Officials have been investigating a case where a young girl spontaneously caught fire in her hospital bed. The 11-year-old cancer survivor’s accident is now said to have been caused by hand sanitizer.
"We found that given the mixture of the olive oil and the hand sanitizer on the cotton shirt, it was like a candle wick that was easily ignited by the static that was in the bedding and clothing in her room," Deputy State Fire Marshal Dan Jones confirmed.
The unusual incident is another reason why many portable restroom companies are switching away from alcohol based hand sanitizer. This type of sanitizer has also been the cause of many cases of vandalism where portable restrooms are set on fire by igniting the alcohol based sanitizer containers.
Portable Restroom Trailers offers the option of full hot water hand wash sinks in our portable restrooms. Not only are they more sanitary, they avoid accidents and vandalizing.
The Sequester’s Effect on National Parks
Unless Congress can vote on a new budget change, the Sequester is going into effect March 1st. The Washington Post has investigated what this means for the National Parks Department.
Advocates for the vast numbers of visitors to America’s national parks are pressuring Congress to prevent deep automatic spending cuts that would result in reduced hours and services across the country, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to Yellowstone.
The National Park’s budget is 80-90% staff which will make it very difficult to avoid losing park personnel.
According to Lisa Rein, “The prospect of dirtier restrooms, sporadic grass mowing and litter pickup, and a shortage of rangers to answer questions and patrol has set off a furious campaign by a coalition of park advocates, tourism officials and businesses from to Maine to Wyoming.”
Portable Restroom Trailers works with many parks and outdoor events. We understand the importance of clean facilities. Park advocates are right to be concerned about restrooms being cleaned less often on a national scale. That kind of change will greatly affect the popularity of our national parks.
Next month the Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C.’s most important tourist event, goes on whether there are budget cuts or not. We hope the National Parks Department has the tools to provide a clean and sanitary experience for everyone.