Fact or Fiction? Debunking Myths about Portable Restroom Trailers

Debunking Myths about Portable Restroom Trailers
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Fact or Fiction? Debunking Myths about Portable Restroom Trailers

The portable restroom trailer industry is new and exciting, but because of that, there can be a lot of, well, crap to sift through. 

You may have found some questionable information about mobile restroom trailers in your research. We want to help you make the most informed choice possible, so we are here to bust some myths about restroom trailers. Let’s set the record straight:

Myth: Restroom Trailers Stink

We all know how terrible it is to be at a concert, festival, campsite, outdoor event, and duty calls. That pit in your stomach forms when we walk up to that porta potty, knowing it will smell absolutely horrendous.

Well, we can tell you one thing: a portable restroom trailer won’t have you turning up your nose and running for the hills. 

Porta potties smell so awful because there is no airflow in those little plastic boxes. Combine that with heat when the weather is warm, and it’s essentially an oven. Bacteria and odors get trapped in the air, and when you breathe that in, your brain processes it as, you guessed it, stink. 

With flushable toilets, we don’t have to leave waste exposed to stink up the place. Restroom trailers offer better ventilation than your traditional bathroom alternative, which helps push out nasty smells. Many options also include air conditioning that allows even further airflow. 

So, are restroom trailers stinky? No. 

Myth: Bathroom Trailers Are Dirty

A public restroom in a building rarely gets this question asked, but we get it; it’s an alternative method of using the restroom, and there are bound to be concerns. 

Well, fear not; mobile restroom trailers are just as clean as the bathroom in your office building. 

Just because the bathroom is portable doesn’t make it any less clean. The use and fixtures in trailers are the same as any regular bathroom. Plus, as we said above, ventilation helps push out bacteria-ridden air. So, the cleanest bathroom that you can move around is a portable restroom trailer.

So, are restroom trailers dirty? Not a chance. 

Myth: Restroom Trailers Are Ugly

While beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, a trailer is certainly a better option than other toilet alternatives out there. 

On the outside, they aren’t brightly colored, mismatching your event's color scheme and drawing attention away. They are pretty low profile and can easily go unnoticed. 

On the inside, though, they are undoubtedly showstopping. Luxury restroom trailers have marble effect interiors, glass sinks, granite countertops, or tile that match your vibe and work alongside decorative finishes to create a fabulous experience. 

So, are restroom trailers hideous? Absolutely not. 

Myth: Bathroom Trailers Are Tiny and Uncomfortable

This could be one of the biggest myths of all. The image of the little colored plastic box may be to blame for that. 

We cannot stress enough how different a portable restroom trailer is from a porta potty. Other than the convenience and mobility, there isn’t much they have in common with one another. 

One of the most significant differences, though, is size and comfort. 

Most restroom trailers offer a spacious area similar to a public restroom stall, if not bigger. As well, ADA-compliant restroom trailers provide even more space.

Comfort is a top priority in mobile bathroom trailers, and the features offered prove that. With total privacy walls, powder rooms, air conditioning, and plenty of lighting, using the bathroom and freshening up has never been more luxurious at an outdoor event or job site. 

So, are restroom trailers tiny and uncomfortable? Definitely no. 

Myth: Restroom Trailers Don’t Offer the Same Fixtures as Regular Bathrooms 

Restroom trailers offer flushing toilets, running water at handwash stations, mirrors, wifi, and more. There are even trailers that provide showers and laundry machines. 

Whatever your needs are, there is certainly a trailer to solve them. Many trailers look and feel like your bathroom at home, so you won’t feel anything is missing when you’re in there. 

So, are restroom trailers lacking in amenities? Not a chance. 

Myth: Bathroom Trailers are a Hassle to Handle 

To be fair, this one used to be true. Management can seem overwhelming with waste tanks that need emptying, water tanks that need filling, and power sources needing to be connected. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways that trailer management is made more accessible. Firstly, many tanks can connect to sewer lines or be collected and disposed of by local waste management companies. Your standard garden hose can also top up your water tank.

Power generators, or for a more environmentally friendly option, solar panels can provide your trailer with the energy it needs to keep the lights or wifi running smoothly. Plus, with our Smarter Restrooms App, management is easy, as you can track and order service for your trailers, all from your phone. 

So, are restroom trailers a pain to service? No. 

Myth: Restroom Trailers Aren’t Worth the Money

We understand that purchasing or renting a trailer isn’t for everyone. However, if you regularly need toilet facilities for your events or job sites and want more for your employees and guests than a flimsy, smelly plastic toilet, then mobile bathroom trailers are worth it. We have a range of trailers that fit various needs and budgets, and we would love to work with you to find the perfect fit for you.  


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