Portable Restrooms for Back to School

Back to School!
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Portable Restrooms for Back to School

Is it already that time of year again? Stores are filling up with backpacks, notebooks, and more as the country gears up for back to school! To all of our families, we hope that this summer was filled with wonderful hot weather memories as we transition into a new season. Don’t get us wrong, there is still plenty of summer heat out there to squeeze out a few more fun moments in the sun, but it’s time to start thinking about the school year to come, and portable restrooms can help.

For many school teachers, groundskeepers, sanitation staff, and more, this means preparing the school campus for the arrival of hundreds, even thousands, of students per day. As campuses begin to prepare, we’ve gotten a high number of requests for portable bathroom trailers. For most, our trailers are an easy and affordable way to upgrade restroom options. For others, renovations will still be underway as the school year begins, and an alternate restroom option is necessary.

No matter what the need may be, we are equipped to supply your campus with the portable restroom trailers you need to kick off a successful year. We have worked with every school level and heard the needs that each campus has, from elementary to college. Below, based on our experience working with a wide variety of schools, we recommend four portable restrooms for the school year to come. Browse these options, then contact us when you’re ready to rent or purchase yours! 

Elementary School

ADA portable bathrooms

The most important thing for an elementary school restroom is accessibility. As we have all experienced, when kids have to “go,” it’s typically pretty urgent. Ensuring that there are enough restrooms for all to use without a long wait time is crucial to ensure there aren’t any accidents. We also want to make sure that every child, no matter what physical disabilities or struggles they have, can use the restroom as well. The ADA +6 Station Oahu Series is a perfect option that satisfies these needs. 

Middle School

large portable restrooms

For those of us who remember middle school, this is one of those stages in life that is no muss no fuss and frills not needed. Kids are beginning to discover who they are, and they are going to make a mess along the way! For this age group, we recommend something that can handle the urgent high capacity of elementary school and adds in the durability that these bigger personalities need. The 10 Station Calypso Plus Series is one of our highly recommended portable restrooms that is efficient, easy to clean and maintain, and stands the test of time. 

High School

designed portable restrooms

High school students have a little more maturity and can therefore handle a little more elegance. The 8 Station Platinum Series is a great fit because it gives these students a feeling of higher responsibility, importance, and even a little ambiance. Environment can have a huge impact on personality and behavior, and we’ve seen the messiest of high school students treat this trailer with respect. It’s even elegant enough for your teachers and staff!


multi use portable restrooms

Welcome to adulthood! Due to the variety of campus needs when it comes to college, one of our more versatile portable restrooms is recommended for this group. The 8 Station Locker/ Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo is a fully equipped locker room on wheels, perfect for the sports department or for dorm room renovations. With lockers to store items safely, showers for after long hours of practice, and a restroom for relief on your way from one end of campus to another, this trailer is a hit on college campuses due to its ability to solve a multitude of problems. 


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