As businesses begin to reopen, they have to prioritize social distancing practices as they are sure to be necessary for the permeable future. The prevalence of COVID-19 in the United States has seen an optimistic downturn and businesses such as restaurants have gotten the green light to reopen with modifications. These modifications include the continuance of social distancing for the safety of consumers. The addition of our portable restroom trailers can make these accommodations much easier. 

Successfully accommodating social distancing within businesses will also be essential for the comfort of customers. If customers feel comfortable eating and shopping at our businesses they are much more likely to return again and again. Many consumers are concerned about pre COVID-19 activities such as sitting down in a restaurant, but this feeling can be eased if businesses take the initiative to make their environment successfully socially distanced.

Our portable restroom options can help to expand bathrooms and allow for more space to stay distant in the restroom. We have an array of large portable restroom trailers that can be used as a substitute for smaller restrooms or as an additional restroom option to keep customers distant and safe. 

Here are our suggestions for portable restrooms to help businesses safely reopen with the resources their customers need. 


ADA portable bathroom

This trailer provides your staff and visitors with the proper restroom access they need no matter the disability they may have. This trailer is built for the needs of all consumers and this allows every customer to comfortably socially distance themselves while at your establishment. 

The ADA +8 Island Series - Palm Green restroom trailer is a wonderful way for businesses to have an efficient restroom without sacrificing design. 


large portable bathroom

If you are looking for a no muss no fuss, to the point restroom trailer, the 8 Station Classic Series is for you. This 8 Station Shower Trailer is a leading choice for site and project managers because it is a durable yet comfortable environment for their employees.

As businesses begin to reopen it is important to not only keep customers safe, but to also keep employees safe as they begin to leave their homes and return to work. Having this portable restroom trailer will allow employees to safely use the restroom while at work.


10 station portable bathroom

For a more professional setting, this portable restroom provides a classic interior and a lean, fresh exterior that greets each guest with heavy duty fold-up aluminum steps and rails for easy access. Guests are sure to feel comfortable and safe inside the spacious 10 station trailer.


Though very necessary during this time of social distancing, having a portable restroom should not reduce the class and luxury of your business. The 10 Station Luxury Series portable restroom trailer is perfect for any high class event or business. This trailer is extremely spacious with a beautifully designed interior to match the elegance of your business. Visitors will continue to experience the comfort and class while still socially distancing.


10 station island trailer

Many companies such as warehouses and department stores have tons of employees with few restrooms. Before COVID-19 this may have been suitable, but now with the need for social distancing employees need more space and more restroom stalls. The 10 Station Island Series - Blue is a smart choice for any business that has a high volume of visitors or hundreds of employees because it is equipped to handle large crowds. 

Get Your Portable Bathroom

At a time where visitors and clients are wary of returning to their normal routines it is essential for business to make their customers feel as safe as possible. The addition of a portable restroom trailer can be just the thing to make customers feel at ease. Prioritizing the safety of employees and shoppers or clients will separate your business from the rest!

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