Over the years, we have seen a variety of businesses come to us with unique needs when it comes to portable bathrooms. You’d really be surprised! Each request we got, from turning the restroom into an interactive marketing tool to creating a portable break room, taught us something new about what our industry was lacking. We took these requests as challenges and got to creating some truly unique portable options.

Today, our inventory continues to grow with the trends of the nation. We make an effort to take on every request we get and create exactly what our clients need, and this occasionally results in a new line of portable bathrooms being born! This is what continues to excite us about the industry, and we’re sure most entrepreneurs feel the same. The room to create, think outside of the box, and contribute a fresh take on what’s being done is our passion - along with helping our customers!

Below, we outline some common forms of portable bathrooms that we’ve taken to the next level along with a few newer designs that may surprise you. Get to know them, and request a quote to rent or purchase yours today!

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ADA Trailers

ada portable bathrooms

ADA-compliant portable bathrooms have definitely been done, maybe since the beginning of our industry. So this feels like nothing new, but we may surprise you! Over the years, one of our main priorities has been to elevate the typical, run-of-the-mill portable restrooms we see. We wanted fresh designs, innovative materials, and an overall more impressive user experience. Our ADA restroom trailers have a new level of variety to showcase and an extensive inventory that ensures every need is covered

Shower Trailers

shower trailers

Slightly less common than the ADA restroom trailer but still most certainly done, it is likely you’ve seen and experienced a shower trailer by now. So what makes our inventory so different? Again, with our portable bathrooms you will always find an abundant list of options with many varieties to choose from. We have thought about design, size, combos, and so much more! 

Decontamination Trailer

decontamination restroom trailers

This style of trailer is common only in a very specific industry, but we think it deserves another shout out during these times. The decontamination trailer is known in the construction industry for its ability to keep workers safe when they’re dealing with potentially harmful or toxic sites. Now, we think this is a trailer that could be quite handy for the medical field as they continue to take on COVID-19. This option allows employees to enter, dispose of contaminated clothing and coverings, shower, dress in clean clothes, and exit without carrying home anything harmful. 

Laundry Trailer

portable bathrooms and laundry

This unique portable option has been a much needed solution for a variety of industries. Hotels and hospitals are able to clean linens without investing in the brick-and-mortar build-outs that would be needed to have a washer and dryer in-house. Nonprofit organizations are able to provide displaced families with a way to wash their belongings. First responders working long hours to save lives gain access to cleaning their clothing as well. This surprising solution has given many businesses a quick solution for keeping their business clean. 

Handwashing Trailer

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal care and hygiene has become more important than ever. Washing hands has become a key preventor of spreading the virus and staying healthy. As businesses reopen, the need for not only more restroom space, but more handwashing options, has become a necessity to keep visitors safe. The handwashing trailer has quickly become a crowd favorite, allowing businesses to provide proper space for regular hand washing while socializing. 

Virus Testing Trailer

portable bathrooms and virus testing

Portable bathrooms allow businesses to expand their brick-and-mortar restrooms to allow for socially distanced use. Handwashing trailers keep guests from spreading viruses with an accessible sink for all. One of our most innovative trailers yet is definitely the Virus Testing Trailer. This option allows cities, businesses, and organizations to own a portable virus testing room that can safely welcome guests in for virus testing. This makes testing accessible in a wide variety of locations, ensuring that all who need a test can get one.

Which of our specialty portable bathrooms could provide your business with a solution? Request your quote today, or contact us with any questions!