There’s something especially unique about a concert experience. Music is one of the world’s most universal joys, and we can all think of a song, album, or artist that has changed us. When that music is live in concert, it becomes that much more special. Our specialty is improving the guest experience with a luxury restroom rental.
Because we provide temporary restroom rentals for a wide variety of businesses, we have had the pleasure of working with many concert producers. We know that we contribute to making the concert a special experience, and we are always proud to make a guest’s time truly exceptional. As visitors enjoy the beats and emotions of the music, we get to be behind the scenes, aiding in creating the magic.
LiveNation is not stranger to concert production. They have worked with some of the nation’s favorite artists and know that no matter how good the music may be, the full concert experience expands beyond that. Everything that a visitor sees and does will affect their time at the concert and will become a part of the memory. We were excited to help elevate the concert experience when LiveNation came to us with a restroom rental need.


LiveNation is the leading provider of live entertainment around the world. With over 550 million fans and a presence in over 40 countries, this company has changed the way that crowds enjoy concerts and festivals.
The company is proud to boast that every 18 minutes, a LiveNation event takes place somewhere in the world. They not only specialize in producing some of the biggest concerts and music festivals, working with top music stars in the industry, but also plan other live events like stand-up comedy specials. Working with artists like Pink, Lana Del Rey, Miranda Lambert, Kevin Hart, and more favorites, it’s not a surprise that LiveNation produces the very best.
The company hosts events at 222 venues spread over 12 countries, so when the Mid-Florida Credit Union Amphitheater came to them with a desire to host a music series, LiveNation knew this was a job for them.
The summer music series at the amphitheater features names like Santana, Kesha, Pentatonix, Imagine Dragons, and more well-renowned names in the music industry. LiveNation was able to handle the booking, scheduling,  and advertisement of the music series, making it wildly successful in the Mid-Florida region.
With thousands of guests expected, both LiveNation and the amphitheater knew that accessible restrooms needed to be a priority. The outdoor amphitheater is located on the Florida State Fairgrounds. This venue has limited access to brick and mortar bathrooms, and while the event had used port-a-potties in the past, they were ready to upgrade the portable restroom experience.
When seeking a solution, LiveNation came to us. We were further introduced to the brand and their goal to provide an elevated event experience for guests. After learning about their goals and priorities, we were quick to suggest a restroom rental solution.


LiveNation is all about creating events that have a specific level of class. While festivals may take place in a dusty desert or an empty field, they still expect the experience to have a high-end feel. Knowing the level of quality that LiveNation expected to provide their guests with, we had the ideal restroom rental in mind for them.
The 10 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer Coastal Series is a 24 foot restroom trailer with 865 gallon waste tank and 200 gallon fresh water tank. It is designed for high volume use, perfect for a long day at a festival filled with thousands of people.

The exterior has a clean, basic design and includes ample lighting for safe access during all hours of the day and night. The aluminum stairs and railing allow for an easy and safe entry into the unit as well.
When entering this restroom rental, you’ll find that it is climate controlled for comfort with air conditioning and heat strips. The ceiling and walls are insulated to further ensure that the temperature is kept at a comfortable level despite outside weather. Rest assured that when guests use this portable restroom rental, they’ll find it to be a comfortable, unique experience.
The women’s suite includes five private stalls, a double sink vanity, and shatterproof mirror. The men’s suite features two stalls, three standard urinals with privacy walls, and a similar double sink and mirror. Each of these units features china flushing toilets.
Guests will be impressed by the rental restroom’s luxurious interior design, featuring a two-tone gray and white nautical theme. The coordinated vanity adds to the elegance and mosaic tiles set the tone with their intricate and upscale style.
Another feature that comes with this restroom trailer is the Smarter Restrooms App. This app is a revolutionary tool that allows the restroom’s maintenance team to control aspects of the trailer remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Easily maintain systems operations with the ability to monitor waste levels, freshwater tank levels, power, and interior climate control.
As a package, the Coastal Series is built to impress guests with a luxury restroom experience. We go the extra mile to ensure that all who use this restroom rental are comfortable from entry to exit. LiveNation knew this was the perfect fit for the Mid-Florida Credit Union Amphitheater’s summer concert series: it could handle a large amount of use, would fit in with the company’s high quality expectations, and would ensure that guests had an elevated restroom experience.
We were so happy to find a restroom rental solution for LiveNation and hope that we can help you with your temporary restroom need. Tell us about your project and we’ll find the portable restroom trailer for you!