Portable Bathrooms for the Sunshine State

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Portable Bathrooms for the Sunshine State

The beautiful state of Florida is known for many things. From its never ending beaches to exciting nightlife, theme parks to fascinating nature and wildlife, it is a state that’s on everyone’s travel list. Our portable bathrooms business has taken us all over the nation, and we have noticed that every state has something unique to offer. In our goal to have an inventory that addresses every business need, it’s important for us to understand needs based on location.

Florida is known for its tropical weather! When visiting, be prepared for humidity that will frizz through any extra hold hairspray, warm thunderstorms, and constant high temps.

When thinking about climate and terrain, we know that Florida is going to need storm-proof portable bathrooms that are climate controlled, ensuring that interior temperature stays comfortable despite unbeatable humidity. We also know that portable bathrooms are most likely going to be needed at beaches, luxury resorts, clubs and lounges, and theme parks, making the need for a variety of design styles from casual to formal much needed.

Below, we outline some great portable bathrooms for businesses operating in the Sunshine state. See which options are a perfect fit for you, then contact us to begin your rental or purchasing process!


classic restroom trailers

For those who need portable bathrooms that get the job done for a large crowd and don’t need to spend additional finances on extras, this is the choice for you. Options like the 10 Station Classic Series are elegant without overdoing it and service large crowds with ease. Durable and easy to clean, this unit is perfect for your beach visitors.

Patio Lounge

4 station coastal portable bathrooms

The 4 Station Coastal Series is one of our most versatile portable bathrooms. It is ideal for medium sized crowds and fits in with any level of sophistication, from the happy hour crowd to a 5 course dinner event. If you’re in the market for a versatile bathroom option that will fit in with a wide range of atmospheres, this is one of our portable restroom rentals that does just that. 

Theme Park

large portable bathrooms

For those who are theme park managers, you know that you’ll stay busy pretty much all year long. Large crowds are expected to flood parks, even during holidays. You need portable bathrooms that are efficient, durable, long-lasting, and with a touch of design for customer experience. 

For these special crowds, we recommend the 10 Station Comfort Series. Casual with a simple, elegant touch, it’s a versatile unit that can handle any crowd.


luxury portable bathrooms

For resorts that value luxury and elegance for customers and staff alike, the 3 Station Luxury Series is a great fit. This trailer acts as a perfect addition to a medium-sized restroom that needs a few more stations for accessibility when your guests need it. In comparison to our other portable bathrooms, the Luxury series is valued for its careful and thoughtful design, making it ideal for visitors, executive staff, caterers, event staff, and more. 

Real Estate

Accessibility is more important than ever, and many companies make it a priority to provide an ADA-compliant restroom option. We have taken the time to design portable bathrooms that are compliant in all 50 states and are elegant enough to fit in at offices, events, and other upscale locations. This ADA +4 Station Oahu Series ensures that all who need access to the restroom have it and won’t have to sacrifice experience when using this portable option. When showing real estate, you can elevate on inclusion by offering a restroom that is accessible to any potential buyer or investor. 


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