There are places where long lines are expected… Disney World, sporting events, state/county fairs. Porta potties, before a race is about to begin, are not in the category of acceptable places. Last weekend we ran in a 10K. While we were there we experienced the perfect example of why proper planning for a large crowd is required.
Ten minutes before the race was scheduled to start, we noticed an unbelievably long line in front of the porta potties. We knew all those people would never get through the line by the time the race was to start. We were right! While half of the line had to run to another set of portable restroom trailers on the other side of the grounds, the other half stayed in line. After what seemed like forever (a half an hour), we were on our way.
Even though the coordinator apologized and promised to have a better solution next year, the damage was already done. People were not happy. Embarrassment, along with the threat of injury from waiting around and not being properly warmed up, on top of the risk of disgruntled runners not returning next year is incentive for a better solution. Fortunately, there are portable restroom trailers designed for large crowds that are a quicker, cleaner, easier, and more affordable solution. Did I already mention quicker?
Who says being the talk of the race has to be a bad thing?