camp As a kid, nothing is quite exciting like the week of summer camp. All over the nation, parents send their kids off for a week of arts and crafts, sports, time in the lake, campfire stories, and so much more. With so many activities throughout the day, it is important to provide proper hygiene and sanitation for the kids. Shower trailer rentals ensure that no matter how dirty the day gets, each kid has a place to get cleaned up and stay fresh and healthy. For summer camps that typically see a high volume of users, the 6 Station Endurance Series is a great solution. Gym/ Health Club With warmer weather comes bathing suit season! As everyone gets their bodies ready for fun in the sun, gyms and health clubs are seeing more and more visitors. After getting their sweat on, most people head to work in the morning, back to the office after lunch, or have dinner plans in the evening. Knowing that the gym may not be their only stop of the day, it is crucial to provide a shower option for members. For those with outside facilities, providing an accessible shower is an added perk that shows members that you care. Shower trailer rentals like the 6 Station Restroom Shower Trailer Rental Combo with and Added Locker Room are a perfect solution. This versatile unit has all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar locker facility with restrooms, showers and a locker room. Swimming Facilities Pools become a popular oasis during the summer months in nearly every city. Whether the pool is at the country club, a hotel, or a local community center, many enjoy pool time as source of leisure and family fun. When poolside, it’s best to provide a bathroom/ shower trailer rental combo so that guests have access to everything they may need during their day in the sun. The 3 Station Comfort Series is the perfect solution.  Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the many uses for a shower trailer rental, we encourage you to get a free quote for your rental today! Need a little more inspiration? Browse our inventory of shower trailer rental units 
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Laundry Trailers Provide Disaster Relief Aid

Despite the hardships that natural disasters cause throughout the nation each year, it prides us to see how Americans have remained resilient, helping their fellow neighbor, volunteering as first responders, and doing all that they can to get these pieces of our nation back on their feet. As providers of a variety of portable trailers, our restroom, shower, and laundry trailers have come to the aid of many. Organizations and communities have appreciated the value that these simple, everyday amenities right after a disaster strikes.We have used laundry trailers specifically to aid a wide variety of organizations. Volunteer organizations put them to use by providing washers and dryers for affected families and individuals. In many cases, power or water may not be available after a disaster. Our laundry trailers ensure that access to clean clothing is made possible.Other organizations, like community centers or churches, use them to keep linens and blankets clean for those who need shelter. After the trauma of potentially losing your house, car, or memories left behind, the comfort of a clean place to lie your head is essential.Overall, these units have provided an amenity that many of us take for granted. When you lose everything, a simple task like putting a load in the wash becomes a luxury. As communities begin to recover after these disasters strike, we are glad to provide a small trinket of hope when all is lost.Why Laundry Trailers HelpThere are many ways that our trailers provide aid when disaster strikes. A key factor that many of our clients appreciate is the easy maintenance of our units. When the call is made for laundry trailers, they’re delivered quickly and are able to be used soon after.Setup and breakdown are easy. We have created our units to be very user-friendly, ensuring that fleet renters and owners are able to access all that they need and get laundry trailers up and running. The faster the trailers are up and running, the sooner they can start providing aid for those in need. One goal that our CEO had when our company was first founded was to provide a high-quality product at an affordable price. That is why we have provided many options for payment when it comes to renting or purchasing a laundry trailer. We allow clients to choose to pay the trailer off in full or check out financing options. These options make our units accessible to businesses of all sizes and for a wide variety of uses.After laundry trailers are delivered and set up, they are available for a wide variety of uses during a disaster. We have had many churches and communities come to us for laundry trailers. When an emergency strikes, these nonprofit organizations are the first to house those who have been displaced. Laundry access allows these organizations to provide clean blankets, sleeping bags, and other comforting and warm items for their guests. After use, they are able to rewash these items and provide them for others who may need them. In addition to providing warm items, these laundry trailers can allow those seeking refuge to clean their clothing and other cloth articles. When someone has lost nearly everything, these last few items can mean the world to them. It can provide them with the comfort they need as they begin the recovery journey. Laundry trailers give these citizens the opportunity to care for their possessions.Support Your Community with Laundry TrailersAside from providing guests with sleeping items and a solution for any cloth items they’d like to wash, laundry trailers can provide simple, everyday assistance for organizations aiding in disaster relief. Other items, like mats, rugs, table cloths, or other small things we take for granted every day are what provide comfort for those displaced. These trailers can help to keep temporary shelters clean and welcoming. If you know of a community that could use our laundry trailers to help with disaster relief, reach out to us! We are ready and equipped to help. Source for disaster relief donations: 
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Mobile Shower Trailers Support Campus Sports and Activities

There’s nothing quite like gathering your family and friends and heading to a home game. Whether the sport is football, basketball, soccer, or the many other sports that have seasons throughout the year, supporting the local college team, campus club sports, and even little league  is a fun and engaging way to get involved in the community. Mobile shower trailers exist to support these athletes as they practice, learn, and play.As team and facility managers, it is your priority to ensure that these teams are not only supported, but well taken care of. This is where our shower trailers step in. Many sports, especially those with seasons during the hot summer and fall months, really get athletes to work up a sweat. While exercise has its fantastic benefits, proper hygiene is necessary for athlete health and facility cleanliness.Because of this, we have partnered with a wide variety of schools, campuses, sporting arenas, and more and provided mobile shower trailers  for athletes. These units can upgrade sporting events in many ways. See the top three reasons why others have prioritized providing mobile shower trailers for their school athletes.  Athlete CareAn inevitable part of any sport that people participate in is getting active, and with activity comes sweat. No glamorous way to put it! Besides, an active body is a healthy body! After your athletes play a hard game, they are inevitably going to want to shower. Mobile shower trailers allow them to get clean right away. No need to travel home in their car not feeling clean and fresh. By providing an onsite shoer option, your athletes will appreciate the opportunity to rinse their hard work off.  SanitationWhen athletes don’t have the option to shower, things inside your sporting facility can get a little messy. The transfer of bodily fluids could spread unwanted bacteria and odor can become an issue. Instead of leaving your facility to reach these dirtier heights, mobile shower trailers encourage cleanliness and self-care, which helps out in the locker rooms and other places that athletes use.  DesignNow that your athletes are cared for, let’s talk about your spectators. People from throughout your local community, and sometimes even statewide or nationwide, are coming to cheer on their team, and their experience inside your sporting facility will leave a lasting impression.While they may not need shower to have a positive experience, they will definitely need a restroom. In addition to your mobile shower trailers, providing a restroom or shower/ restroom combo ensures that visitors have an elegant and comfortable place to use the bathroom, and makes sure that your brick-and-mortar restrooms don’t get overcrowded. This works to ensure that guests have a pleasant restroom experience, cuts down on long waits and lines, and keeps your facilities a little neater than a restroom that gets overcrowded. With these key points in mind, consider providing mobile shower trailers for your athletes at their next sporting event. Show them you care not only for them but for the facility that the team calls home.Browse our collection of available shower trailers and contact us today to book your shower trailer rental! Our team of experts is here to help. Not quite sure which unit is the best fit for you? Send us a quote and a sales team member will guide you through our inventory to the perfect fit for your needs. 
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A Trailer Shower Improves Outdoor Experiences

The summer months are perfect for outdoor adventures. No matter what your ideal activity may be, from white-water rafting to that annual family camping trip, there are so many reasons to get outside and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. Natural spaces all over the nation turn to providing a trailer shower for visitors, providing a unique amenity that keeps people feeling clean and comfortable.Over the years, we have traveled to visit a wide variety of businesses whose goal is to provide you with an outdoor experience that you’ll never forget. We’ve seen extreme zip lines that zig zag through the mountains of California, gorgeous campgrounds in the mountains of Colorado, boat rentals in Miami, and so much more. Our goal is to provide a perfect restroom or shower trailer that elevates guest experience even more.Think back to the last outdoor excursion you participated in, especially during these hot summer times. When you think about your needs, what was lacking? Was there no restroom nearby, or comfortable place to change out of wet, sweaty, or dirty clothing? Would the option to shower improve your overall impression of the experience, allowing you to get cleaned up before a potentially long drive home? These are the questions that we began discussing with outdoor excursion companies and venues. What small amenity could they provide that would elevate the overall experience?As we continue to work with these businesses, reports have come in highlighting the benefits of providing a trailer shower option for guests. See how five popular outdoor experiences were elevated by providing an option to get clean with a shower trailer. Then, take time to browse our options!  CampingMany groups of friends and families love leaving technology behind and spending a few days fully immersed in nature. It’s an experience that creates cherished memories for all who make it a yearly priority. Despite living without the luxuries of modern-day life, there are some things that most of us simply do not want to sacrifice. A hot shower is one of them.Providing your camping guests with a trailer shower will allow them the option to keep one small but important amenity from home.  Kayaking and RaftingFor those who have gone kayaking on a lake, you know how taxing this seemingly peaceful and easy activity can be! If it’s hotter than 80 degrees and shade is scarce, your aching arms have you body overheated in no time. The same can be said for white-water rafting. If your abs aren’t engaged, you’re probably going to fall out.Despite the splashing water, you may finish both of these experiences muddy, sweaty, and sticky. A trailer shower provides guests with an option to get rinsed off before their next adventure.  HikingFor campgrounds that get their fair share of daytime visitors, thinking about their more short-term needs can be beneficial in improving opinion and overall impression. Sure, accessible bathrooms should be available throughout the area, but what about those hikers with long drives who would enjoy a quick rinse? Perhaps someone slips and falls into a nearby creek or puddle of mud. Imagine their relief when they find out you provide a trailer shower for daytime guests! Rock ClimbingSimilar to the daytime hikers and kayakers, this is another extreme outdoor sport that requires endurance, strength, and serious willpower. While ranging in extremity, this is one sport that is going to make you sweat no matter the weather or location. Whether these climbers are just visiting for the day or staying for the weekend, a trailer shower could provide them with the option to get clean after their workout.  BoatingWhile this activity may not be as rigorous as some of the other activities that nature has to offer us, it certainly comes with its own set of grit and grime. Just spending a day on a boat in direct sunlight with no A/C can be taxing. Taking a swim in the lake, tubing down the river, or a dip in the ocean leaves skin feeling dirty, and many can’t wait to find the nearest shower.Once again, the shower trailer could come to the rescue in this scenario, providing daytime boaters with an accessible and private place to get cleaned up and overnight guests with an option to get clean and ready for another day of fun in the sun.Get Your Trailer ShowerNow that you’re convinced, head over to our website to browse some of our trailer shower options. We have something different for every need, and the option to rent or purchaseNeed a little more guidance? Contact us to chat about one in particular that might be the ideal fit for you. 
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