Autumn is finally here! If you’re planning a fall wedding, consider making it an outdoor one. It’s easy to see how the changing scenery would complement an outdoor wedding.
To make sure your outdoor wedding goes smoothly, here are 5 things to consider while planning:

1. Rules and Permits

If you are having your outdoor wedding in a public place like a park or a beach, make sure you get any necessary permits you will need. Each town may have their own rules about what is allowed at their parks. If you are serving alcohol some places may not allow it or they may require additional permits.

White flowers wedding decorations2. Plan for the Weather

A fall wedding will have particular weather concerns for you and your guests. If you are dealing with colder weather you want to make sure your guests are comfortable. Consider providing blankets or space heaters to keep guests warm.
If there is a chance it will be a windy day, plan accordingly. Tell your hair stylist you’ll be having an outdoor wedding so the bride and bridesmaid’s hair styles can be prepared. Decorations and food should be protected from wind and other elements.

3. Decorate and Clean the Site

One of the best things about an outdoor wedding is the natural decorations the location will provide. Especially in fall, the colors of the trees and landscape will create a beautiful backdrop. Go to the site ahead of time to make sure it is clean. If it is a public place, consider having your groomsmen or friends clean the area the day of the wedding.
Use decorations to add to the venue or to cover up imperfections such as muddy areas, overgrown grass, or anything you can’t remove.

4. Use Restroom Trailers

It is important to keep your guests comfortable. If your wedding venue is far away from any restrooms, or if the public restrooms available aren’t up to the quality of your wedding, you may consider portable restroom trailers. Our restrooms are ideal for the most formal weddings and will add a touch of comfort and class to the event.
Our Luxury Restroom Rentals for Weddings can fit any size event and can match the overall look and elegance of your event.

5. Have a Backup Plan

No matter how much you plan your day around the weather, sometimes it just won’t cooperate. Rain or other problems may make it impossible to stick with your outdoor venue. Be sure to have a backup venue already planned on. Tell all of your vendors and guests where the wedding will be held if the weather doesn’t hold up.
If you decide to go with an outdoor wedding, be sure to plan ahead to make your day special. The beautiful fall foliage will add a whole new level of majesty to your special day.