February 2024

Raising the Bar on Event Experiences with Mobile Bathroom Luxury

At Portable Restroom Trailers, we're on a mission to deliver mobile bathroom bliss. Recently, we had the tremendous opportunity to be part of a private educational seminar retreat. Picture this: a massive 35,000-square-foot house transformed into the ultimate hotspot, where successful entrepreneurs mixed knowledge-seeking with comfort.  In our quest for excellence, we rolled out the big guns – our Semi Luxury Restroom Trailer, the 8-Station Portable Restrooms Trailer Coastal Series with a 4 Season Package. It’s like the rock star of portable restrooms, ensuring everyone at the event had access to a bathroom experience that's as classy as it is comfortable. We take our commitment to excellence seriously, even when it's nature's call we're answering.  Event Highlights  Our Coastal Series trailer was the epitome of sophistication and functionality. With a 2-tone gray and white nautical interior, soft ambient lighting and chic vanity countertops with a Starlight Wave mosaic tile backsplash. It was like stepping into a restroom that not only met attendees' needs but totally blew their expectations out of the water.  The 8-Station Portable Restrooms Trailer Coastal Series is self-contained, rocking a 200-gallon onboard freshwater tank and a whopping 750-gallon waste tank. The exterior comes with heavy-duty fold-up aluminum steps and rails for a smooth entrance. And let's talk comfort – the climate-controlled environment has got you covered with air conditioning, heat strips and a 4 Season Package for all-weather coziness. We even threw in a water heater for a touch of luxury with a hot water hand wash experience.   Why Choose Portable Restroom Trailers for Your Event:  Purposeful Design: Before diving into options, define what you need. Our Coastal Series is like the VIP section, bringing a touch of luxury to events like the private educational seminar retreat. User-Centric Approach: We understand that everyone has different needs. Our ADA restroom trailers are there for those needing a bit more space or assistance. Capacity Considerations: Got a big crowd? No problem. Our range of trailer options caters to varying capacities, ensuring your choice aligns with the number of attendees and the vibe of your event. Essential Features: Basic is boring. Our trailers come loaded with features like hot and cold running water, air conditioning, and more to take attendee comfort to the next level. Timing Benefits: Want to save some cash? Time your purchase right. Grab that 179-tax advantage by making your move before the end of the tax year.  Elevate Your Event Experience with Us  Ready to take your event to the next level? Swing by our website and explore the 8-Station Portable Restrooms Trailer Coastal Series. Trust us, it's a game-changer.  Explore Coastal Series  Remember, when it comes to choosing portable restroom trailers, prioritize functionality, accessibility, and user comfort to make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and exceeds expectations.  And here's a little nugget of wisdom: When you're in the market for portable restroom trailers, keep your priorities straight. Think functionality, accessibility, and user comfort. Make a savvy decision that not only meets your specific needs but blows your expectations out of the water. Because let's be real, every event deserves a restroom experience that's as awesome as the main event itself. Receive a free quote today to get started! 
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Navigating ADA Compliance: Everything You Need To Know

When hosting a large event, you must ensure your guests can use the bathroom without hassle or embarrassment. Catering to those with mobility issues should be a top priority. That's why we put together an easy-to-follow guide outlining the necessary steps you need to take to ensure your event and your event restroom trailer stay ADA-compliant. Understanding ADA Guidelines The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 sets legal requirements for restrooms, including portable toilets, at all public events. This is to guarantee equal opportunities for all those with disabilities to have access to facilities, such as bathrooms. You may ask yourself, do I have to abide by these laws for my event? The safe answer is probably yes, but we’ll get into it. You will need ADA trailers if your event is public or private (like a wedding) but at a hired venue or in a building. You will also need them if you are adding units to your fleet for business. 5% of your toilets must be ADA-compliant to ensure you comply with these needs. This means for every 20 stations, one needs to be accessible. Additionally, the compliant cubicles should be available to both genders. You can offer a male and a female station or a unisex station. These apply to traditional bathrooms, portable toilets, and restroom trailers. These requirements are what you control. You are responsible for ordering the proper units and the correct ratio of compliance to standard. What Do Trailers Need To Have To Be Accessible? 1.     Space and Dimensions ADA-compliant restroom trailers must have a floor space large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and for that wheelchair to move with ease. Guidelines require clear floor space with enough room for a wheelchair to move 360° in without obstructions. 2.     Entrance and Accessibility The entrance to a facility must be mobility-device accessible, which includes walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. This involves ramps of a particular slope, grab bars that can hold up to use, and wide doors with easy-to-open and close hinges to ensure users can get in and out of the toilet safely and independently. 3.      Supportive Features The ADA places a heavy emphasis on grab bars throughout the facility. This includes the ramp up to the unit, as well as near the toilet and on the walls. This provides stability and support for those who may not have a mobility device or need help getting in and out of one. Because of these grab bars, there are also requirements on the unit's structure. Walls must have a proper carrying capacity to ensure that bars are secure, and the wall is also. 4.     Accessible Fixtures and Amenities ADA-compliant restrooms rightfully require all fixtures and fittings within units to be accessible to those with disabilities. This involves lower toilet and sink fittings, appropriately positioned mirrors, soap and paper towel dispensers, a larger toilet seat, and easily flushable toilet mechanisms. 5.     Signage and Communication Toilet units that are ADA-compliant must have signage indicating that they are such. This might sound fancy, but you’ve seen it before. The blue wheelchair sign does the trick with this, as long as it includes braille labeling. This signage should be well placed in a visible area and direct users to the proper facility. 6.     Maintenance and Inspections The ADA requires regular inspections and maintenance on units to maintain compliance. Periodic checks of grab bars, ramps, and other essential features to accessibility ensure they stay in proper working order. Repairs and replacements may be necessary to pass checks and keep status. Where Can I Find ADA-Compliant Trailers? Portable Restroom Trailers proudly offers the largest selection of accessible or ADA restroom trailers in the United States. While ADA standards on the details of units change year to year, we can guarantee that our compliant trailers abide by the regulations of the year they were produced and include the features listed above. Now, when searching for ADA restroom trailers, it is important to note that there is a difference between those labeled as accessible and those that comply with regulations. Although a unit may be large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or have a ramp, ADA units have specific certifications for that year, which grant them the title of certified. If you need more than just toilets, but showers too, ADA shower trailers are also available. These meet the requirements outlined above but also include shower benches for ease of use.
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5 Essential Considerations When Ordering Portable Restroom Trailers

Portable restroom trailers offer a touch of sophistication beyond standard portable bathrooms, making them ideal for various businesses and events. However, with so many options and features available, deciding what to add to your fleet and when can be overwhelming. To simplify your decision-making, here are five crucial factors to consider when ordering portable restroom trailers: 1. Define the Purpose Before delving into all the options, you must clarify the primary purpose of your trailers. Do you need additional bathroom facilities for a large event? Are attendees seeking refreshing showers or a space to change clothes? Do they need a space to store items securely? Consider specific requirements, such as gender-specific facilities, to narrow down your choices and ensure that the trailers align with your needs. 2. Identify Who You’re Serving Who will be utilizing these trailers? Is it possible that families may be using your facilities and need a little extra space, or are there any wheelchair users that require easy accessibility? Consider the diverse needs of your clientele. Don’t just purchase a standard facility that needs to be altered or, even worse, can’t be changed to meet your customers' needs. Opt for trailers that meet those requirements without the need for extensive modifications. For example, ADA restroom trailers can serve those who need a little more space or help. 3. Determine Capacity Requirements There are trailer options available to serve anywhere from one to fourteen or more people at a time. When purchasing, consider how many people will need to use the facilities at any given time and how well you can manage lines for these facilities if you know you won’t be able to avoid queues. More attended gatherings warrant higher capacity trailers; your choice can and should reflect that. Additionally, the nature of the event can affect the frequency of use. If the purpose of your trailer is to serve at events with food and drink, particularly alcohol, think about how much more frequently the attendees will need to visit the facilities. If servicing an event that involves getting muddy or sweaty, consider how many more people will want to shower off.  If it’s more for family events, think about all the tiny bladders and diaper changes that will need more frequent bathroom access. 4. Consider Necessary Features Beyond basic amenities, identify specific features essential for your audience's comfort and convenience. Do you require hot and cold running water for handwashing? Is air conditioning necessary for summer events? Make a comprehensive list of requirements to ensure the chosen trailers meet all essential criteria. With so many options, there is sure to be a trailer that meets these requirements. 5. Optimate Timing for Purchase Strategically timing your purchase can yield financial benefits, particularly for business owners. Buy portable restroom trailers before the end of the tax year to take advantage of tax benefits. If you are a registered business and intend on using your trailers for your business (not personal) purposes at least half the time, then your purchase of a portable restroom trailer can qualify for a 179-tax advantage. This means that you can write off the purchase of your trailer on your taxes and save you money. After you order your trailers, don’t forget to complete the proper IRS form 4562 to get your savings. There is a lot to consider when choosing a portable restroom trailer. The best way to tackle the overwhelming nature of trailer purchases is to make a list featuring all your information on your events or projects. List out: How many people will be using it When your clients will need the facilities How many stalls or trailers you will need Essential accommodations and features Then, you are ready to begin your search. This ensures that you know what you are looking for, and the near-endless options become a blessing, not a burden. Don’t forget to consider what facilities you need and what access you have to resources that service them. If you aren’t confident in tracking how often to service your trailers or when they suddenly need it, prioritize features like The SmarterRestrooms app. Smart mobile restroom trailers help you keep track of tank levels, power sources, temperature, and security, all from your phone, making your ability to remember when to service your trailer one less thing to consider. With this newfound knowledge under your belt, finding the perfect portable restroom trailers becomes a seamless process. Whether catering to a large event or facilitating everyday business operations, prioritize functionality, accessibility, and user comfort to make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and exceeds expectations.
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