Even though it's still cold outside, it's getting closer and closer to summer event season. And for many small towns and cities that means preparing for an influx of visitors and tourists. portable restroom trailers ada compliantAlong with an influx of visitor and tourist dollars.
And when we talk to a lot of these event planners, one of their biggest concerns is how to comply with ADA regulations so they can take care of their visitors who are physically 2012-01-13-3-portable-restroom-trailers challenged. Many municipalities have strict ordinances, codes and zoning issues that make it prohibitively expensive to build a permanent structure that complies with the rules. And typical portable restroom trailers are not built with the ramps or the space clearances necessary for ADA compliance. This causes a challenge not just from a legal standpoint, but also from a convenience standpoint for visitors who need these facilities.
What we advise these planners is to stop thinking "permanent structure" or "traditional porta-potty" and go in between. You can have the convenience of a portable restroom trailer that is easy to store in the off-season, yet is attractive and comfortable enough to offer guests without embarrassment, while still meeting ADA requirements.
There are a wide variety of portable restroom trailers on the market, both for sale and rental, that can give you what you need, within your budget. And they are being improved upon year after year. One we particularly like right now is the new Beach Elite II ADA+2 unit. It comes in soft, earth tones, coordinated vanities with granite-look counter tops, with an abundance of lighting. Best of all, it is ADA compliant in all 50 states and allows for full 360-degree turning of wheelchairs in the ADA suite. Both impressive and practical.2012-01-13-4-portable-restroom-trailers
So if you're planning your summer events, expecting a large number of guests all season long, or just for a single large festival or concert, don't invest more than you have to in making ADA compliant portable restroom trailers available. Remember, you can have an elegant solution that doesn't require a permanent investment.

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