Our luxury portable restrooms for sale end up in some very interesting and unusual situations.  In fact, one of the most rewarding aspects of our business is meeting new clients and learning about the unique ways that they will put our portable restrooms to use.
When we got a call from an independent brewery in Utah recently, it didn’t take long for us to realize that they had a great application for our luxury portable restrooms for sale – and the backstory was one that we had not heard before.

Growing Pains and Great Beer

portable restrooms for sale

When this brewery reached out to us, they had already been in business for several years.  The brewery was founded in a small town on the outskirts of Salt Lake City that’s best known as a world-class skiing destination.  The original brewery was housed in a small modified warehouse that the founder has described as “a glorified garage,” where a small team perfected their recipes and put together a lineup of consistent craft beers.
When the beers began to draw interest and attention from brewer’s festivals and critics, the ownership realized that they would need to rapidly expand their operation to keep up with demand.  The small warehouse could not provide enough space, and they started searching for a new home.  The location they found was an abandoned meat packing facility on the south side of Salt Lake City.
The new facility required a good deal of remodeling and customization to transform into a full-scale production brewery.  But the team at this brewery is independent and innovative.  They rolled up their sleeves and embraced the challenge in true DIY fashion.  Within a few short months, the basic framework was in place and the team resumed brewing operations in their new industrial setting.

Catering to the Community in SLC

In the original warehouse, the brewery never had enough space to support a tasting room, tap room, bottle room, or any other type of public outlet for their product.  But one great feature of their new location is that it provides ample space for the brewery to host a full-scale public tap room.
As soon as the brewing operation was running at full steam, the ownership began building a public tap room where the people of Salt Lake City could come to see the brewing operation first-hand and sample limited-run seasonal brews that aren’t available at retail outlets.  The unique tap room they envisioned would offer a raw and authentic experience for beer connoisseurs, who could cozy up to the bar only a few feet away from the massive brewing tanks.
The community responded with great interest, and the new tap room quickly generated a lot of publicity and buzz.  Along the way to making their vision a reality, the brewery’s ownership got a crash course in the difficulties that can arise when working with government licensing agencies at the state and municipal levels.  Their journey was not easy, but they persevered.  With help from people in their local community, and the community of Utah brewers, they jumped through every hoop that was put in front of them – earning their licensing and opening the tap room as they had planned.

Complying with City Codes and State Regulations

The new tap room is quickly taking on the character that the brewery’s owners originally envisioned.  Connoisseurs can visit the brewery 7 days a week to taste seasonal brews and witness the brewing operation firsthand.  And the tap room has become an asset to the community as it supports local artists, musicians, and restaurants.
While the factory setting of the new brewery lends itself to community gathering, it also presents some unique challenges.  One big challenge that the brewery discovered was restroom capacity.  The original restrooms were not conveniently located, and they did not provide the capacity that the tap room demands.
Creating entirely new restrooms would require structural changes and huge investments to update the old building’s plumbing, electricity, and drainage.  Ownership decided that new restrooms would need to be a long-term investment, and in the meantime, they would look for a short-term solution.  That’s where we come in.  Our luxury portable restrooms for sale allowed the brewery to satisfy local codes and ordinances at a cost that was well within reach of its existing budget.

Luxury Portable Restrooms for Sale

We talked with the brewery’s ownership to understand their requirements and their anticipated foot traffic.  Their primary concerns were cleanliness and comfort.  Considering the nature of their business, they knew that the restrooms would play a central role in each customer’s experience.  And while the tap room’s ambience is raw and authentic, they wanted their customers to have a clean and sanitary place to relieve themselves comfortably.

We considered a few different options together, and eventually decided that a 3-station restroom from our Comfort Series would be a great fit for the tap room.  Our luxury portable restrooms for sale provide all the necessities you would expect from a permanent, indoor restroom – including flushable china toilets, automatic metered faucets, hot water hand wash, and 4-season climate control.
The floorplan of the unit we delivered has 2 designated women’s suites and 1 men’s suite, each with its own private entry.  The men’s suite has a water-saving china urinal.  And all 3 suites have shatterproof glass mirrors and wall-mounted liquid soap and paper towel dispensers.  All of this fits into a compact 16-foot footprint that can easily be installed in just about any location.

Superior Service and Flexible Financing

Here at PRT, we take a lot of pride in our outstanding customer service and our huge inventory of luxury portable restrooms for sale.  Repeat business is the cornerstone of our success, and we strive to provide an exemplary experience for every one of our customers.  Our representatives are trained to help you estimate your capacity requirements and evaluate the extensive options and customizations that we offer.
Our flexible financing options ensure that we can find a good match for almost every budget out there.  We have great short-term and long-term rental options.  We offer competitive financing on our new and used inventory.  And our lease-to-own program has become extremely popular because it allows businesses to acquire valuable new equipment without ever making a significant cash outlay.  If you’re looking for luxury portable restrooms for sale, give us a call today at (877) 600-8645.  We’ll help you navigate your options to find the perfect solution for your unique situation.