Something you’ll hear the most successful career people say when they discuss what it takes to ge to the top is: “Love what you do. Make work your passion.” This concept turns the idea of a mandatory 9-to-5 that simply exists in your life to pay the bills into making what you do to earn money something you genuinely enjoy. Something that is meaningful to you.

When passion is your work, it doesn’t feel like work anymore, and that’s the point that these successful people want to make. Passion doesn’t feel like a chore or an obligation. It wakes you up in the morning and gives you another reason to want to live life to the fullest.

We love when we get to partner with a company that is brimming with passion. Providing a portable bathroom rental to these companies allows us to tap into a little bit of that passion that they have and reminds us that the work we do is improving the work lives of thousands each year. That’s what drives us.

This month, we got to partner with Swan Lake Stables, a highly recognized horse training and boarding facility. When the had a portable restroom rental need, they knew who to call.


In order to do the work that Swan Lake Stables gets to do, you have to love it. As fun as it sounds to spend every work day hanging out with horses, many don’t realize the hard work, dedication, and patience it takes to not only maintain a clean stable environment, but to train happy healthy horses and their owners. Read a little bit about them:

“Swan Lake Stables is a full-service hunter/jumper show stable offering a wide array of services including boarding, training and coaching. Although many of our clients like to show, our emphasis is on helping riders achieve their own personal goals for both themselves and their horses.

We strive to maintain happy, healthy horses with willing attitudes. Each horse at Swan Lake is treated as an individual, with an emphasis on personalized care and training.

Swan Lake hosts hunter/jumper shows year-round, from schooling to AA level. Our rings have premiere sand and eurofelt footing and are carefully groomed to ensure optimum performance and safety.”

For those living in the Southern Pennsylvania are, we encourage you to visit, especially if you have a child interested in horses and riding. Check out there list of events:

St. Christopher’s Horse Show (AA) May 8-12, 2019

Blue Rock Classic (AA) May 15-19, 2019

Swan Lake May Local May 25, 2019

Swan Lake June Local June 8, 2019

PJA Jumper Classic June 14-16, 2019

Kick Off Classic (AA) June 18-22, 2019

Swan Lake July Local July 7, 2019

Swan Lake July I (B) July 13, 2019

Swan Lake July II (B) July 14, 2019

Mid Summer Stroller (A) July 18-21, 2019

Mason Dixon Classic July 24-28, 2019

Swan Lake August Local Aug 10, 2019

Summer Swan Song I (B) Aug 17, 2019

Summer Swan Song II (B) Aug 18, 2019

Quentin Fall Classic (A) Aug 29 – Sept 1, 2019

Swan Lake September Local Sept 7, 2019

Swan Lake Fall Regional (B) & Stirrup Cup Championship Sept 28-29, 2019

Harvest Classic (A) Nov 7-10, 2019

With so many upcoming events and a crowd that expects a certain level of elegance given the sport, Swan Lake Stables knew they needed to expand their existing restroom options. When considering this expansion, they realized that a brick-and-mortar restroom addition would be out of the budget and not wise in the long term since the restroom would be unused during off-season. A portable bathroom rental was the perfect solution for them - an upscale restroom option that didn’t break the bank.


Knowing that Swan Lake anticipated hundreds - perhaps thousands - of visitors during their many months of events, we knew they’d be in the market for a portable bathroom rental that could handle a large volume of users.

Fortunately, we have a large inventory of rentals fit for every need. After hearing exactly what kind of portable bathroom rental they’d need, we were quick to suggest the 10 Station Portable Restroom Trailer Rental, Coastal Series. This unit is built for high volume use with a 200 gallon fresh water tank and 865 gallon waste tank. The spacious suites allow for plenty of in and out room for guests of all shapes and sizes.

The Coastal series portable bathroom rental features a two tone grey design and includes all of the amenities of a home bathroom. In the women’s suite, you’ll find five stalls with privacy walls, a double sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and ample lighting. The men’s suite also features a similar double sink vanity and mirror, with three stalls and two standard urinals equipped with privacy walls.

To ensure safe access to the unit, no matter what time of day or night, this restroom rental is equipped with aluminum stairs and railing and has ample porch lighting. The exterior is clean and sturdy, reinforced with materials that deters dents and scratches.

The entire unit also features air conditioning and heat strips in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature no matter what outside weather may be like. These strips can easily increase or decrease the temperature of the unit when necessary, ensuring that guests have a comfortable experience.

This portable bathroom rental also comes with the option to add on the Smarter Restrooms App. As we continue to partner with new businesses, we want to highlight the value of renting and purchasing portable bathroom rental units with the Smarter Restrooms App feature. This app has changed the game when it comes to restroom fleet management, making the job that much easier. Read ahead to discover three key upgrades that the app provides.

  1. Receive Timely Notifications

Each of our portable bathroom rental units comes with water saving flushable toilets, running water from sinks, and sometimes, showers and other amenities. This means that fresh water tank and waste tank levels require careful monitoring.

No need to do this math on your own any longer! The Smarter Restroom App sends the fleet managers alert notifications when waste and freshwater tank levels are 2⁄3 full or empty, causing the unit will be out of service shortly. This is sure to boost productivity, allowing your team to have easy access to the information they need to keep portable restroom trailers operating smoothly.

  1. All-In-One Control System

Nothing is more important than the experience of your guests. We want to ensure that every user has a comfortable experience in a climate-controlled unit with all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar restroom. This is an easy achievement with the app’s system operations control feature.

The app detects and controls shore power, interior climate temperatures, and up-to-date weather conditions, giving units winter protection from freezing temperatures and keeping things cool when hot. This ensures that restroom fleet managers stay updated from a remote location - they’ll know what changes are needed to the unit and when, which allows for a consistently pleasant restroom experience for guests.

The app also allows for geometric locating, allowing managers to see the exact locations of all portable restroom trailers at all times.

  1. Offsite Unit Management

The most tasking part of operating a portable bathroom trailer fleet is basic management. Making the trip back and forth to one or many units takes up valuable time, which can lower efficient customer service. The app addresses this issue as well.

Managers have capabilities to remotely control lights, air conditioning, heating, water heaters, and trailer power. This means managers can operate more restroom trailers off-site, expand their operations, and provide superior service.

Overall, the Smarter Restrooms App was developed to allow businesses who use or own portable restroom trailers to manage them more effectively. The app allows the management team to get more done in less time, makes fleet operations easier in general, and saves valuable employee time. Now, with the app, portable restroom trailers owners can ensure that restroom visitors have a top-notch experience with less manual labor.

Overall, these two shower trailer rental options were an ideal solution for them. Of the many shower trailer rentals that we showed them, they favored these trailers because they were efficient, equipped with all the amenities of a home restroom, and designed with thought. They knew that these restroom and shower solutions would be long-term and didn’t want to sacrifice quality to save money.

Luckily, with our shower trailer rental units, we were able to supply a perfect restroom solution that was affordable and captured the ambiance that the Army desired. As we look forward to helping other companies and organizations in the future, we want to spread the word that anyone looking for a long-term restroom or shower  option can find a solution with us. No need to sacrifice quality, and no need to break the bank on another high-end option. Like with McAlester Army Base, the perfect fit that balances the two comes with an elegant shower railer rental option.


We have worked with companies and organizations much like Swan Lake Stables in the past, along with a wide variety of other businesses and facilities. We have provided our portable bathroom rental units as facilities during events, disaster recovery, and for seasonal employees, as well as for those needing more long term solutions, like construction sites, logistics companies, and more.

We are always happy to leave a customer satisfied. With Swan Lake Stables, we were able to provide them with a portable bathroom rental that fit their needs, easily accommodating their volume of usage while providing a restroom facility that made guests feel comfortable.

With our continued success partnering with such a diverse range of companies, we are confident in our ability to help those who may have a restroom need in the future. Tell us about your business. Do you hire temporary or seasonal staff? Have a venue or facility that needs more restroom access. How about a nonprofit organization that services those in need? If so, we are here to help you solve all of your restroom problems with a restroom or shower trailer rental that fits your specific needs. With basic to luxury designs, small to large in size, we have the restroom or shower trailer that is perfectly equipped for your exact needs!

We continue to look forward to servicing a large variety of businesses and organizations. We have seen portable bathroom rental units provide an accessible option at sporting events, on college campuses, and on campsites, ensuring that all users have an opportunity to get “go” when they need to. We have seen them provide a little relief for those displaced by the many natural disasters we saw in previous years. They’ve provided a restroom option for small businesses with laborers who work hard in fields and on construction sites.

We are proud to be a leading provider of portable bathroom rental units and are here to help. What are your restroom needs? Do you have temporary staff in your facilities that your brick and mortar bathroom can’t quite service effectively? Run a campsite that needs a portable restroom option? Is there an upcoming outdoor event that could use a luxury restroom option? Contact us and let our team of experts find the perfect rentals for you!

We encourage you to take the time to browse our large inventory - we have a variety of portable bathroom rental units that are unique to every need. In addition to these units used by Swan Lake Stables, our collection of shower, locker, ADA, and many other rental options is vast and full of a variety of great options. Ready to book your rental or purchase? Send us a message or get a quote on the perfect trailers for your needs. Our team is here to help you and equipped to get you the tools you need for your business to succeed!