Portable Restrooms Can Be Your Permanent Restroom Solution!

Innovative energy companies like PNM Public Service Company of New Mexico are always looking ahead for new technologies to advance their production in the most environmentally conscious way. Their commitment to renewable energy is demonstrated in the PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project, the first energy storage facility in the United States to be fully integrated into a utility power grid...
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#WPSD2015 World Portable Sanitation Day on August 15th!

#WPSD2015 SUSTAINABLE SANITATION In these times of California droughts and wildfires, saving water is a high priority these days in our country as well for others around the world where access to water and sanitation is almost non-existent! World Portable Sanitation Day is a day to bring awareness that the Portable Sanitation Industry is a great tool in helping expand...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Save Water

Portable restrooms trailers have a dynamic impact on the world's water supply. Each day around the world millions of people use portable restrooms, saving 125,000,000 million gallons of fresh water that otherwise would be flushed down the drain. On an annual basis, that equals over 45 BILLION gallons of water saved! In addition, portable restroom trailers protect our water sources...
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