This weekend we were at a horse show. It was rainy, muddy, and sticky. I noticed that along with the permanent bathrooms in the main barn and the food shack, there were two porta potty rentals located by the four rows of extra stalls at the far end of the property. As one of the young girls came out of the porta potty I couldn’t help but notice that because there was no water or soap to wash her hands, she wouldn’t touch her face with her hand; instead, she used her arm. And because there wasn’t a mirror, she had to ask her mom if everything looked alright.
If the stable that hosted the horse show had only known about portable restroom trailers, they could have made a huge impression on their guests. In fact, they probably would have been the talk of the show. All they needed was a two-unit clean portable portable restroom trailer with a full length mirror, running water and soap, flushable toilets, and fresh air. An upgrade like that would have made the horse show guests feel important and well taken care of. Plus, the portable restroom trailers are easy and convenient, so they can be placed wherever they’re needed.
After all, they’re already muddy and dirty from all the dust and horse hair…why not offer everyone “a little slice of heaven” for a few moments?!