BEACH is the word with the CMA Music Festival

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BEACH is the word with the CMA Music Festival

There are so many reasons why Nashville, TN is the place to be this weekend. One of those reasons is the Soleil Bella Beach event. You will be able to listen to some of your favorite artists while you chill out on the real sand beach. There will also be tons of games, activities, food, photo ops, and more! portable restroom trailers

In conjunction with the summery beach theme, Portable Restroom Trailers is introducing a new beach line of trailers. These upgraded portable restroom trailers are designed to have a softer, more comfortable feel, with a sandy color and beach themed interior. They come in any size and can be both non-ADA and ADA compliant. The ADA compliant units are exactly like the non-ADA ones, but with a significantly larger amount of space. As always, the portable restrooms all come complete with flushable toilets, soap and hand sanitizer, clean running water, paper towels for drying, climate controlled, plenty of space, and fresh air. We might even argue that they offer a little bit of solace, even if it is just for a few minutes…

You’ve heard of the saying “your home away from home”? Well, we like to think of these new portable restroom trailers as “your bathroom away from your bathroom”!

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