Not Your Typical Portable Restroom Trailer!

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Not Your Typical Portable Restroom Trailer!

If you think having a portable restroom trailer at your party is extravagant, take a look at this video of celebrity trailers!
These are not just restroom trailers; they are million dollar estates on 18 wheels! They’re multi-level, ultra luxurious homes (and offices) away from home. These mobile estates, as they’re called, include multiple full bathrooms with steam showers, bedrooms, play areas for the kiddos, theaters, flat screen TVs, electronic control panels, and much, much more. You can customize it with whatever you want…for a price that is. Celebs like Simon Cowell, Will Smith, J Lo, and Ben Stiller all have one, customized to their liking. It seems that this is the new “competitive trend” amongst Hollywood celebrities…to see who has the biggest and baddest mobile estate.
Even though the majority of the population probably won’t be living in one of those mobile estates anytime soon, look on the bright side…at least the portable restrooms are easy to relocate and fit just about anywhere!

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