We love supporting the hardworking men and women who make the luxuries of modern life possible. It’s the biggest reason why PRT has become a global leader in providing decon shower trailers for rent.  We know that for every person who is enjoying the amenities of modern life, another person is grinding out long days of dirty work to make it all possible.
You’ve probably seen Mike Rowe’s hit television series Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.  For eight years, he traveled around the world and did his best to walk a mile in the shoes of the people doing the dirtiest work imaginable.  It was fun to watch a rookie attempt so many dirty jobs, and for many of us it was entertaining just to see all the different dirty jobs that people do.
But for most workers, dirty jobs aren’t really about entertainment.  They’re about supporting a family and providing life’s necessities to the people they love.  At PRT, we’re passionate about making sure that when these hard workers return to their families and friends at the end of the day – they don’t take that dirty work home with them.  Our decon shower trailers for rent ensure that they return home completely free of the potentially dangerous chemicals and materials they’ve been working with all day long.

Specializing in the Biggest, Dirtiest Jobs on Earth

There are some big companies that specialize in doing dirty jobs on a massive industrial scale.  They work on commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, and civil infrastructure projects.  Their work supports our economy, our careers, and our day-to-day life at home.  One of the biggest of these companies recently reached out to PRT to learn more about the details of our decon shower trailers for rent.  We’re proud to say that they liked what they learned, and they decided to partner with PRT to provide safe decontamination of their workforce at the end of every day.
This company specializes in civil infrastructure projects, but the scope of their work is wide and their capabilities are impressive.  They do site development projects for governments, businesses, and land developers.  They build bridges, roads, and sewer systems.  And they do it all in compliance with the tight regulations of various government standards.  They are ISO certified for infrastructure construction, and they are LEED certified for materials management.
Perhaps the most dangerous work this company does involves demolition, remediation, and waste removal.  They work with older industrial buildings that can contain many different hazardous materials.  During the demolition process, tiny particles of lead, asbestos, and industrial coatings can be released into the air.  This company removes and remediates all hazardous materials, and they have a sterling record of providing a safe and protected working environment for their employees.

Decon Shower Trailers for Rent Offer Safe and Compliant Decontamination

PRT’s decon shower trailers feature three separate compartments to control the decontamination process for clothing, gear, and people.  The compartments are separated by vinyl airlock curtains, and each has its own independent filtration system.
The first compartment is known as the “dirty room.”  When workers enter the dirty room, they remove all contaminated clothing and protective gear.  Airborne particles are removed through an integrated filtration system that captures lead and asbestos particles.  All contaminated gear and clothing is deposited into a negative air chute for safe storage until it can be collected and cleaned.

After undressing, workers step forward through the vinyl airlock into the shower room.  The shower room provides full-size private stalls and hot showers for up to four workers at once.  An independent air filtration system captures any remaining airborne particles.  And a water filtration system captures spent water to allow for compliant LEED reporting for wastewater management.
When they are finished showering, workers step forward through the next vinyl airlock into the “clean room.”  The clean room is lined with benches and lockers, and provides a place for workers to towel off and change back in to their street clothes, ready to return home to their families with no worries about taking harmful materials home with them.

Safety and Comfort, All in One

With several independent stages of air filtration and water filtration, PRT’s decon shower trailers for rent provide a safe and compliant way to decontaminate your team and their gear for almost any hazardous materials project.  We replace every filter on the trailer for every rental we ship out.  And your workers will love the clean and comfortable experience that our trailers provide.
Each decon shower trailer we ship comes standard with on demand hot water heaters.  There is a 5600 BTU heat system onboard, so the internal air is comfortable no matter how cold it is outside.  An optional upgrade to a stronger heating package is available for projects in extreme climates.  And during the heat of summer your workers will appreciate the 13,500 BTU roof-mounted air conditioning system, which keeps the entire trailer at a comfortable cool temperature all day long.
A washer and dryer connection are included for on-site laundering of contaminated clothing.  And a utility sink is accessible from the trailer’s exterior to clean off tools and gear.  No detail has been overlooked on our decon shower trailers for rent.  These are the perfect units for industrial and infrastructure jobs, demolition and abatement, recycling and waste management, and much more.  If you’d like to learn more about our extensive line of decontamination trailers, get in touch with PRT today at (877) 600-8645.