When it comes to portable bathroom trailers design, we know our stuff. We pride ourselves on ensuring our manufacturers spend time perfecting every touch of every trailer, from designer toilets and flooring to granite sink counters in our luxury units. We create basic units and upscale units, large and spacious to compact and efficient. Every unit should be something we want to boast about and should make our brand look great.

Occasionally, we come across a customer who browses our large inventory of portable bathroom trailers and doesn’t find what the want. When we first heard this, we were shocked. We thought we’d checked every need off of the list. Upon further discussion, we realized why.

These customers didn’t want your typical, run-of-the-mill portable bathroom trailers. They wanted something unique. Something that had never been done before and something that we ourselves couldn’t have dreamed up. Fortunately, we have the ability to take these creative requests and build fully customized portable bathroom trailers. See these three unique trailers and be inspired to contact us with your own outside-the-box bathroom trailer design!

1. The Break Room

When a company approached us with a completely fresh and unique idea for portable bathroom trailers, we were excited and quick to answer the call. A popular transportation company in California needed a long-term temporary solution for not only restrooms, but for a break room as well. We took the concept to out manufacturers and were pleased with the finished product.


The 2 Station Portable Bathroom Trailers / Break Room combo was a hit. We were able to add in details like large sliding windows, a counter, and room for a small refrigerator. It also has two plugs for a coffee maker, microwave, or whatever visitors may want in their break room.

2. The Advertisement Opportunity

For sports fans, tailgating is as much a part of the experience as the game itself. Thousands of fans fill the parking lot of arenas and bring their grills, ice chests, snacks, and friends to have a good time getting amped up for the game to come.

With all the, ahem, “beverages” being passed around, it is inevitable that a trip to the bathroom will be a must for the majority of these fans. People everywhere have been enjoying the upgrade from porta potties to portable bathroom trailers, and one savvy marketing company saw an opportunity.

They worked with us to build the most tricked-out of our portable bathroom trailers. With interactive ads, touch screens, games and more throughout the trailers, this tech-filled spin on a restroom trailer has been a huge success for the company.

3. The Locker Room

Many industries have staff that work in temporary locations that simply lack the amenities that come with an office. We often work with companies to provide portable bathroom trailers for their staff, but sometimes, a restroom isn’t enough. What if workers are in the field, like construction or farming? They can’t keep their personal items with them.

A company struggling with this dilemma suggested a restroom/ locker room combo as a solution. This has been one of our most popular portable bathroom trailers, so we not only built one, but an entire collection of them! Units like the 6 Station Shower/ Restroom/ Locker Room Combo exist because one company had a unique need and spoke up about it. This company was able to show us that while portable restrooms solved many of their offsite work problems, going the extra mile by providing safe storage and changing rooms was what made this solution so important to our industry.

Had these vastly different companies not come to us with a unique request for their portable bathroom trailers, we would have never come up with these ideas. Managers and professionals like you are constantly out in the field, working and witnessing the needs of staff during day-to-day operations.

These companies were able to come to us, share details about what they were lacking, and we quite literally got to dream up a new restroom trailer concept. These were all exciting projects to take on, and we are eager to hear about your unique needs.

Think about how you could get creative with our portable bathroom trailers and leave a comment below. Let’s customize something, just for you! Contact our National Account Specialists today: 1-866-248-2933 or Request a Quote.