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Support Employees with a Portable Bathroom for Rent

Employees that are happy at work tend to perform more effectively, improving the company and making sure goals are met with ease. That's why it's important for leaders and managers to ensure that the work environment is safe, comfortable, and accessible. Portable bathrooms for rent can help. Ensuring that employees are well taken care of also helps with retention. When people are happy at work, they are less likely to search the job market for something else. As work life continues to improve for all, we continue to look at ways to improve the office as well. This includes comfortable, efficient, and stylish restrooms. While companies undergo construction and remodeling, many know to turn to rental bathroom trailers to maintain a similar level of sophistication. Offsite construction workstations and large facilities like warehouses and factories can use restroom rentals to support spaces without restroom access. So what’s all the hype? What is the difference between the standard porta potties we all see in comparison to a portable bathroom for rent? Is the difference that significant? Our easy answer: portable bathrooms for rent are fully designed restrooms with all of the amenities of a brick-and-mortar bathroom. A full bathroom on wheels, this option is definitely better than a porta-potty experience. Not convinced? Read on to discover three reasons why an upgrade to a portable bathroom for rent is the best option for your employees, no matter what they need. Accessibility Ensuring your employees are comfortable in their working environment is a top priority, no matter what their needs might be. Today, making sure that those with disabilities feel included and supported is important, and also the law in many circumstances. If you have employees with disabilities, a temporary restroom solution may seem hard to find. No need to search any longer! We create portable bathrooms for rent that are ADA-compliant in every state to ensure that you can give all of your employees proper access to restrooms as needed. Your disabled staff will feel included and cherished as they experience the temporary restrooms that we deliver. Design You spend so much time creating the perfect office environment with desks, chairs, painted walls, even wall art and couches in some cases. Why sacrifice design when considering a temporary restroom option? Whether you have employees in the field who need access to restrooms, need a bathroom option during renovations, or have a temporary work site that has a restroom need, a portable bathroom for rent is designed with sophistication and class in mind. From our Comfort Series to Luxury Series, guests can expect the best when it comes to interior design and style. Experience Studies have shown that a person’s restroom experience leaves a lasting impression on their overall opinion of a brand. This goes for both customers and employees. To maintain your reputation as a company that cares about its employees, giving thought to their restroom experience should be a priority.  This should not be sacrificed when remodeling, offsite work, or renovations are in order. With our portable bathroom for rent options, you can ensure that your staff has a positive restroom experience. We encourage you to take time to browse our inventory of portable bathrooms for rent. We have a wide variety of trailers for every need, from small to big companies, with plenty of accessible options as well. Ready to rent? Contact our sales team - they are waiting on standby, ready to assist you with your rental bathroom trailers! 
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Winterproof Upgrades for Portable Restroom Trailers

As the chillier months set in, a need for insulation and heaters becomes more prominent. As leading providers of portable restroom units, we understand that climate control is a priority for an ideal bathroom experience, and we keep the changing of seasons in mind as we craft our special upgrade packages. We often work with businesses who are interested in purchasing our portable restroom trailers, and although a sale may be complete, we believe in long-term partnerships with companies we sell to. We provide a wide variety of add-ons and upgrades for trailers that make them ideal for use year-round.  As the year continues, we know that fleet owners are beginning to think about running their portable restroom trailers business during the colder season. Below, you’ll find an outline of our heating packages and upgrades that will guarantee your restroom users stay comfortable and warm despite the outside weather. Three-Season Heat Package The Three Season Heat Package is ideal for businesses that have units being used in milder winter climates. With the ability to withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees, it can handle a little frost. This package equips portable restroom owners with a waste tank de-icing system This ensures that contents do not freeze up despite the potential of slightly below-freezing temperatures. The de-icing system can make fleet owners feel confident that this critical tank is not affected by extreme temperatures and can continue operating in excellent condition. Portable restroom operators can also remain confident in the unit’s ability to provide a warm climate for guests with the addition of the 750-watt heater. This powerful heater is added to each suite and maintains a comfortable temperature for users. To aid the heater in keeping the climate comfortable, this package also includes an upgrade to the entire unit. Insulated walls and ceiling are added, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out.  Finally, this package includes the 2-30 amp marine-style power cord upgrade. Together, these upgrades work together to guarantee that your portable restroom unit is comfortable for guests in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. Your unit will be ready for winter in no time! Four-Season Heat Package For those living in more extreme climates, a few more upgrades are necessary to withstand some seriously cold weather. There are some locations where a 30-degree minimum limit simply won’t do - and some living in these climates wouldn’t even consider 30 degrees true winter weather! For those who agree, we have packaged together an upgrade built to withstand as low as -20 degrees - our California clients can’t imagine it! Here are the upgrades you’ll need to maintain your portable restrooms. First, this upgrade includes almost everything that comes with the three-season package, including the de-icing system, insulated walls and ceiling, and 2-30 amp marine-style power chord. In addition to these features, the four-season package provides an upgrade from the 750-watt heater. A 40k BTU ducted furnace is installed and provides heat to the restrooms, allowing the interior temperature to reach a comfortable temperature. The unit also has two 30lb LP tanks mounted at the front. To further insulate the unit, we add underfloor spray insulation. This means that your unit will be completely insulated from top to bottom, keeping that wanted heat in and cold out. An insulated LP cover is also included to protect the two tanks at the front. As added protection from the outside cold, we create a foil-wrapped exterior before adding the metal finish, which provides your portable restroom with the most protection from cold weather possible. Winter-Proof Portable Restroom Solutions  Overall, each package is customized to ensure that your portable restroom business continues to operate in extreme winter weather. You won’t have to worry about a customer’s lack of comfort - these winter upgrades are designed to keep the heat in and the cold out in every way possible.  When you’re approached by an event planner, employer, construction company, or any other customer in need of restroom trailers, you’ll be able to promise satisfaction with your upgraded portable fleet! Browse available units with seasonal upgrades here.  
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Mobile Shower Trailers for Salvation Army

In our experience providing mobile shower trailers, we have had the pleasure of coming across a wide variety of organizations that are passionate about helping their communities. From providing restrooms and showers for the homeless to aiding families during disaster relief efforts, we are always proud to service these passionate groups who exist to make our world better. Over the years, we have been privileged to provide a wide range of trailer shower and restroom options across the country for a variety of nonprofits. One of those organizations is Salvation Army. They work tirelessly to provide a variety of communities across the globe with the support and resources they need. We were excited to get this organization’s call and eager to help them with a reasonably priced restroom solution. Read about them below: “The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Our message is based on the Bible, our ministry is motivated by the love of God, and our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as we meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Every program we offer is rooted in our passion to serve God by serving the lost, the vulnerable, the needy, the poor, the hurting, the helpless, and the hopeless.” In order to properly service their local community in Hobbs NM, the organization needed to expand its shower options. They came to us to review mobile shower trailers that might provide a long-term, affordable solution. Supporting Community with Mobile Shower Trailers For many nonprofit organizations, a brick-and-mortar restroom upgrade is simply not affordable. Plus, it can hinder the organization’s progress and operations. Salvation Army realized that some of their community was in need of shower access. They knew that mobile shower trailers could provide them with an answer and we were happy to assist. Given their need for a solution that can handle a small yet steady amount of usage without sacrificing design, we were able to suggest the 3 Station Affordable Advantage Series with Sinks. This trailer shower is purposefully designed for a small volume of use and was a great solution to send to their community. The Affordable Advantage Series is a compact yet comfortable environment measuring 12 feet. The clean, fresh exterior and aluminum steps and rails greet guests and ensure that they have safe and easy access. The interior is fitted with non-skid rubber flooring to ensure that guests can shower safely without worrying about slipping. Three private suites with one shower and sink each await visitors, and curtains ensure plenty of privacy during use. The entire unit is insulated to ensure that the interior temperature stays comfortable despite outside weather conditions. It also comes with air conditioning and heat strips, which help keep the temperature that much more comfortable. With a tankless hot water system and showers that are user-friendly, the Affordable Advantage Series trailer shower is equipped to support up to 250 guests while easily providing a positive shower experience. Get Your Mobile Trailer Shower We encourage you to take the time to browse our large inventory - we have a variety of portable bathroom rental units that are unique to every need. In addition to this unit used by Salvation Army, our collection of trailer shower, locker, ADA, and many other rental and purchase options is vast and full of a variety of great options.  Ready to book your rental or purchase? Send us a message or get a quote on the perfect trailers for your needs. Our team is here to help you and equipped to get you the tools you need for your business to succeed!   
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ADA Restroom Trailers for Cresco Reed Construction

The construction industry is unique for a variety of reasons. Workers spend more time offsite than in the office, often performing active tasks that many of us don’t experience during our 9-to-5. From skyscrapers to the local park, new public spaces to private event venues, construction touches a part of all of our lives, and we always enjoy supporting a local construction company with their projects. ADA restroom trailers are an inclusive and practical solution for these on-the-go companies, and we have built a large inventory of units to support the expansive construction industry across the nation. We recently partnered with Cresco Reed Construction, a local company in Illinois that partners with various businesses to build and maintain commercial spaces. They needed accessible ADA restroom trailers at their job site, and we were ready to support them with a variety of units to choose from. Construction Site Support with ADA Restroom Trailers We guided Cresco Reed’s managers through our inventory of ADA restroom trailers, showcasing a variety of sizes, design options, and price points for them to consider. The best fit for their needs was the ADA +2 Station Elite Series .  This ADA restroom trailer is 20 feet long and perfectly equipped to handle heavy use with a 105-gallon fresh water tank and a 360-gallon waste tank. The Elite Series ADA Restroom Trailer includes one ADA-compliant suite and two additional unisex suites. Inside of the ADA suite, visitors will find enough room for a full 360-degree turn in a wheelchair. The suite also includes an ADA-compliant shower, grab rails for safety, and an accessible suite. The unisex suites of this ADA restroom trailer are equipped with a flushable toilet, shatterproof mirror, and sink vanity. We take pride in our interior design, using tasteful colors, designer floors, and decor to ensure that users have an elevated experience.  The entire restroom trailer has insulated walls and ceiling to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Additionally, to aid in climate control, the unit is equipped with air conditioning and heat strips, ensuring that the temperature stays comfortable no matter what outdoor weather is like.  The exterior is built to last with dent-preventing material. We ensure that safe access to Elite Series ADA restroom trailers is a priority with ample porch lighting and sturdy, aluminum steps and rails. The design is sleek and fits in with any atmosphere, from grassroots to upscale. Overall, Cresco Reed was able to use this ADA restroom trailer as a long-term rental that could support hardworking staff during their offsite project, It elevated the portable restroom experience, demonstrating employee care and support. Get Your ADA Portable Bathroom We pride ourselves on creating ADA restroom trailers that are like no other in our industry. These restrooms are equipped with all of the amenities of a brick-and-mortar bathroom and we put an emphasis on ambiance and clean design as well.  Portable bathrooms serve a wide variety of needs, from emergency relief to business operations to weddings. Think about your upcoming projects. Is there a need for a portable bathroom? If so, drop us a line! We would love to discuss your project and start putting together the perfect rental package for you.  
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Warehouses, Factories, and More Get Support from Portable Bathrooms

Over the last few years of growth, our company has acquired a wide variety of portable restroom trailer rentals. We work with so many industries, from events to project management, construction to transportation. As we continue to work and grow, our customers have one question that always comes up: which portable bathrooms are right for them? Each industry had different needs, and one of our goals at the beginning of every new year is to evaluate our inventory and ensure we have a portable bathroom that fits every business.  For facilities like warehouses, factories, and large production sites, there are unique issues to address. We have learned that you can use portable bathrooms for temporary or seasonal employees, during restroom renovations, and to provide extra access when your brick-and-mortar bathroom simply isn’t enough. The suggestions below are fit for these unique needs faced by a variety of facilities. Take a look and discover which portable bathrooms are ideal for your business! 2 Station Affordable Advantage Series Perfect for a facility that needs just a little more restroom access, the 2 Station Affordable Advantage is a compact yet dependable option. With one men’s and one women’s suit, this is one of our portable bathrooms with all of the amenities of a home restroom in a small, flexible option. It is also perfect for those on a smaller budget. 4 Station Oahu Series The 4 Station Oahu provides a casual and comfortable restroom option for your employees. Each suite can service two visitors at a time, and ample porch lighting allows for easy and safe access no matter what time, day or night. Built with durable materials and showcasing a clean interior design, this portable bathroom is ideal for hardworking environments. 6 Station Coastal Series For those who need a no-muss no-fuss, durable, and dependable restroom option, the 6 Station Coastal is perfect for you. Perfect for medium-sized companies that require a little more restroom service, this portable bathroom gets the job done. Durability does not mean we ignored interior design - this is a trailer fit for high-level executives and entry-level employees alike.  11 Station Classic Series - Male Dominant For large companies, our 11 Station portable bathrooms are ideal. For many facilities, the male-to-female ratio differs significantly, and this can have an impact on restroom availability. The gender-specific 11 Station Classic is designed with this in mind, ensuring that the employees who need restroom access have it. The clean and simple interior greets guests and provides a comfortable and pleasant experience.  10 Station Maritime Pro Series For large facilities that need to service hundreds of employees a day, this is the portable bathroom for you. With five stations in both the men’s and women’s suites, access is efficient and easy for your employees and staff. This trailer is also equipped with basic restroom amenities like running water, soap and paper towel dispensers, mirrors, and ample lighting.  We encourage you to explore each of these portable bathrooms and find the best option for your business. If you have additional questions, we’re here to help! Contact us and our team of experts will guide you through your restroom options.  When it comes to budget, we’ve got options! Browse our sale items and speak with a representative about payment arrangements. 
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9 Uses for Portable Restroom Rentals This Year

As we plan for 2023, we want to highlight the many industries that have benefited from portable restroom rentals. As you plan your business year, think about how our restroom trailers can elevate experiences in your workplace or leisure locations. We have chosen 9 amazing industries that have had success with bathroom rentals, and now invite you to join us. Browse below, then check out our full rental inventory here.  1. Events From indoor to outdoor venues, and no matter the occasion, event managers and producers spend so much time building the perfect atmosphere for their event. Why should the restroom option take away from all your hard work?? Our portable restroom rentals are designed to match any level of ambiance, from casual to formal, complimenting an event’s experience.  2. Construction For this industry, most of the work on the job is done off-site. Additionally, most of these working conditions are not ideal - they are outdoors with incomplete buildings and locations that simply aren’t equipped to provide needed work amenities for these workers. A great way to ensure they have the restroom access they need is with a bathroom rental.  3. Renovations An inevitable part of any building’s life, the renovation process can feel messy and unorganized. Whether you are redoing your storefront or office space, ensure that you can still operate by providing your guests (and employees!) with a suitable restroom option. 4. Outdoor Experiences We all love visiting the local lake during the summer, diving into the pool, camping in the woods, and other activities that allow us to enjoy the outdoors. While explorers are in your outdoor space, providing a restroom option is crucial, and constructing a brick-and-mortar option can be pricey. The easy solution: portable restroom rentals! With the ability to set them up anywhere, you can provide accessible restrooms in the deepest woods and along vast beaches. 5. Arenas For all those “Take me out to the ball game” moments, ensure your large crowd has access to the restroom when they need it. From tailgating to overtime, fans crowd arenas for hours to cheer on their team. They will inevitably need to visit a restroom, so make sure their experience is upscale and elegant without breaking the bank. 6. Campus From elementary school to college, campuses come in all shapes and sizes. When getting from one classroom to another, the journey between the two can be vast, and oftentimes, a restroom is not along a student’s path, or the option they do pass has quite the line. Bathroom rentals are a great way to make sure that all students have restroom access when needed.  7. Workplace Perhaps you manage truck drivers who frequently stop at rest areas. Maybe your warehouse isn’t equipped with a restroom option. There are many more workplaces that operate in locations that simply don’t come equipped with restrooms. Portable restroom rentals are an easy solution, providing your staff with the restroom access they need without breaking the bank. 8. Clubs From the country club with large grounds to the lounge with the perfect patio, we all enjoy upscale places to socialize. Many of these places have large outdoor areas, and sometimes the brick-and-mortar location is just too far. Provide convenience for visitors with portable restroom rentals. 9. Markets We all love visiting our local farmers' markets on the weekend, fish markets by the bay, craft markets at expos, and so much more. Ensure that shoppers have a comfortable place to “go”: with portable restroom rentals. They’re an easy addition to any venue and upgrade visitor experience.
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