If you think porta potties are only used for one purpose, think again!
Professional sports teams have utilized the portable restroom trailers for drills during practice. Bizarre, right?!? It is said that the Patriots came up with this outlandish training method in 1994 to help their tight ends with their eye-hand coordination, as well as concentration when receiving the ball amidst the many distractions.
A couple of years ago however, the Chiefs adopted the eccentric training technique to use for their players. What they did was have one player sit inside on the portable toilet and have another player outside holding the door closed. Then the coach would throw the ball and the player holding the door would swing it open at the last minute so that they player inside would have to quickly focus, get his hands up, and catch the ball before it hit him.
I admit, it does sound strange…but it’s a creative way of teaching and learning. No longer is the portable potty only good for one function!
Hmmm, what else can we come up with...