Disaster Relief Bathroom Trailers

A Shower Trailer Rental can Support Your Nonprofit

Portable Restroom Rentals does more than provide restroom units that offer comfort. We make a difference. We have helped many nonprofits reach their goals with shower trailer rental units.  A shower trailer rental can help nonprofits in emergencies. It optimizes wellness during difficult times. It can be a game changer for people in need.  How a Shower Trailer Rental Supports Nonprofits Nonprofits often take in displaced people. They can provide shelter for the homeless. They may also offer a place to stay for people who were forced to leave their homes during natural disasters.  Something as simple as a shower can make a notable difference to people who have lost their homes. Here are some benefits it provides.  Offers Comfort: Losing your home is devastating. A shower provides comfort during difficult times. It offers a home-like environment.  Improves Health: Nonprofit shelters often force people to exist in close quarters. This environment increases the spread of disease. Showers keep people clean so they are not as likely to spread and contract illnesses.  Promotes Self-Respect: People who have lost everything can also lose their sense of self-respect and confidence. A shower makes them feel presentable. It brings some of that confidence back.  A shower trailer rental is an ideal choice for nonprofits dealing with emergencies. They can pay for the trailer when they need it and return it when they’re done. It minimizes costs so they can allocate funds to other necessities.  Our Shower Trailer Rental Selection PRT has several shower trailer rental units to choose from. Here are some preferred options.  ADA 2 Station Shower Restroom Combo Perseverance Series: This shower trailer features restroom amenities and accommodates differently abled guests. Two stations feature showers, sinks, and toilets. The ADA station features a toilet, sink, showers, and a wide turning radius. The ADA add-on keeps it comfortable in all temperatures.  3 Station Affordable Advantage Series: The 3 Station Affordable Advantage is an economic choice. Each unit features a shower and sink. It is climate-controlled for optimal comfort. Its non-slip floors keep guests safe.   ADA + 4 Shower Trailer Rental: This shower trailer rental is ideal for people of all abilities. Each private suite features a shower, bench, and sinks. The ADA unit has compliant features and a wide turning radius. It hydraulically lowers to the ground and features a fold-up ramp.    6 Station Endurance Series: The 6 Station Endurance series will serve mid-sized crowds. It features two suites. Each is equipped with three private shower stalls and a double-sink vanity. Its 3-season package allows it to continue functioning in all but the coldest temperatures.  6 Station Shower Trailer with Lockers Classic Series: This unit offers guests a safe place to store their items. Each of the six private suites features a toilet, sink, shower, and locker area. It can serve up to 350 guests before it requires maintenance. It includes a 4-season add-on.  Portable Restroom Rentals is proud to have helped various nonprofits reach their goals. We take comfort in knowing our shower trailer rental units made a small difference in so many lives. We are pleased that we helped make a change for the better.  Contact us for a quote on a shower trailer rental that will help you meet your professional goals. 
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Laundry Trailers Support Hurricane Relief

It’s sad but true. The world is facing an increased risk of hurricanes and natural disasters due to climate change. Laundry trailers are a crucial element in hurricane relief.  Portable Restroom Trailers is proud to have partnered with several hurricane relief agencies. We have provided them with laundry trailers that help in times of need. We are happy to have indirectly helped so many people.  Climate Change Means More Hurricanes Climate change is a major contributor to increasing storms and hurricanes. Warmer temperatures mean the air holds more water. They increase downfall. They make storms more damaging.  The increase in temperatures is also causing more glacier melting and rising sea levels. As a result, we can expect strong storm surges. The wind will send water crashing onto shores causing serious flooding for miles around.  Warmer oceans also mean stronger winds. They speed up evaporation. They allow the air to pull in more water vapor and heat. The effect creates stronger winds and heavier downfalls.  There are several steps we can take to counter climate change and reduce the occurrence of hurricanes and natural disasters. We can save energy, recycle, minimize waste, and make other sustainable lifestyle changes. But it will take years to reach our goals.  In the meantime, we must get ready by weatherproofing our houses. We must minimize development in dangerous areas. Volunteer organizations must prepare for disaster relief that may be necessary at any time.   How Laundry Trailers Help in Hurricane Relief When a hurricane hits, it can have disastrous effects. Many homeowners must evacuate their homes. Some people’s homes will be destroyed.  Volunteer organizations often organize shelters to help people who have been displaced. They provide individuals with necessities like food, beds, clothing, showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities. Laundry trailers are helpful because they provide people with clean clothing, bedding, towels, and more.  When you are in the comfort of your own home, you may not realize how meaningful these essentials can be. But once you have them taken away from you, you will feel lost. A simple thing like clean, warm clothing can go a long way when disaster strikes.  Portable Restroom Trailers Laundry Trailers Selection Portable Restroom Trailers has a variety of laundry trailers that are ideal for hurricane relief and other emergencies. They are available at an affordable price. They are easy to set up, so they provide aid quickly. They are durable and easy to clean.  Our laundry trailers come in various sizes. For example, you can choose our 8 Station Laundry Trailer or our 4 Station Laundry Trailer. They can accommodate smaller and larger groups. They are equipped with high-capacity washer dryers that can take on large loads and offer thorough cleaning.  We back our products with a reputation you can trust. We have been in business since 2007 and have a long history of serving our community. We treat each of our clients with a high level of courtesy and respect.  Contact us today to learn more about our safe, sanitary products. 
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Mobile Shower Trailers Support Fire Relief

Climate change is an imminent threat. It hits hot, dry areas like California especially hard. Fortunately, the state has emergency services available in the form of fire relief organizations. These organizations offer firefighting assistance and accommodations for displaced individuals. Mobile shower trailers help them reach their goals.  What are the Functions of a Fire Relief Program?  California is served by a nonprofit fire relief program called Direct Relief. Here’s how they help.  Fire Tracking: Direct Relief has a mapping system that detects new fires and tracks changes in existing fires. It shows active fires and how many acres have burned. It provides insight into vulnerable areas and how well communities can recover.  Offers Medical Treatment for Displaced People: Fire causes burn injuries and respiratory damage. Additionally, people may have to flee their homes without taking the necessary medications with them. They may have to stay in overcrowded shelters where germs are easily spread. Sick patients may be unable to get the care they require because they are in an area with intentional power shutdowns that address fire danger. Direct Relief provides care for these individuals.  Partners with Other State Organizations: Direct Relief partners with the State of California’s Office of Emergency Services to coordinate wildfire response with state officials. It partners with the State of California Emergency Management Agency serving as one of its key Business Operations Centers. Its location, staff, and equipment are registered with the State of California to deal with emergencies.  Mobile Shower Trailers for Fire Relief Mobile shower trailers are a necessary component of fire relief efforts. They are used to help displaced people. They can also be taken to firefighting scenes, so firemen have access to facilities when fighting fires for days.  Portable Restroom Trailers offers various shower trailers that are ideal for fire relief purposes. They include:  6 Suite Combo Shower Trailer- Gray & Black Tanks: This unit has four unisex suites. Each is equipped with a shower, sink, and toilet. It is fully climate-controlled. It offers Smart Restroom App capabilities.  3 Station Shower Trailer Affordable Advantage Series: The 3 Station Affordable Advantage Shower Trailer features three unisex suites. Each is equipped with a toilet, sink, and shower. The aluminum rails and non-slip flooring ensure safe entry and usage.  6 Station Mobile Shower Trailer Endurance Series: This shower trailer features two suites. Each contains three individual shower stalls and a double sink vanity. Its on-demand hot water systems make it an energy-efficient choice.  2 Station Shower Trailer Restroom Combo Designer Series: This unit is an ideal option for organizations requiring showers and restrooms. Each unisex suite contains a toilet, sink, and shower. The abundant porch lighting and non-skid flooring ensure safe entry and usage.  3 Station Shower Trailer Restroom Combo Cabo Series:The 3 Station Cabo Series Shower Trailer is perfect for emergency management. Each private suite features a shower, trailer, and toilet. It is fully climate-controlled.  A Reliable Provider of Mobile Shower Trailers Portable Restroom Trailers is a recommended provider of mobile shower trailers. Our company is proud to serve communities that are prone to natural disasters. We offer various trailers that provide a wide range of amenities and serve diverse industries. We back our safe, sanitary units with a high level of customer service.  Contact us to learn how we can help you help your community. 
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Laundry Trailers for First Responders and Nonprofits

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. That saying rings true when disaster strikes. Something as simple as having laundry trailers available to do a load of wash can be a blessing.  Portable Restroom Trailers has partnered with first responders and nonprofits in times of need. We have helped several disaster victims take comfort in the warmth and sweet aroma of freshly washed clothing and bedding. Read on to find out about how we have provided relief in difficult situations.  How Laundry Trailers Help in Disaster Relief Climate change has increased the occurrence of severe storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. They add to the disasters that have plagued humankind for centuries, such as fires, viruses, and flooding. They leave thousands of families injured and homeless.  Victims of disaster miss things we take for granted. They may not have access to a computer, or a comfy bed to sleep in. They may not have the means to do their laundry.  Portable Restroom Trailers has partnered with first responders and nonprofits to ensure disaster victims have access to clean items. Our laundry trailers do more than provide people with warm, fresh clothing and sheets. They reduce germs and grime in shelters to ensure workers and victims experience optimal health.  What Laundry Trailers Are Suitable for Disaster Victims? A laundry trailer must be easy to set up, so it is available for immediate use. It should have enough washing units to accommodate all victims. Some laundry trailers may also feature toilets, showers, and urinals.  Here are some Portable Restrooms Trailers’ units that are ideal for emergencies:  8-Station Laundry Trailer: The 8-Station laundry trailer features 8 stackable washer dryers that can accommodate up to 20 lbs. It is equipped with two on-demand water heaters. The bright fluorescent lighting keeps the area well-lit.  Small Restroom Laundry Trailer Dawn Series: This laundry trailer features three suites, a women’s suite with a toilet and sink, a men’s suite with a toilet, urinal, and sink, and a laundry suite with a washer/dryer and sink. The unit is climate controlled. Its coordinated laminated countertops and vinyl flooring provide an attractive aesthetic. 6 Station Laundry Shower Combo Classic Series: The 6 Station Laundry Shower Classic Series is equipped with toilets, showers, and washer/dryers. It features four private stalls with a toilet, sink, and shower, and a laundry room with two stackable washers/dryers. The crisp, white interior offers a serene vibe.  Your Choice for Portable Laundry Solutions Portable Restroom Trailers is a top choice for laundry trailers that provide aid when disaster strikes. Our laundry trailers are easy to maintain and tow. We provide fast delivery ensuring our units are there when they’re needed.   Our trailers are affordable to keep expenses low for nonprofit agencies. We offer various payment options to further aid relief efforts. Clients may rent, own, or finance our units.  We pride ourselves in offering a high-quality experience to the people we work with. Our trailers are sanitary, safe, and durable. We treat our clients with a high level of respect and transparency.  Nonprofits and emergency responders are encouraged to call us today for a free quote. We will help you be ready when disaster strikes.   
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Support Disaster Relief with a Portable Restrooms Rental

With the arrival of Tropical Storms Cindy and Brett in the Atlantic last month, we want to take the time to share the importance of planning ahead and being ready for storms of this nature to hit. Our heart goes out to those who are affected by the active storm season in the Atlantic and the potential damage to come, and we are ready to supply a portable restrooms rental to the organizations who aid in hurricane relief. As you or members of your family or friend group prepare for the storm to come, make sure you are as ready as possible with these tips from leading references. Know Your Hurricane Risk - Depending on where you live, your risk may be very high or very low. While it may seem obvious which category you fall in, you’d be surprised how much inland dwellers are affected by a storm that seemingly happens only near the coast. For those living on the coast, you are high risk. Depending on the intensity of the hurricane to come, you should have an evacuation plan prepared. You are most at risk for extreme winds and flooding, and surge thunderstorms. For those living inland, HurricaneScience.org reports that coastal flooding can reach tens of miles from the coast. Those living within 75-100 miles from the coast should prepare for an increase in winds and rain. Sign up to get alerts and warnings in your area. Know Your Evacuation Zone - For those located in high risk areas, flooding is very destructive and driving in flooded areas can be dangerous. We recommend having an evacuation plan in order so that when you are warned by your local officials, you can head to safety. Make sure you have an evacuation plan. Keep your car’s gas tank half full at all times and have any necessary items packed and ready to go. For those who rely on public transportation, contact your local emergency management agency for an evacuation plan. For those living in mid- to low-risk areas, you should still be prepared for extreme weather. Track the storm and listen to local officials as they determine how far inland the storm will travel, and be prepared to take extra precautions against high winds and rain. When you have been instructed to evacuate, please do so for the safety of yourself and your family. Review and create an evacuation plan if necessary.  Prepare Financially - The hardest thing about evacuating can be lack of funds. The Federal Reserve has reported that almost 60 percent of Americans don’t have $400 in savings. Make sure that you aren’t trapped during a hurricane by putting aside a little bit of each paycheck. These funds can ensure that you and your family are ready to go should an evacuation be necessary. Read more tips on financial preparedness. For businesses, purchase business-interruption insurance policies to help protect against losses due to damage.  Strengthen Your Home - Whether you are evacuating or simply need to stay home for shelter, wind and thunderstorms can take a toll on your home. Make sure that the structure of your home is prepared for the intense weather conditions by taking a few precautions. Bring in outdoor furniture or large items that may be tossed by the wind. Trim trees and shrubs to ensure that greenery isn’t blown around, becoming capable of damaging your home. Take measures to reinforce your roof, windows, and doors, and use flood damage resistant materials. Should you need to evacuate, these additional steps could allow you to come home to minimal damage. Stock Up on Supplies - There are so many supplies that you can get beforehand to ensure that you aren’t caught in the chaos before evacuation time or during times when shelter is required. Think ahead and stock up on key items before it becomes urgent. ATMs and credit cards may not work during power outages, so take out some cash to have on hand for purchases. Stock an emergency kit with a battery operated radio, flashlights, non-perishable food, entertainment for children if necessary, bottled water, and blankets. Keep in mind that should you need to stay in your home for safety, this is all you have to rely on. Visit ready.gov/kit for a thorough list of items to stock up on should you need to take shelter for a long period of time. A Portable Restrooms Rental Can Help As a leading provider of portable restrooms rental units, we are here to help those in need. Whether you are a nonprofit sending in volunteers to help with post-storm damage control, a business who needs repairs done, or a shelter taking in those who lost everything, we are here to provide restroom rentals that can make your efforts easier.  From restrooms to showers to laundry facilities, we have the equipment you need to get your organization or business running smoothly. Please reach out and let use know what you need - you can get a portable restrooms rental from us in all sizes, and we customize according to your needs. Additional Resources For more information on tracking hurricane storms, preparing, and post-storm emergency aid, see the links below: Hurricane safety checklists Recommended Hurricane supply lists
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Portable Bathrooms Support First Responders

First responders have very important jobs. They are out on the front-line saving lives. Their efforts have been recognized in mitigating crises like the COVID pandemic, 911, and many more.  Portable Restroom Trailers recognizes the efforts of first responders. Providing them with a means of comfort in stressful times is the least we can do. This article will review some of our portable bathrooms that are suitable for the toughest of circumstances.  The Difficult Job of First Responders First responders deal with a wide range of difficult situations. They may be called to deal with injuries, domestic abuse cases, and criminal activities. They may fight fires or come to scenes of disasters.  While some incidents put emergency responders at the scene of an incident for just a short time, others require workers to be there for extended periods. They may spend hours digging through rubble to look for survivors after a building collapse. They may spend days trying to put out a fire.  During these times, any bit of comfort can feel like a blessing. Portable Restroom Trailers believe we do our part by providing portable restrooms that are clean and comfortable. They must be durable enough to handle whatever the situation throws their way.  Which Portable Bathrooms Are Best for First Responders? Portable bathrooms for first responders must be able to weather wear and tear. They must be easy to clean. They must offer comfort in distressing times.  Here are a few we recommend.  ADA 6 Restroom Tenacity Series: With a name like Tenacity, you know these portable bathrooms will be ready for anything. It has a women’s suite with 3 toilets, and 2 sinks, and a men’s suite with 2 urinals, a toilet, and 2 sinks. It also features an ADA suite with a toilet and sink.  3 Station Affordable Advantage Series: The 3 Station Affordable Advantage offers fold-up aluminum stairs and rails for easy access. The women’s suite features two stalls, a vanity sink, and a hot water handwash. The men’s suite offers the same amenities as well as a single toilet and urinal.  6 Suite Classic Series: With crews often working for long stretches, and a possibility of them encountering contaminated materials, a combo shower trailer is a recommended first responder choice. The 6 Suite Classic Series has private suites each of which is equipped with a curtained shower stall, a toilet, a sink, a mirror, and a hand wash. Its durable construction makes it ideal for disaster relief sites.  4 Station Oahu Series: The 4 Station Oahu Sales offers a well-lit entry with sturdy stairs and a railing for safe access day or night. The women’s suite features two private stalls, a sink vanity, and a hand dryer. The men’s suite has the same amenities, a urinal, and a toilet. The comfort-controlled climate creates a pleasant environment.   2 Station Tahitian Series: Perfect for smaller crews, the 2 Station Tahitian Series provides all the necessities. It features two suites, each with a private entry. One suite offers a toilet, a handwash, a vanity mirror, and a sink. The other suite has the same amenities as well as a urinal.   Portable Restroom Trailers Offers Top-Notch Service for First Responders At Portable Restroom Trailers, we understand how difficult a first responder’s job can be. In addition to providing a wide selection, we treat our customers with a high level of care and respect. We are committed to providing our clients with affordable, sanitary, and safe products.  Contact us for a free quote. We are here to provide you with the best products and services. 
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