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Shower Rentals Support Nonprofits and First Responders

Shower rentals are not only for camping and festivals. They can serve a valuable purpose. They can help nonprofits and first responders in emergencies.  Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to have partnered with first responders and nonprofits in their efforts to help communities. We are happy to have made a difference in difficult times. Read on to learn more about our products and their uses.  How Shower Rentals Provide Support  Nonprofits often offer shelter for displaced individuals. They may provide community centers where the homeless can sleep. Or they may offer temporary living spaces to people with homes that have been damaged in natural disasters.  People without a home are incredibly grateful for necessities like a clean shower and toilet. They lift their spirits and boost their self-respect. Shower rentals fulfill these needs and make people feel more human.  First responders go to emergency scenes to save lives. They may spend days fighting fires or helping people who fell victim to floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. They risk their well-being to help others.  Shower rentals can support two first-responder needs. They can provide clean facilities for the workers and the victims. They provide a sanitary environment that can promote better health outcomes.  Our Shower Rental Units We carry various shower rental units that are ideal for emergencies. They are durable and easy to clean. Here are a few you can choose from.  2 Station Combo Classic Series: The 2 Station Classic Series is ideal for emergencies because it features both restrooms and showers. Each unit features a shower stall, sink, and toilet. Guests can enjoy the comfort of the climate-controlled environment. The sturdy stairs and railings offer safe entry.  ADA + 4 Station Shower Trailer Rental: The ADA+ 4 Station Shower Trailer Rental is a terrific option for organizations that serve differently abled guests. Each suite features a shower and fold-down bench. The ADA unit features an adjustable showerhead, extended shower hose, all-mounted shower bench, private ramp, and wide turning radius. 750 guests can use the unit before it requires maintenance.  6 Suite Shower Trailer Combo: This unit is ideal for emergencies thanks to its large waste holding tanks, durability, and convenience. Each unit features a toilet, sink vanity, and shower stall.  It can accommodate mid-sized crowds. Lockers can be added for additional convenience.  7 Station Shower Restroom Bathroom & Locker Combo with Laundry: This trailer has everything a person would need in an emergency. One compartment features four shower stalls. Move into the next area and you will find lockers and locker room benches. Clients can choose from 42 double-stacked lockers or 21 full-sized lockers. Two toilet stalls and a double sink vanity are situated within the locker area. Stackable washers/dryers are available to provide laundry services.  8 Station Shower Trailer Optimum Series: The 8 Station Optimum Series can accommodate large crowds. The unit features eight individual shower stalls with fold-up benches and sink vanities. AC and heat strips help maintain a comfortable temperature within the unit. Other features include gray TPO raised coin flooring and a white textured FRO interior wall finish.  We are pleased to have helped so many organizations lend a hand to their communities. Our shower rentals have provided comfort to people in need. They are a valuable resource to nonprofits and first responders.  Contact us to learn about the units we have available. 
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Laundry Trailer for Redwood Gospel Mission

Many community groups cater to those in need, providing them with shelter and necessities. They offer basic comforts to support these communities and a laundry trailer allows them to enjoy clean, dry clothing.  We have worked with several community organizations. We have helped them find trailers that provide services for needy community members. Redwood Gospel Mission is a preferred client.  About Redwood Gospel Mission Redwood Gospel Mission is a nonprofit group based in Sonoma County, California. Their mission is to use the inspiration of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of the needy. They mobilize the people in their community to join in their efforts.  Their values are to be selfless, Christ-centered servants who embrace transformational community partnerships. They envision a time when the North Bay area will have an effective ministry to help the needy in the North Bay area.  Redwood has ministries and social enterprises throughout the North Bay. They have separate men’s and women’s guest services for homeless individuals. Their New Life programs help people sort out their issues and make a fresh start.  They also offer several outreach ministries including mobile ministries, jail ministries that provide chapel services in county jails, and other events throughout the year. Their Center for Hope in Ukiah provides breakfast, coffee, showers, clothing, and bible study.  Redwood also helps the needy by providing laundry facilities. A laundry trailer can be taken from location to location to ensure people have clean clothes. It’s a creature comfort that goes far in restoring self-esteem.  Redwood’s Laundry Trailer Purchase Redwood needed a laundry trailer that was durable and easy to clean. It had to be sized to accommodate needy community members. They chose the 3 Station Shower Trailer/Restroom Combo Oahu Series. The 3 Station Shower Trailer/Restroom Combo is an ideal option because it provides shower, bathroom, and laundry facilities to needy guests. The unit features three unisex suites. It is equipped with a shower, toilet, sink, fold-down bench, and powered vent fans.  The laundry suite features three stackable Speed Queen washers/dryers and a folding table.  Other features include hook-ups for an ice maker with in-line filtration, an on-demand water heater with propane tanks mounted on the tongue, and an electric hot water hand wash. It also offers a 300-gallon freshwater tank, a 900-gallon waste tank, and a greywater diverter valve.  The unit can be operated with the Smarter Restrooms App. The interactive tool allows owners to monitor the unit from any location using any device. You can maintain waste and freshwater tank levels, lighting, and climate control from a centralized location.  Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to play a small part in Redwood Gospel Mission’s efforts to help the needy. We know our laundry trailer has helped several people enjoy a comforting experience despite the turmoil in their lives. We provide a wide selection and exceptional service ensuring various community groups can reach their goals.  Contact us to learn more about our high-quality and affordable product line. 
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Shower Rentals for Ellis Construction

Construction workers often work at outdoor sites for long hours. Shower rentals can help them get through their busy day. They provide comfort, improve mood, and increase productivity.  Portable Restroom Trailers has worked with several construction companies to help them find shower rentals that are suited to their employees' needs. Ellis Construction is a preferred customer. Read on to find out about the company’s purchasing experience. About Ellis Construction Ellis Construction is in Stevens Point, WI. Their service suite includes design and build, construction management, and general contracting. They have been in business for over 90 years.  The company is dedicated to a “Built Right” philosophy. Their designs and methods are flexible and responsive. They can work as planners, chief builders, and project managers to oversee every aspect of your project.  Ellis also focuses on community involvement. Their employees and executives have made Stevens Point one of the best areas to live in. They support several charities, educational programs, civic organizations, and business associations.  The firm’s dedication comes through in the care it shows for its workers. Their dedication to employee satisfaction is evident in their shower rentals. Employees who have access to a shower during their workday can wash bacteria off their skin and soothe sore muscles.  Showering also improves mood. It helps workers refresh during their workday and come home feeling clean.  Shower rentals also boost productivity. A shower break helps workers return to work feeling focused and energetic. It means they don’t have to go home to shower if they need to go somewhere after work. It will allow them to work longer days.  Workers will also work harder for a company that cares about them. Shower trailers show workers their employers are looking out for their well-being.  Ellis Construction’s Shower Rentals Choice Ellis Construction needed a shower trailer that was durable and easy to clean. They required one that would accommodate their crew size. They chose the 8-Station Optimum Series. The 8 Station Optimum Series features eight private shower stalls. Each is equipped with an aluminum fold-up bench. They are surrounded by 1” thick gray plastic partitions and stall doors.  The interior features a white textured FRP wall finish and gray TPO raised coin flooring. It is equipped with four sink vanities. The comfortable environment is maintained by two wall-mounted exhaust fans, an AC, and heat strips. The on-demand propane water heaters ensure water is maintained at a comfortable temperature.  The exterior features white aluminum siding with anodized aluminum trim. The two heavy-duty entry and exit doors with continuous hinges provide reliable access. The sturdy aluminum steps and railing and ample lighting ensure safe entry.  Other features include a 1000-gallon waste tank and two 60# propane tanks located on the tongue. The two 6,000 lbs. axles keep the unit secure.  Portable Restroom Trailers offers various shower trailers that keep work crews happy and productive. We also offer shower/restroom combos that provide optimal convenience. Shop our selection to find the products that are best suited to your professional needs.  Contact us for a free quote and learn more about what we have to offer. 
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Shower Trailer for Ventura County Fire Dept.

A shower trailer can be useful for various purposes. It is often used in disaster relief cases. It provides comfort and promotes a healthy atmosphere in emergency areas.  Many emergency worker organizations invest in trailer showers that improve their lifesaving efforts. Portable Restroom Trailers has helped many of these organizations find the units that are best suited to their needs. The Ventura County Fire Dept. is a preferred client.  About the Ventura County Fire Department The Ventura County Fire Department is a Southern California emergency service organization. To date, they have completed 49,678 calls for service and 2.803 rescues. They run 43 facilities staffed with 508 personnel.  The department offers emergency response. They use the closest available resources to respond to incidents.  Their GPS and CAD technology help them find the nearest fire engines available.  Their fire communications center delivers the latest technology for handling fires and medical calls. Their dispatchers handle over 210,00 calls a day. They send out emergency personnel to over 400,000 incidents a year.  The VCFD also offers community service. Their honor guard participates in parades and other events. They provide education and training for community members.  A shower trailer helps the department provide the best outcomes for disaster victims. It offers shower facilities when water lines have been disrupted. Victims can clean themselves to reduce the risk of infections and illness. They can take care of their hygiene needs.  VCFD’s Shower Trailer Purchase The VCFD needed a shower trailer that was durable and reliable. It had to hold up well in emergencies. It had to be sized to accommodate community members.  They chose the 2 Station Shower & Restroom Combo Comfort Series. The shower trailer is ideal because it offers restrooms and showers to victims in emergencies. Each unisex suite features a water-saving toilet, a corner sink with a metered faucet, and a shower with a metered shower head and curtain. The suites have private entrances. Its interior offers durable fiberglass surfaces and insulated walls and ceilings. Its heat strips and air conditioning unit ensure it is fully climate-controlled. Its insulated walls and ceilings help maintain a comfortable temperature.   You can purchase the unit with a 3 or 4-season add-on. The 3-season add-on will protect the unit in temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The 4-season package offers protection in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.  The exterior of the unit offers optimal safety. It features abundant lighting and sturdy aluminum stairs and railings. The non-slip flooring ensures safe entry. It also has a seamless aluminum roof and an on-demand water heater with propane tanks mounted on the tongue.  The unit can be controlled with the Smarter Restrooms app. Owners can use the app to monitor waste and freshwater tanks and maintain climate control virtually from their computers, phones, and tablets.  Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to assist emergency workers in helping their community. Our safe and sanitary products ensure the best outcomes in hazardous situations. We aim to exceed our client's expectations and deliver excellent service.  Contact us for a shower trailer that best suits your needs. 
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Shower Rentals Support Hardworking Industries

Most people work hard. But physical laborers have it particularly tough. They are often out in the field sweating and getting dirty. Shower rentals can make their work more pleasant.  Several hardworking industries can benefit from shower rentals. Portable Restroom Trailers has worked with many of these industries to assist them in finding the perfect units. Discover how we helped them achieve employee satisfaction.  Which Industries Can Benefit from Shower Rentals?  Construction Workers: Construction workers spend long hours outdoors. They lift heavy objects and work with bulky machinery. By the end of the day, they are dirty and sweaty and need a shower.  Farmers: Farmers and agricultural workers get their hands dirty. They work with livestock and fertilizer. They may need several showers each day.  Transportation Workers: Transportation workers spend hours in their vehicles. When they get out, they often lift heavy deliveries out of their trucks. A shower provides them with the comforts of home.  Logistics Workers: The logistics industry covers a lot of ground. It includes air, ground, and public transportation, warehouse workers, delivery drivers, etc. These employees have one thing in common- after a day on the job, they could use a hot shower.  Municipality Workers: Municipality workers include parks and recs employees, trash collectors, and parking enforcement. A shower is in order after a day out in the fields. Recommended Shower Rentals for Hardworking Industries Hardworking industries need shower rentals that are durable and easy to clean. The units must be sized to accommodate their staff. Here are some shower rentals that are recommended.  2 Station Classic Shower Trailer Combo Series: The 2 Station Classic Combo Series is an ideal choice for smaller crews. The spacious stalls feature a shower and an attached restroom. The abundant exterior lighting, non-skid flooring, and sturdy aluminum stairs and rails ensure safe entry and exit.  ADA 4 Station Shower Trailer Rental: This unit features four private suites including an ADA suite. Each features a shower and fold-down seat. The ADA suite features an extended shower hose, grab rails and a wide turning radius. The trailer has a fold-up ramp and hydraulically lifts from the ground.  5 Station Shower Trailer Comfort Series: The 5 Station Shower Trailer Comfort Series features five unisex suites. Each is equipped with a shower, toilet, and sink. The unit is fully climate-controlled. It can be operated through the Smarter Restroom App.   6 Station Shower Trailer Endurance Series: The 6 Station Shower Trailer Endurance Series has six private shower suites with benches. The insulated walls and ceilings maintain a comfortable interior temperature. The technology helps regulate water pressure and temperature.  8 Station Shower Trailer Sierra Series: The 8 Station Shower Trailer Sierra Series is perfect for large crews. It is fully climate-controlled. Its porch lighting, aluminum steps, and rails keep guests safe when entering and exiting the unit.  We are a Top Provider of Shower Rentals Portable Restroom Trailers is a recommended shower trailer provider. We offer a wide selection of safe, sanitary affordable units. We treat our customers with a high level of respect and transparency.  Contact us to discover how we can help you improve employee satisfaction. 
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Shower Rentals Can Support Your Industry

Shower rentals are a critical feature for many industries. They provide a level of comfort. They can help organizations provide better service.  Portable Restroom Trailers has partnered with several businesses to provide shower rentals that help them reach their professional goals. We are proud to have offered our services in times of need.  What Industries Benefit from Shower Rentals? Work Sites Work sites often have portable restrooms on location. But some offer shower trailers as well. They allow workers to wash off and refresh in the middle or at the end of a busy day.  The 3 Station Combo Cabo Series is perfect for work sites. Each unisex suite contains a toilet, shower stall, and corner sink. Its air conditioning and heat strips ensure a climate-controlled environment.  Hospitals and Emergency Crews Hospitals and emergency crews are often required to set up shelters in times of emergency. They must care for sick and wounded disaster victims. Shower trailers provide comfort to workers and victims alike.  The 3-Station Affordable Advantage Shower Trailer is ideal for emergencies. It is an affordable option. Each suite contains a shower stall and a corner sink. Its insulated wall and ceiling help maintain a comfortable environment.  Camp Sites Campers will be much more comfortable with shower facilities on site. Showers will keep them clean after a long day exploring nature. They will make your campsite a fan favorite.  The 2 Station Designer Series is ideal for work sites. It features two unisex shower/restroom suites. Each is outfitted with a toilet, corner sink, and shower stall. Its abundant porch lighting and non-skid flooring ensure safe entry and use.  Public and Private Pools Pools are ideal for ‘chilling out’ when the hot weather hits. People head to city pools and country club pools to beat the heat in the summertime. Some of these establishments have locker rooms with pools. But those that don’t can benefit from shower trailers. They ensure people are clean before they enter the pool and when they leave.  The 3 Station Combo Designer Series is perfect for pool areas. Each unisex suite features a flushable toilet, a corner sink, and a shower stall. It is equipped with non-slip flooring, and it’s fully climate-controlled.  Gyms We all like to hit the showers after an intense workout session. Gyms that don’t have showers may consider renting portable units to increase customer satisfaction. The trailers will help them keep up with the competition.  The 6 Station Endurance Series is a great choice for gym facilities. Each of its six private suites contains enclosed showers and benches. Its portable shower technology ensures consistent water temperature and pressure.  We are a Top Provider of Shower Rentals Portable Restroom Trailers offers various shower rentals that are ideal for a wide range of industries. We back our vast selection with top-notch customer service. We treat our clients with a high level of gratitude and respect.  Contact us to find out how we can help your business become a top name in your industry. 
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