Construction is an important part of business and growth. Also important is that the construction workers are well taken care of so they can perform at their best. Part of taking care of the workers includes the most basic necessity: clean and attractive restroom facilities with flushable toilets and running water to wash hands. Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC supports construction growth with portable restroom rentals.

The Challenge

Construction workers were ready to begin work on the Arizona Energy Plant. Since this was to be a year-long project, their first task was planned to be building a brick and mortar bathroom facility. Wisely, the general contractors involved in this project assumed the construction workers would be more productive with access to clean flushable toilets and running water to wash their hands. The state of Arizona, however, had other plans.
The construction company was not allowed to build the much needed bathroom facility because the site was considered restricted. Until they had some way for their construction workers to take bathroom breaks, work on this Arizona project could not begin. That’s when they called us.

The Solution

Thanks to efforts already underway, the site had access to a supply of running water. This made it easy for us to bring portable restroom rentals on site within a week of their initial contact. Due to the warm climate, and workforce quantity, we provided construction workers with a Luxury Key West 5-Station portable restroom.

This spacious trailer is divided into two suites. The female suite consists of two bathroom stalls with pedal flush toilets, counter with full vanity mirror and elegant soap, sink and toilet paper fixtures. The male suite has two urinals with privacy dividers and one stall with full length locking door. In addition, this trailer comes stocked with soap, toilet paper, paper towels and waste basket liners.
Despite the short notice and long-term need, we were able to provide the construction workers at Arizona Energy Plant with the solution they needed – and do it quickly. If the construction project winds up taking longer than the planned year, we can easily extend the lease on their portable restroom rental.
Our fast response with a long-term solution meant this construction project was able to move forward without much loss of time or productivity. The general contractors, construction workers, and Arizona Energy Plant were all incredibly pleased with this result.
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