Spring has sprung and the weather has begun to heat up (or, for some of us, we hope it will soon!). With nicer weather comes the inevitable travel plans. Whether you plan to venture to a neighboring town or state, or head across the ocean to explore a new country, travel plans are always something to look forward to.

What makes a town or city memorable? What makes us want to add it to our must-see list? There are many things that inspire us to venture, like history, culture, food, and interesting people. What also leaves a lasting impression on our opinion of a new place, occasionally just on a subconscious level, is cleanliness. Most iconic cities make it a point to keep their streets clean, and when we visit those places that don’t, there is a level of negativity left on our impression. One of the best ways for cities to solve their dirty problem is by providing public restrooms with a portable bathroom trailer rental.

Why would restrooms make a difference, you ask? Public restrooms encourage people to relieve themselves in a more humane way, especially those who are homeless or displaced. We know, it’s not a glamorous topic, but it is an important one. Read below to see why providing public restrooms is important, how it has changed some cities, and why a portable bathroom trailer rental is your most affordable and convenient option.


When it comes to having public spaces in your city that are clean and green, the proof is in science. NBC News reported on a study that found that mental health is positively affected by these cleaner public spaces. Read their summary:

The study, published in the new open-access Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open, looked at 541 vacant lots around Philadelphia. In a third, trees and grass were planted, and trash was removed from another third — but the remainder weren’t touched at all.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania spoke to 342 local residents several times to track their emotional state over the three-year period of the cleanup study, from 2011 to 2014.

They found that residents of areas that had either the greening or trash removal projects reported a decrease in feelings of depression by about 40 percent. In neighborhoods below the poverty line, the drop was 70 percent. Researchers also found reductions in feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and overall poor mental health.”

Removing trash and adding greenery raised mental health for locals - and can also raise tourists’ perspective of your city. With trash cleanup comes that inevitable time when you have to face - to put it delicately - other forms of waste. Once your space is cleaned up and green, to maintain that level of cleanliness, a portable restroom trailer rental can provide an appropriate place for relief and keep that area clean.


As people explore your city, walking through the streets, parks, and local sites, the urge to go is inevitable. It is important to support your guests and provide them with a suitable place to relieve themselves.

Greater Greater Washington, a local DC newspaper, stated:

Easily-available restrooms make good business sense and help foster tourism. Knowing that there are clean, safe public restrooms readily accessible, people are more apt to visit parks, ride their bikes, jog, and walk. As a result, more and more cities are investing in them.”

While public restrooms are becoming a priority for cities, making sure your city is up to par and providing public restrooms for all is an expensive investment. Building a brick-and-mortar restroom may be the goal someday, but perhaps you need a solution right now. Maybe the funds for a restroom are limited.

In steps our portable bathroom trailer rental options. These elegant restroom trailers are designed to impress, durable, easy to clean, and provide an affordable public bathroom solution. With a wide range of sizes and styles, and even ADA compliant options, we are certain that our portable bathroom trailer rental options are a fit for your city’s needs.

We encourage you to take time browsing our inventory, then contact us to get a quote for you portable bathroom trailer rental today! We can guarantee that our trailers are a solution for your needs, providing locals and tourists alike with a restroom option that is safe, durable, and well designed. Guarantee that the impression that your city makes on every person who walks its streets is positive. Check out what we have to offer!

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