In the course of our work, we provide ADA restroom trailers to some of the finest and most exclusive wedding venues in North America.  We are proud to say that we added another one to the list recently when we connected with one of the most popular and desirable wedding venues in upstate New York.  This exclusive venue has been providing a picturesque setting for discerning couples to tie the knot for more than ten years, and it has earned a reputation as one of the best wedding venues in its region.
The main venue is a converted horse barn, which might sound a bit rustic at first – but after witnessing the ambiance that the current owners have created, you would be more likely to describe it as classic, traditional, or breathtakingly simple.  The site offers multiple locations – indoor and outdoor, to set your ceremony. Regardless of where the ceremony is held, the big barn is the perfect spot for a warm and lively reception afterwards.
The venue is located about two hours north of Albany, near the Vermont border.  While its remote location provides unparalleled scenery in the rolling Adirondack foothills, it also presents a challenge in terms of plumbing.  When the venue owners reached out to PRT, they were looking for a way to provide luxurious, comfortable, and accessible restrooms for their guests – in an affordable package that could easily be moved to different locations on the property.

Stunning Scenery in New York’s North Country

The barn at the center of this venue is beautiful.  The original structure has been refinished to preserve its historic charm, with fresh materials and finishes more fitting to the ambiance of exclusive weddings.  Refinished pine board walls and a subtly stained concrete floor create an atmosphere of simple elegance inside the reception venue. But the real attraction is outdoors, where stunning surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a marriage to begin.
The venue is located on 77 acres of rolling, landscaped hills surrounded by the splendor of the North Country.  Mountains reach up along the horizon, separated by miles of thick temperate forest. The view is rustic, but the available wedding locations are nicely finished with paved pathways and clean stone floors – so that guests need not worry about mud or moisture.  The venue offers a beautiful wooden arbor and cross-back wooden chairs to complete the setting.
When the owners reached out to PRT, they needed to find a mobile restroom solution that would match the elegant and luxurious environment they had created.  Traditional port-a-potties were simply not an option. Their guests expect the restroom accommodations to match the venue’s ambiance. Their solution needed to be simple, comfortable, and impeccably sanitary.  To comply with state and local regulations, they needed to make sure that the restrooms were accessible to guests with mobility impairments. We assured them that PRT could meet these requirements, and began showing them our extensive inventory of ADA restroom trailers.

Luxurious ADA Restroom Trailers for Exclusive Wedding Venues

After consulting with the owners about their requirements for the different wedding sites, we helped them select three different luxury restrooms units, including one from our line of ADA restroom trailers.  All three of the units they chose provide a level of comfort and luxury that is consistent with the overall experience their guests enjoy.
These units have beautiful designer flooring with coordinating interior color palettes to create a soft and comfortable setting where guests can relax.  All suites feature flushable authentic china toilets, solid surface countertops, and metered hot water faucets for hand washing. The ambiance inside our luxury units is no different than you would expect in a traditional upscale brick and mortar restroom.
The owners selected two units with our 3-season climate control package, which include a roof-mounted air conditioner for summer months and electric heat strips to warm the unit during spring and fall.  The third unit they chose has our 4-season climate control package – which adds additional insulation to all exterior walls and includes a 40K BTU ducted furnace for warmth in wintertime.
With this assortment of restrooms, the venue can now accommodate any accessibility requirements, at any time of year – with the same level of luxury and comfort that guests enjoy during the rest of their experience.

Simple and Convenient ADA Restroom Trailers

Our ADA restroom trailers meet or exceed all federal and state-level regulations – including those in the state of California.  The ADA unit that we sent to upstate New York has a large folding ramp with a spacious landing platform – all surrounded by stainless steel safety railing.  And a hydraulic kneeling axle system lowers the entire trailer to ground level with the push of a button.

The interior of each of our ADA restroom trailers is designed with accessibility as the top priority.  Our ADA suites allow a full 360-degree turning radius for standard-sized wheelchairs. The side walls around the push-button-flush toilet are lined with assistance grab rails.  And a wall-mounted porcelain sink allows easy accessibility and operation while seated in a wheelchair.

Contact PRT for More Information

If you would like to learn more about our extensive lineup of luxurious ADA restroom trailers, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We have a full suite of mobile resources that includes restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, and much more.  We have commercial-grade units for high-traffic/industrial applications; and we have high-end luxury units for private venues and exclusive events.
Give us a call today at (877) 600-8645 and one of our trained representatives will answer your questions and help you identify the perfect solution for your needs.  We have a wide variety of financing options to choose from with short-term rentals, long-term rentals, easy-approval credit, and a popular lease-to-own program.