A new trend that is spreading across the nation is something known as the “staycation.” More and more towns and cities throughout the nation are seeing companies that are like little escapes for the locals. Instead of leaving to enjoy summer fun, they encourage those who live locally to enjoy their city by visiting attractions in their own backyard. We are excited to partner with companies like these by providing them with ADA restroom rentals, supporting local business in the best way we can.
We recently got in touch with a local attraction in Tuscon, Arizona called Funtasticks Family Fun Park. Arizona is known for its shockingly hot desert summers, so it’s no surprise that most locals want to escape to milder temperatures or find an alternative to beat the heat.
Funtasticks is the staycation that Tuscon residents can enjoy. This amusement park is fun for the entire family and has a key feature that makes it so attractive during hot weather season.


Funtasticks is the amusement park that never gets boring. As you enter, you are greeted by a wide variety of activities that are sure to keep any child or adult entertained for hours.
As you explore the park, you’ll find indoor activities like an arcade and laser tag. When trying to beat the heat, it is great to have some entertainment options that are indoors in the air conditioning. The arcade features all the classic favorites like air hockey, skee ball, and a variety of video games. Most of the games reward players with tickets that are redeemable for prizes.
The laser tag arena is the largest in the surrounding Tuscon area. This state-of-the-art facility is three levels and 5,200 square feet total, making this a perfect setting for a competitive game of laser tag for kids and adults alike.
When ready to head outdoors, there are plenty more activities to keep the fun going. There are two 18 hole mini golf courses to choose from, each with their own exciting twists, turns, and loopty-loops. Then, when ready to cool off in a fun and slightly competitive way, head over to the bumper boats, where others visiting the park will be floating along hoping to squirt other boaters who pass by with water.
The fun doesn’t end there! Next, head over to the GoKarts and see how you and the family fair as a racecar drivers. The track has long stretches of road and wide curves, making the driver feel like a Nascar star. Young children can enjoy Kiddie Land, where rides that are safe for smaller visitors await. They can hop on the kiddie roller coaster, bounce around on Frog Hopper, explore on dragon rides, and more.
The best summer amenity that Funtasticks features is Cactus Springs. This oasis in the middle of the park is where all can escape the heat in the most fun way possible. With water slides, waterfalls, dunk buckets, and more, the water is free flowing here, ready to cool off all visitors who worked up a sweat driving GoKarts or playing mini golf. When the temperature is regularly over 100 degrees, you can imagine how popular this space can be for Funtastick’s visitors.
This amusement park was nearly the perfect local getaway for Tuscon residents - just one amenity was missing. When the park needed an ADA-compliant restroom rental solution, they came to us and told us about their needs. We were quick to jump to the task.


Funtasticks Family Fun Park has a large footprint, so depending on one’s location in the park, the brick and mortar restrooms may be far out of reach. The park needed a restroom rental that made restrooms accessible in close range, no matter where they may be.
The restroom rental the we thought was the perfect fit for them was the ADA +2 Station Portable Restroom Rental, Comfort Beach Series. This portable restroom trailer is 20 feet in length, perfect for companies looking for something a little more compact. With a 360 waste gallon tank and a 105 fresh water tank, this unit can handle regular use throughout the long business day.

This popular restroom rental floor plan features a men’s suite, women’s suite, and ADA-compliant unisex suite. The exterior is simple and cleanly designed, reinforced to prevent scratches and dents. Each suite is accessible by sturdy, aluminum steps and rails for safety, and the ADA suite comes with a short ramp for easy wheelchair access.
The restroom rental is built with insulated walls to keep the interior temperature comfortable despite outside weather. The temperature is further maintained with an interior air conditioner and heater, ensuring that guests enjoy a pleasant climate when using the restroom.
The interior is equipped with nonslip designer flooring for safe yet stylish use. The men’s and women’s suites feature flushing toilets, a sink vanity, and shatterproof mirror, with a urinal added to the men’s suite. The California ADA-compliant suite is built to lower to the ground with a touch of a button, allowing for a shorter ramp that takes up less space. The suite is built with an accessible toilet and sink, and grab rails are added for safety and easy access. The unit’s interior also allows for 360-degree turns in a wheelchair to further allow for a comfortable experience.
The outside of each door comes with ample lighting to ensure that access is safe no matter what time it may be. Altogether, this compact restroom rental is perfect for a business that values safety, elegance, and accessibility for all.
Funtasticks is now fully equipped to service friends and families looking for a fun local escape. We encourage residents in the surrounding area to check it out - one more summer escape before school is back in session!