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Portable Restroom Rentals in Preparation for the Holiday Season

Posted on October 5, 2018 by Jenn Piorkowski in Facility Solutions

Get ready, folks: the holiday season is almost upon us! We know, it’s not even Halloween yet, but if you’re many business owners across the nation, it’s the time of year when you start hiring your seasonal staff. Portable Restroom Trailers is delivering portable restroom rentals to one of the top shipping companies in the U.S.

For many businesses, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. From last minute shopping to extravagant parties to endless travel, holidays largely affect a large number of industries. We even see the demand of portable restroom rentals go up significantly during this time. With a large portion of the country participating in a holiday, whether that’s Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or any celebration in between, citizens are busy and bustling with preparations.

Many don’t realize the impact that the season has on business. Stores will hire sometimes twice as many employees to work during November and December and would be overwhelmed without them. Airports increase TSA presence to help passengers get through security and to their flights in a timely manner. These are all increases that most people see, but what about those that lie beneath the surface?

Many don’t think twice about what goes on behind the walls at UPS. You arrive, you drop off your package, and you assume it arrives at its final destination accurately and within a reasonable time. But what does it take to get a package from destination A to destination B?

We got to work with the pros, UPS, and see what happens during the busy holiday season. They double up on staff across the nation to ensure packages arrive on time, and that is no easy feat.

With so many employees now working at their facilities, they knew they needed a restroom solution that serviced a higher volume of users. We were excited to help them out.


UPS is the world’s leading company for package delivery services and transportation logistics. Their network of offices worldwide ensures that packages have a safe journey, whether they’re going across the country or around the world.

Over the years, UPS has mastered many delivery service options. For short distance deliveries, ground shipping is accessible and affordable. They offer faster shipping options, like two day and overnight, by plane. When sending something across the globe, you may send your package by cargo ship or plane. They’ve figured out how to use transportation and exceptional tracking abilities to ensure your package is delivered safely.

In addition to their transportation skills, tracking numbers are also provided to customers so that they can watch as their package goes from one destination to the other. Occasionally, a package gets straight to its destination without stopping, but what can be entertaining to track is a package that visits many different places.

Overall, UPS is a dependable service that provides customers with ease when it comes to delivery. Rest assured that your Great Aunt Tessa in Wisconsin will receive her gift this holiday season, even if you’re on vacation in Italy.


To say that packages don’t deliver themselves would be an understatement. Thousands of employees are necessary to ensure the UPS offers a dependable service. This number increases during the holiday season, and the company knows to take good care of its employees, temporary and permanent alike.

When they came to us with the temporary restroom need, they expressed their concern about a higher number of employees. They knew that additional restrooms were needed, but a brick and mortar upgrade was too costly and not necessary year round.

They needed a temporary restroom solution, and we were quick to recommend a number of portable restroom rentals that would service additional employees. The 10 Station Portable Restrooms Rental, Classic Series was the perfect fit for them.

This 24-foot portable restroom trailer is equipped for high-volume use with an 865-gallon waste tank and 200-gallon fresh water tank. Visitors are greeted by a clean and fresh exterior that is built with aluminum steps and handrails for safe and convenient access. The entryway to each suite has ample lighting above the door for added safety and easy entry during anytime, day or night.

As visitors enter the portable restroom rental, they find a clean design and comfortable interior. The men’s suite includes 2 privacy stalls and 3 urinals, while the women’s suite includes 5 privacy stalls.

Each stall of the women’s suite has a flushing china toilet that flushes with the step of a pedal. The suite is equipped with a double sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and a paper towel dispenser for a full and upscale restroom experience. The men’s suite also has flushing toilets in each privacy stall, and urinals are given some added privacy with walls separating each one. Two sink vanities and shatterproof mirrors finish out the men’s suite, with a paper towel dispenser for hand drying.

The entire unit also features air conditioning and heat strips in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature no matter what outside weather may be like. These strips can easily increase or decrease the temperature of the unit when necessary, ensuring that guests have a comfortable experience.

The final feature of this portable restroom rental is the Smarter Restrooms App. This app allows unit managers to operate the unite remotely on a phone, tablet or laptop. The app allows for access to system operations like temperature, waste and fresh water tank levels, and more.

This company prepared for the busy holiday season in advance to ensure that their service gave busy people peace of mind. When you put your delivery trust in UPS, the holiday is sure to go as smoothly as planned!

Tell us about your portable restroom rental needs. We’d love to provide you with one of our existing rentals or dream up something new!


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