Americans want more privacy when it comes to public restrooms. It appears that trends are rising, according to some U.S. bathroom suppliers; they are noticing “a 50% increase in inquiries for features such as taller doors and privacy hardware.” So what changed?
It seems that the European influence on Americans is strong when it comes to privacy in restrooms. As one bathroom supplier and distributor states, “The restrooms in Europe and their mounting are a little different than ours. They also tend to be more private too -- almost floor to ceiling.”  The standards for privacy in Europe are higher than in the U.S., and people are catching on.
Right now it looks as if gyms, major airports, and office buildings are the mainstream businesses looking to raise the bar for privacy standards in their restrooms. They’ve realized that as a result of these improvements, their employees and clients will be more comfortable. And when you have happy clients and employees, you have a better business.
Not only can this trend increase employee morale, or improve client satisfaction, but perhaps it can have a positive effect on health as well. How many times have you gone into a public restroom and could see the shoes under the door and knew who was in there? And because of that same scenario, although you really had to go, you held it because you didn’t want them recognizing your shoes? The scenarios for awkward and embarrassing situations in public bathrooms are endless. Consider this: better privacy produces a higher comfort level; the more comfortable you are, the more your body relaxes; the more relaxed your body is, the easier it is to function properly. As the American Restroom Association puts it, “the lack of privacy and other amenities can have a negative effect on the users and on our culture as a whole.”
Portable restroom trailers are a great solution for those businesses catching on to this new trend. While locker rooms and bathrooms are being renovated, portable bathrooms and shower trailers are a practical and safe way to provide just as much privacy and convenience as permanent restrooms. It’s clear that the American public wants higher standards for bathrooms; restroom trailers exceed those standards, and now many public facilities will, too. Imagine how much healthier our country could be…