An inevitable part of weekly life is the trip to your local grocery store. Whether you visit a store that is known nation-wide or prefer your locally owned grocer or co-op, it is a top priority for many Americans to shop healthy and find amazing deals on the foods they crave. From produce to spices, meats to that little cheat treat, building our at-home menu is a crucial part of making a house a home. We love getting to support these essential businesses with portable restroom options that work for a wide range of store needs and types.

As you make your grocery decisions, one thing many of us spend most of our time considering is budget. We want the best, but let’s face it - we also want the best price. Shopping on a budget shouldn’t lead to making purchases that are not quite up to standard. That’s why many grocery stores make it a goal to provide the best quality for the most reasonable price. They realize that most Americans are feeding multiple people, living paycheck to paycheck, or are simply money savvy. Providing a shopping experience that is positive for both the shopper and the wallet is crucial.

Ingles Markets has realized the value in providing the best for the most affordable. They are a company that we have begun working with recently, and it has been exciting to get to know their brand and what their goals are for their customers. Read a little bit about them:

“Ingles strives to provide one-stop shopping convenience to its valued customers. Ingles supermarkets offer customers a wide variety of nationally advertised food products, including grocery, meat, produce, deli and bakery departments. In addition, the company offers pharmacies and fuel at the majority of its 200 plus locations.

The same customer focus and commitment to quality and convenience on which Robert Ingle founded the business in 1963, continues today throughout the organization. 

Ingles offers a full variety of brand name products supplemented with Ingles' own Laura Lynn brand products which are equal or superior to National Brands and guaranteed by Ingles Markets. Ingles Private Label products are named after Mr. Ingle's daughter, Laura Lynn Ingle.”

Ingles Market cares deeply about their customers' shopping experience. This is where portable restroom options come in. 

A Portable Restroom Solution for Shoppers

Ingles Markets needed a portable restroom that would be a perfect fit for their store needs. After seeing a few options, we decided to custom build a 2 Station Classic Series just for them! 

2 station portable restroom

This unit, measuring 16 feet with a 125 gallon fresh water tank and 500 gallon waste tank, is compact but mighty. It can service up to 350 visitors before requiring maintenance, which allows the company’s employees to use the restroom comfortably and whenever they need it.

To ensure safe entry, the porch to each of the portable restroom’s entry doors is equipped with ample lighting for easy access no matter what time, day or night. The entry ways have two sturdy aluminum steps and railing for additional safety.

In this Classic Series portable restroom, guests will find two private bathrooms: one for women and one for men. All restrooms are designed with style in mind, showcasing earth tone interiors with modern flooring and color coordinated surfaces. They also include water saving flushable toilets, a sink vanity with a shatterproof mirror, hand dryer, and paper towels.

The men’s suite of this portable restroom rental is versatile with a toilet and urinal option.To ensure the entire unit maintains a comfortable climate, air conditioning and heat strips are installed and able to adjust the temperature so that outdoor weather does not affect the interior’s experience. As an added measure, insulated walls and ceiling surround the entire unit, further aiding in keeping the interior temperature just right.

Overall, this is a versatile unit that worked perfectly for Ingles Markets aan it will provide a positive shopping experience for many of their future customers.

Find the Restroom Trailer for You

We pride ourselves on creating portable restrooms that are like no other in our industry. These rentals are equipped with all of the amenities of a brick and mortar bathroom and we put an emphasis on ambiance and clean design as well. 

Portable restrooms serve a wide variety of needs, from emergency relief to business operations to weddings. Think about your upcoming projects. Is there a need for a portable restroom rental? If so, drop us a line! We would love to discuss your project and start putting together the perfect rental package for you.