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Cafe Construction Development, Inc. of Orlando, Florida was recently awarded a contract to provide ADA compliant portable restrooms to rent to Florida’s Orange County during its renovation of government restroom facilities. To ensure complete compliance with the county’s requirements that handicap accessible restrooms be available for men and women during renovations, Cafe Construction Development consulted Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC. Portable Restroom Trailers works with the only manufacturer certified by the International Code Council (ICC) in accordance with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Since the restroom renovations are only temporary, Cafe Construction Development chose the ADA+2 portable restroom trailer for rent.  The ADA+2 trailer not only meets, but exceeds the requirements specified by both the county and The Americans with Disabilities Act.

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The spacious 20-foot model features a 40” wide entry door with a single-touch hydraulic ramp that smoothly and quietly lowers to the ground for easy wheel chair access. Inside, it includes a warm and inviting earth tone interior with coordinating vinyl tile flooring, auto flush ceramic china toilets, wheelchair accessible sinks, push operated faucets, and skid-free rubber floor matting. On-board fresh water and waste water tanks keep the unit completely self-contained. The fully climate-controlled environment is also well-suited for the Ocoee and Apopka, Florida locations where the restroom trailers will be located.

Portable Restroom Trailers is very proud to partner with Cafe Construction Development in their efforts to accommodate the unique needs of guests with disabilities during their construction project. We wish them the best for a smooth project completion.