5 Essential Considerations When Ordering Portable Restroom Trailers

Essential Considerations When Ordering Portable Restroom Trailers
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5 Essential Considerations When Ordering Portable Restroom Trailers

Portable restroom trailers offer a touch of sophistication beyond standard portable bathrooms, making them ideal for various businesses and events. However, with so many options and features available, deciding what to add to your fleet and when can be overwhelming. To simplify your decision-making, here are five crucial factors to consider when ordering portable restroom trailers:

1. Define the Purpose

Before delving into all the options, you must clarify the primary purpose of your trailers. Do you need additional bathroom facilities for a large event? Are attendees seeking refreshing showers or a space to change clothes? Do they need a space to store items securely? Consider specific requirements, such as gender-specific facilities, to narrow down your choices and ensure that the trailers align with your needs.

2. Identify Who You’re Serving

Who will be utilizing these trailers? Is it possible that families may be using your facilities and need a little extra space, or are there any wheelchair users that require easy accessibility? Consider the diverse needs of your clientele. Don’t just purchase a standard facility that needs to be altered or, even worse, can’t be changed to meet your customers' needs. Opt for trailers that meet those requirements without the need for extensive modifications. For example, ADA restroom trailers can serve those who need a little more space or help.

3. Determine Capacity Requirements

There are trailer options available to serve anywhere from one to fourteen or more people at a time. When purchasing, consider how many people will need to use the facilities at any given time and how well you can manage lines for these facilities if you know you won’t be able to avoid queues. More attended gatherings warrant higher capacity trailers; your choice can and should reflect that.

Additionally, the nature of the event can affect the frequency of use. If the purpose of your trailer is to serve at events with food and drink, particularly alcohol, think about how much more frequently the attendees will need to visit the facilities. If servicing an event that involves getting muddy or sweaty, consider how many more people will want to shower off.  If it’s more for family events, think about all the tiny bladders and diaper changes that will need more frequent bathroom access.

4. Consider Necessary Features

Beyond basic amenities, identify specific features essential for your audience's comfort and convenience. Do you require hot and cold running water for handwashing? Is air conditioning necessary for summer events? Make a comprehensive list of requirements to ensure the chosen trailers meet all essential criteria. With so many options, there is sure to be a trailer that meets these requirements.

5. Optimate Timing for Purchase

Strategically timing your purchase can yield financial benefits, particularly for business owners. Buy portable restroom trailers before the end of the tax year to take advantage of tax benefits.

If you are a registered business and intend on using your trailers for your business (not personal) purposes at least half the time, then your purchase of a portable restroom trailer can qualify for a 179-tax advantage. This means that you can write off the purchase of your trailer on your taxes and save you money. After you order your trailers, don’t forget to complete the proper IRS form 4562 to get your savings.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a portable restroom trailer. The best way to tackle the overwhelming nature of trailer purchases is to make a list featuring all your information on your events or projects. List out:

  • How many people will be using it
  • When your clients will need the facilities
  • How many stalls or trailers you will need
  • Essential accommodations and features

Then, you are ready to begin your search. This ensures that you know what you are looking for, and the near-endless options become a blessing, not a burden.

Don’t forget to consider what facilities you need and what access you have to resources that service them. If you aren’t confident in tracking how often to service your trailers or when they suddenly need it, prioritize features like The SmarterRestrooms app. Smart mobile restroom trailers help you keep track of tank levels, power sources, temperature, and security, all from your phone, making your ability to remember when to service your trailer one less thing to consider.

With this newfound knowledge under your belt, finding the perfect portable restroom trailers becomes a seamless process. Whether catering to a large event or facilitating everyday business operations, prioritize functionality, accessibility, and user comfort to make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and exceeds expectations.

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