Tax Incentives

#SECTION179 Get a 2015 Tax Advantage with Portable Restrooms!

Are you looking for ways to save money and make smart investments?  With portable restrooms, you can earn a tax break by selling and buying RIGHT NOW! Per Section 179 of the tax code, your business has the ability to write off or expense 100% of the cost of a portable restroom trailer purchase for up to $25,000, and then...
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Senate Extends Section 179: Deduct More on Portable Restrooms & Shower Trailers

Late in the evening on December 16, 2014, Senate passed H.R. 5771 – the tax extenders bill. This bill directly impacts the Section 179 tax incentive we have previously promoted, increasing the amount eligible for deduction. The bill was the final act of what many call the least productive Congress in modern times. Read on for the latest information on...
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