ADA Restroom Trailers for Talbot County

ADA Restroom Trailers for Talbot County
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ADA Restroom Trailers for Talbot County

ADA restroom trailers make community events more enjoyable and are often purchased by local governments for event purposes. The ADA functionalities mean they serve people of every ability. 

Portable Restroom Trailers has worked with several local governments to find units that are ideal for their events. Talbot County is a preferred customer. Read on to learn about their purchasing experience. 

About Talbot County

Talbot County sits on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It was founded around 1661. It was named for Lady Grace Talbot, sister of Lord Baltimore and the first proprietary Maryland governor. 

The county has expanded over the years. It is now home to the charming towns of Queen Anne, St. Michaels, Oxford, and Easton. Its 600 miles of shoreline makes it a fantastic place to live and visit. 

The community has a thriving parks and rec center that hosts events throughout the year. They include roller skating rinks, pool events, outdoor markets, yard sales, Christmas activities, summer camps, sports activities, and more. The county also offers plenty of green spaces and attractive fishing landings. 

Talbot County’s events and attractions provide comfort to guests thanks to their ADA restroom trailers. Their compliant features allow them to serve differently abled guests. They show a sense of caring that puts the community in a favorable light. 

ADA Restroom Trailers for Talbot County

ADA restroom trailers to support the county

Talbot County needed a restroom that would be sized to serve their community events. It had to be durable, ADA-compliant, and easy to clean. It had to withstand all seasons. They chose the ADA 8 Station Fearless Series.

The 8 Station Fearless Series is one of our newest models. It measures 33 feet. It features a 925-gallon waste tank and a 300-gallon freshwater tank. 

The interior features a women’s suite with four private stalls and two corner sinks. The men’s suite features one private stall, three urinals, and a corner sink. The ADA stall features a compliant toilet and sink, a private entry ramp, grab rails, and a wide turning radius. 

The unit is attractively decorated. It features wood-like floors and blue-gray print reflective walls. It offers a clean, bright interior. 

The exterior features ample lighting and sturdy aluminum steps and railings to ensure safe entry. 

The trailer is available with a four-season add-on. The add-on protects the unit from freezing. It ensures it can withstand cold Maryland winters.  The walls are insulated to keep the unit comfortable. 

Other PRT ADA Restroom Trailers for Community Events

ADA 4 Station Oahu Series: The 4 Station Oahu Series is ideal for mid-sized events. Its women’s suite features two private stalls and a sink vanity. Its men’s suite features a private stall, a urinal, and a sink vanity. The ADA stall features a compliant sink and toilet and a private entry ramp. 

ADA 6- Station Tenacity Series: The 6 Station Tenacity Series is another one of PRT’s newer models. Its men’s suite features a private stall, two urinals, and two corner sinks. The women’s suite features three private stalls and two corner sinks. The unisex ADA suite features grab rails and a wide turning radius. Its luxury flooring makes it an attractive choice. 

PRT offers a wide selection of ADA restroom trailers that are perfect for community events. They will serve the needs of all your guests. They are durable enough to withstand the test of time. 

Contact us for a free quote on ADA restroom trailers for your next event. 

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