Caring for our planet has always been a value and priority for many businesses and organizations. From cleaning the ocean to protecting endangered species, many people dedicate their lives and careers to this cause.
As a company, we ensure that our product is earth friendly as well, providing portable restroom rental options that conserve water and energy. When the Trinity River Authority of Texas reached out to us with a restroom rental need, we were happy to learn about their cause and priorities, and were excited to partner with a company that aims to respect the earth.


It all started with a river and a dream. Although the Trinity River was first discovered back in 1687, settlement in the are didn’t really begin until 1836. When the city of Dallas was founded in 1841, navigation on the Trinity River quickly became a hot topic for discussion.
River travel began and settlements near the river thrived for decades. Then, 10 inches of rain caused the flood of 1908, the most devastating flood in the river’s history. Towns recovered and the river existed with no real government monitoring until the Trinity River Authority was created in 1955, mostly orchestrated by a group of citizens.
Since then, engineers were chosen to test the river and create a river masterplan. This included how water would be used for farming, city water demand, projects and more. The TRA wanted to ensure that everyone got the water they needed without harming the natural habitat.
The TRA continued to develop their river masterplan, working with nearby cities and counties to organize and distribute water effectively and safely.
Over the decades, the TRA has worked with a wide variety of planners, engineers, scientists and more. They know that their success relies on these employees, so they have made it a priority to care for their health and happiness in the workplace.
When the company noticed that a restroom upgrade was needed, they were quick to act, but needed a temporary restroom option while renovations were in process. That’s where we came in.


We are always happy to find a portable restroom rental solution for companies that aim to take good care of their employees. When TRA came to us with a temporary restroom need, we were quick to provide assistance.

Considering the volume of use and need for a temporary restroom solution, we suggested several portable restroom rentals and settled two Three Station Portable Restroom Rentals, Comfort Series. This rental, measuring 16 feet with a 125 gallon fresh water tank and 500 gallon waste tank, is compact but mighty. It can service up to 350 visitors before requiring maintenance, which allows the company’s employees to use the restroom comfortably and whenever they need it.
On this Comfort Series portable restroom rental, guests will find three private bathrooms: two for women and one for men. All restrooms are designed with style in mind, showcasing earth tone interiors with modern flooring and color coordinated surfaces. They also include water saving flushable toilets, a sink vanity with a shatterproof mirror, hand dryer, and paper towels.
To ensure safe entry, the porch to each of the portable restroom rental’s entry doors is equipped with ample lighting for easy access no matter what time, day or night. The entry ways have two sturdy aluminum steps and railing for additional safety.
The men’s suite of this portable restroom rental is versatile with a toilet and urinal option.To ensure the entire unit maintains a comfortable climate, air conditioning and heat strips are installed and able to adjust the temperature so that outdoor weather does not affect the interior’s experience. As an added measure, insulated walls and ceiling surround the entire unit, further aiding in keeping the interior temperature just right.
Overall, this is a versatile unit that worked perfectly for TRA’s employees during their brick and mortar restroom remodeling. They ensured that their employees were provided with an upscale everyday amenity, and we can guarantee that every portable restroom rental from us will keep guests of all types happy.


Do you have an increase in staff, a large event, or another project coming up that requires a restroom solution? We would love to speak with you! Visit our website today to browse our portable restroom rental options - we are happy to hear about what you’re doing and are excited about the possibility of contributing to your success.