Despite the sadness that a number of disasters have caused across the nation this year, it prides us to see how Americans have remained resilient, helping their fellow neighbor, volunteering as first responders, and doing all that they can to get these pieces of our nation back on their feet. As providers of a variety of portable trailers, our restroom, shower, and laundry trailers have come to the aid of many. Organizations and communities have appreciated the value that these simple, everyday amenities bring to a low morale right after a disaster strikes.

We have used laundry trailers specifically to aid a wide variety of organizations. Volunteer organizations put them to use by providing washers and dryers for affected families and individuals. In many cases, power or water may not be available after a disaster. Our laundry trailers ensure that access to clean clothing is made possible.

Other organizations, like community centers or churches, use them to keep linens and blankets clean for those who need shelter. After the trauma of potentially losing your house, car, or memories left behind, the comfort of a clean place to lie your head is essential.

Overall, these units have provided an amenity that many of us take for granted. When you lose everything, a simple task like putting a load in the wash becomes a luxury. As communities begin to recover after these disasters strike, we are glad to provide a small trinket of hope when all is lost.

Why Laundry Trailers Help

laundry trailers support first responders

There are many ways that our laundry trailers provide aid when disaster strikes. A key factor that many of our clients appreciate is the easy maintenance of our units. When the call is made for laundry trailers, they’re delivered quickly and are able to be used soon after.

Setup and breakdown is easy. We have created our units to be very user friendly, ensuring that fleet renters and owners are able to access all that they need and get laundry trailers up and running. The faster the trailers are up and running, the sooner they can start providing aid for those in need. 

One goal that our CEO had when our company was first founded was to provide a high quality product at an affordable price. That is why we have provided many options for payment when it comes to renting our purchasing a laundry trailer. We allow clients to choose to pay the trailer off in full or check out financing options. These options make our units accessible to businesses of all sizes and for a wide variety of uses.

After laundry trailers are delivered and set up, they are available for a wide variety of used during a disaster. We have had many churches and communities come to us for laundry trailers. When emergency strikes, these nonprofit organizations are the first to house those who have been displaced. 

Laundry trailers allow these organizations to provide clean blankets, sleeping bags, and other comforting and warm items for their guests. After use, they are able to rewash these items and provide them for others who may need them. 

In addition to providing warm items, these laundry trailers can allow those seeking refuge to clean their clothing and other cloth articles. When someone has lost nearly everything, these last few items can mean the world to them. It can provide them with the comfort they need as they begin the recovery journey. Laundry trailers give these citizens the opportunity to care for their possessions.

Aside from providing guests with sleeping items and a solution for any cloth items they’d like to wash, laundry trailers can provide simple, everyday assistance for organizations aiding in disaster relief. Other items, like mats, rugs, table cloths, or other small things we take for granted everyday can be what provides comfort for those displaced. These trailers can help to keep temporary shelters clean and welcoming. 

Disaster Relief Trailers Available Now

laundry trailers for disaster relief

We have a number of laundry trailers available for nonprofit organizations, community centers, first responders and more. There are options both for rent and for sale depending on your need. Browse these options and request a quote here when you are ready to secure your disaster relief trailer. 

Browse trailer rentals here for medium, large, and combination options.

For those looking to purchase a laundry trailer, check out these options that are ready to ship now.